Sample Valuation Report Templates Free

A valuation report can be defined as a kind of written report that details the inspection & the market value of the assets surveyed. It can be created for different purposes such as physical property, marketable securities, & physical property. Now, let’s see the following sample valuation report.

Sample Business Valuation Report

What to Include in a Valuation Report

A business valuation report discusses the estimation process of the economic value of the business interest of an owner. So, your report must include the following details of the information. Firstly, you have to include the purpose of valuation. In states the reason why this report is made.

Sample Business Valuation

After that, you have to include the standard value definition. It states the condition of the business valued. Then, what you should include next is the effective date of valuation of the appraisal. It serves as the basis of the period of time for valuation.

Then, you also need to include the report issuance date. It is the date of issuing the valuation report sample. Next, you are also required to identify the assets being valued. Make sure that you identify them in detail. The list of data should also be provided clearly & completely.

There are some other details to be included. Now, you must include appraisal procedures. It discusses various methods & approaches to valuation used in the report. Methodologies or important terms defined should also be provided. Other details include opinion value & the list of assumptions.

Why Need a Valuation Report?

When it comes to valuation report templates, the importance & the role it signifies depend on the designation or area of the asset. One of the areas is portfolio management. For an investor, when he or she is involved in purchasing or trading of assets, this report gives the information he or she needs.

Sample Commercial Property Valuation Report

The next area is in acquisition analysis. This report is an important factor in the acquisition of firms. For both the bidding firms& the target firms, their values & the combined values should be considered with the use of the sample valuation report template.

Another area is corporate finance. For the life cycle of a firm, a valuation is needed in each stage this undertakes. Each expansion is created with the knowledge of the estimated values & assumptions of the business that comprise this kind of report.

The last area is legal & tax purposes. Mostly, valuations are done because of the legal & tax reasons faced by private companies. For example, you need to add a new partner to the partnership. This partnership conducts a valuation that helps them to decide the decline or approval of the partner entry.

Examples of Valuation Report Templates

This article contains a collection of free valuation report templates. In fact, there are many types of valuation reports. A real estate valuation report, a commercial property valuation report, a state actuarial valuation report, and a mortgage valuation report belong to the sample valuation report.   Sample Desktop Valuation Report

Sample Land Assets Valuation Report
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