Promissory Note Template and Things to Know Inside It

In common, the promissory note tells about the debt. Well, this note will be useful in order to value the seriousness of someone to pay their debt. When they make this note, of course the partner of debt can trust them. Here, we will talk about the promissory note template.

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The template of promissory note is just a format. It will be useful in order to help you making the detail promissory note based on some elements. With the detail of template, of course making the promissory note will be easier and you will not waste the time.

Well, here we will talk to you about some matters of the details of promissory note. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Why Promissory Note is Important to Generate?

To know more about the promissory note, it will be important to know the reason why this note is generated. Yes, by knowing the reason why this note is generated, of course you could understand the importance of it.

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There are some reasons to show how important it is. The reasons of it are:

  • Serves as legal proof – the promissory note has an important role as the legal proof, especially in the need of debt. Making the promissory note will be the wise decision for the re-payment. With this note, you will get the clear time to get the debt.
  • A business of investment – the promissory note can be the media of investment. Here, by writing the note of promissory, you may make a clear investment and there is such as the assurance that your investment will be success
  • Establishes the process of re-payment – another important reason inside the promissory note is it could be used to establish the process of re-payment. By the note, you will be able when the re-payment will be paid, such as per month or other times.

Essential Elements Inside the Promissory Note

Before making a good promissory note, you also need to know about the essential elements of it. There are some elements to know before you make it, such as:

  • The payee of the promissory note – it is the person who is lending the money to the borrower
  • The payer of the promissory note – it is the person who promises and obligated to repay the debt
  • The amount of promissory note – this point tells about the value of money which is borrowed
  • The date of promissory note – it is the date in which the payee says promises to repay
  • The end date of promissory note – it is the date when the promissory note will end.

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How to Make Good Promissory Note?

To make a good promissory note, there are some steps that you need to follow:

  • Make the term and condition of promissory note
  • Choose the type of promissory note
  • Ensure about the enforceable promissory note

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Well, that is all about the promissory note that you need to know. You may do some researches in order to find the right promissory note template to help you.


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