After graduating from High School, the next thing to do is to reach another step, which is continuing your study, getting a job, or probably doing both of them. Yes, there are lots of choices to do, but for you who will continue your study to a higher level, you will need to write the school application letter.

Artikel 172. School Application Letter and The Sample

What is School Application Letter?

A school application letter is an application that is sent to the school selection committee to know more about the applicants or candidates and their motivation or strong reason for entering the school or department.

What should be included in the School Application Letter?

The format of the school application letter is included:

  • The name of the applicant
  • Contact information of the applicant
  • Skills, achievement, or carrier goals
  • Interests

 How to write a School Application Letter

To write a school application letter neatly and organized, there is some structure that you need to follow.

  • In the introductory paragraph, you need to introduce yourself by giving basic information related to your education by mentioning the previous education and the subject that you applied
  • In the body, explain your interest in the subject that you applied and then also mention your skill and achievement.
  • In the last paragraph, write a closing statement and thank the admission and then write your contact information

The Sample of School Application Letter

To facilitate your writing school application letter, you can use this example so you can write the letter properly. This letter can also be used as a reference.

This is an example:

Dear Mr. Clayton


With great pleasure, I would like to submit my application for International Business Programme. I am currently a senior at Highbury Grove School and will graduate by the end of this month. After have been searching for various programs that are offered by The University of Edinburgh, I strongly believe that one of the programme that is offered by the Business Department of Edinburgh University is the perfect path forward for me to reach my career goals.


My interest in business reveals itself since I was in the first grade of High School. I was doing an internship in some companies, that are J&B Company as a business administrator, and then in Brown Company in Export-Import Department. Besides, I also have a great interest in culture. I was amazed by the idea of diversity, how diversity can create such beauty, and there are plenty of countless cultures in this world which has their uniqueness and beauty. I love to learn more about that, so I visited some different countries every year such as Cuba, Japan, Pakistan, France, and many more to experience different cultures. Therefore, when I see the program that is offered by the University of Edinburgh, in the Business Department, especially International Business which combining modern business knowledge with another cultural experience. So that I am excited to enroll in this program. This program that is provided by your institution allows me to grow and develop my skill to reach my career path.


I insert my application with the recommendation letter for your consideration. If there is anything further from me you need, please do not hesitate to contact me at (345)-666-7890 or by email at Thank you very much for your consideration. I await your reply with interest





Catelyn Tully


That is all about the sample of the School Application Letter. This letter can be a reference for you who need a guide to write a school application letter.




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