How to Make a Sample Horse Bill of Sale

Horse bill of sale is a document of a horse sale between a seller & a buyer. This document shows that ownership has been transferred officially to a new person. If you want to sell or buy a horse and then are required to create one, you need to see the following sample horse bill of sale.

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How to Write a Sample Horse Bill of Sale

There are many consequences if you do not have a horse bill of sale form when selling or buying a horse. For the seller, the consequences can be lost time, lost money, and loss of reputation. For the buyer, the consequences can be lost time, lost money & personal safety because of the horse health.

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Simply, a horse bill of sale must be able to answer WH questions. It includes who is selling and buying the horse, what price is it, where the horse is registered, when the horse is purchased, and how the horse is sold. Here are the more detailed inclusions of a horse bill of sale.

First of all, you have to provide the information of the seller including the name, address and phone. Then, it should be followed with the buyer’s details including his or her name, address & phone. If you want to add other details, it will be better.

After that, you have to include the details of the horse. The details may include the date of birth, coat color, registration number, sex, breed, and any other detail if any. For example, you can add description about tattoos or markings.

A horse of bill template also requires you to include the details of the horse’s parents. You can begin with Sire for the details of the horse’s father. The second is Dam for the details of the horse’s mother. Make sure that you include their registration numbers.

The next information to be included onto the horse bill of sale is the price. Here, you have to clearly state the price as well as how it will be paid. The payment can be in full or installments. Do not forget to include when the registration paper will be transferred.

Usually, there is a warranty in a sale of horse. Therefore, it must be included onto the bill of sale, too. Describe the warranty as detailed as possible. However, sometimes there is no warranty of the sale so that you can skip it.

Last, it is about the date when the horse is sold to the buyer by the seller. It is very important to include this information because it may relate to the warranty, next payment, or any other aspect related to the sale of the horse.

Sometimes, you also need to address other additional considerations. It may relate to the breeding rights, commissions, deposit, registration paper, and veterinarian’s examination. Learning from this sample horse bill of sale, now you must be able to create a horse bill of sale by your own.


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Sample horse bill of sale Templates 1
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