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Santa Claus is depicted as an old man  with white hair and a long beard who comes to visit the children’s homes every Christmas Eve to distribute gifts. This imaginative character rides on a flying deer and enters the house through the chimney.

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Children especially those who live in the country of the four seasons await the arrival of the Santa with enthusiasm. Sometimes, they wanted to pass the words off to Santa. The letter to Santa is one of the most magical letters in this world because it contains the dreams and wishes of a child. Because of that, they often want to decorate the letters to Santa Claus with all red Christmas decorations and other knick-knacks.

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Santa Letter Templates provides templates that you can use to write letters to Santa Claus easily and simply. Just like any letter, a letter to Santa Claus must have a clear address. According to tradition, Santa lives in the North Pole. There, he lived with his wife Mrs. Claus. She has a workshop where the elves work on making gifts to give to children on Christmas Eve.

Here are some examples of Santa Letter Templates that you can download, modify, and print for free:

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  • Free Santa Claus Christmas Letter Templates
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  • Free Printable Dear Santa Letter Templates
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  • Free North Pole Letter Templates
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  • Free Blank Letter from Santa Templates
  • Free Christmas Wishlist for Santa Templates
  • Free Letters to Santa Word Doc Templates
  • Free Letter for Santa Template Downloads
  • Free Santa Letters fron North Pole Templates
  • Free Letters from Santa Claus by Email Templates
  • and many more!

Santa Letter psd templates

How to write a letter to Santa Claus?

  1. Use special holiday-themed stationery or your favorite stationery and your favorite notepad.
  2. Greet Santa Claus with a typical letter-opening greeting such as Dear Santa or To Santa.
  3. Introduce yourself so that Santa Claus finds out who wrote him a letter.
  4. Tell Santa Claus the proofs that you have been a good boy this year.
  5. Then, write down the wishlist you want to be fulfilled this year politely and don’t ask too much.
  6. Say Happy Holidays to him and praise for Santa Claus for working hard to make children happy.
  7. Write your name at the end of the letter.

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Santa Letter Design Ideas

Santa Letter templates psd Santa Letter templates for photoshop

Santa Letter Ideas

Santa Letter psd templates Santa Letter customizable psd design templates

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