Free Sample Personal SWOT Analysis

In a business, we often hear about personal SWOT analysis. If you have a business, you also may need to make this kind of analysis. So, in this article we will share a sample personal SWOT analysis. Then, you can use it as a reference to make this analysis for your own business.

Templates for My Personal SWOT Analysis 2 Sample


How to Create a Sample Personal SWOT Analysis

Before writing, you have to know about what a personal SWOT analysis means. This analysis identifies about the SWOT of your business. SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats. It aims to develop and improve your business. Let’s see this personal SWOT analysis sample.

First of all, you have to make a table, graph, or diagram to provide this analysis. It should be divided into 4 sections or categories that consist of the 4 aspects above. One section is for each aspect. Then, you should fulfill each section rightly based on your analysis result.

Starts from Strengths, you may consider what skills you have what you are good at, what services you can offer but others cannot, what favorable personalities you have, and what resources you possess. Anyway, you have to be able to convince that you are good or even better than others.

For example, Strengths include quick learner, extensive reading, team worker, careful & patient, proficient English, well educated – bachelor degree, etc. When it comes to business, you can find out what makes your business or company better than other businesses or companies.

The second section in this personal SWOT analysis template should be Weaknesses. Here, you should identify the roots of failure, wrong mindset, what makes you afraid, what you should practice, and there are still many others. Knowing the weaknesses let you find the solutions.

Weaknesses may include not creative enough, disorganized, often procrastinate, easily distracted, not experienced in SEO field, etc. Related to business, you should find what aspects you should improve to make your business better and can compete with other businesses.

For opportunities, you may need to identify the beneficial policies, who can help & support you, what your employer can offer to improve yourself, possibility of having better education, available training programs, etc.

For example, Opportunities include having English learning clubs, lots of opportunities to communicate with native speakers, English speech platform such as TED, etc. If you can identify the opportunities well, it will be very helpful to make improvements.

Related to Threats, you will need to identify what new techs you do not master, your big competitors, and the obstacles in your way to success. For example, Threats include not a good team leader, worked at a small company with no professional training, and others.

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After you understand about the format, now you can make and write it by your own. You can make the template much more interesting. To write a sample personal SWOT analysis, you can use Excel, Power Point, Word, or other tools you want. Hopefully this can be a good reference.

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