Managing your business is very important to get success. Here, you have to be able to operate Ms. Excel. In this article, we will guide you how to make a sample inventory checklist. Then, you can make your own inventory checklist based on your business.

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How to Write a Sample Inventory Checklist

There are some steps in creating a sample inventory checklist template. First of all, you must have a Ms. Excel program. If you have installed it on your computer, you just need to run and operate it simply. Ms. Excel belongs to Ms. Office. It comes with dark-green look and has X logo.

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After it opens, now you can go to the search bar. Here, you should search inventory list. Then enter and it will automatically start searching. If you use Mac, you need to go to File and then choose New from Template.

You will find some options of inventory template. Now, you can choose the appropriate template based on your need. For example, there are Warehouse Inventory, Wine Collection List, Book Collection List, and there are still many others.

Different templates have different features. So, you have to choose them carefully. In this article, we will take an example to choose Warehouse Inventory. Then, click Create button available on the page.

Once you click the Create button, you will be directed to a new page. Wait for it while the program loads the template. It usually takes a few seconds. After it opens the template, you can start processing.

There are some kinds of inventory information you need to provide on this sample inventory checklist form. The first is Item Number. It is the number of an items inventory. Besides that, you also need to provide Item Name. Here, you should state the descriptive name of each item.

Then, there is Item Cost where you should describe the cost of every item. The next inventory information to include is Number in Stock. It shows the number of every item available in stock. The last basic information is Net Value. It is the total value of the items’ stock.

Actually, you can still add some other information if needed. However, an inventory checklist must at least have the information above. To change the pre-filled cell, you just need to double click it and then delete the words or number and then enter the information you want.

After you fulfill the table completely, you should save it. To save your work, you just need to click File and then choose Save As. Then, select the location where you want to save it. It is also same if you use Mac. You can save it easily.

Creating a sample inventory checklist cannot only be done using Ms. Excel. However, you can also use Scratch. Even more, it is also possible to make it from Ms. Word manually. Anyway, hopefully this can be a useful reference and guide to help you make an inventory checklist by your own.



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