You need to plan your budget if you want to manage your money wisely. In this article, we have a sample printable budget template. It can be a useful reference for you to create your own budgeting plan. It will be very useful to prevent overspending for your daily needs.

How to Write a Sample Printable Budget Template

It is very important for you to understand well how to create a sample budget. If you have never done it before, it may be a bit confusing. However, we will give you guidelines here. So, pay attention to the following step by step below.

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First of all, you have to make a title. It depends on the type of budgeting you want to make. For example, you can simply write Family Budget, Monthly Budget, Basic Zero-based Budget, etc. Make sure that the title is clear. You can write the title with bigger letters.

After that, you should provide the information about starting financial condition you have. There are at least 3 items here. The first is starting balance, the second is starting debt and the last one is monthly income. After knowing your present financial condition, now you present the budget plan.

Focus on your expenses! You may spend your money for different purposes. Here, you should break it down into specific categories. You can start from housing that may include mortgage, taxes, insurance & repairs. Then, you can provide utilities such as electric c, gas, trash, phone, etc.

The next category of expenses is food that includes grocery & restaurant. You may need to add charity such as tithes and charity. Transportation also belongs to your expenses where it may be for car payment, insurance, maintenance and gas.

There is also personal budget for entertainment, medical, cosmetics, kid supplies and clothing. Medical budget should also be included such as doctor bulls and medication. One more, you cannot include debts. Here, you should state all debts you have in the present time.

Do not forget to calculate the total of each category of the expenses. Then, sum up all the total expenses. From here, you will know how much money remaining after your expenses. The remaining money can be used for saving plans.

The next section of the budget sample printable is saving plan. After you describe your financial condition and provide the plan of expenses, now you can plan you’re saving. Here, you should provide the information about starting balance, monthly goal and ending balance.

Different people may have different needs. So, the expenses will also be different. For example, some people may need to pay apartment renting, credit cards, foods for pets, etc. On the contrary, some people do not need to pay insurance, car payment, medication, etc.

From this sample printable budget template, you will know where your money goes. If you find that your expenses are too high, you can plan to reduce the budget of some categories for expenses. For example, you should be wiser to spend money for entertainment, internet bill, etc.


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