How to Create a Sample Donation Receipt Template

Donation receipt is a written record which acknowledges a gift to an organization that has a legal status. There are many kinds of relevant organizations. The donation should be nonprofit donation. If you want to be able to write the template, let’s see the following sample donation receipt.

Sample Church Donation Receipt Word 1 Templates


How to Write a Sample Donation Receipt

There are some rules to follow in writing a donation receipt template. If you want to create the right format, you have to make sure that you include some basic elements. You cannot miss out one of them to make the receipt acceptable.

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First of all, you have to write the name of the donor. Make sure that you only write his or her full and legal name, not nick name. After that, what you have to provide in the template of donation receipt is the name of organization. Make sure that it is the registered name.

Then, you also need to include the unique donation ID. In fact, a donation will have an ID. So, you cannot forget including it. The next item you have to include into the form of donation receipt is the donation date. It is the date when the donation happened.

A donation receipt should include the amount of the gift received, too. The gift received can be various. Whatever it is, you must state it into the template clearly. Once you fulfill the form completely, the template should be signed off. It is the signature from the signing authorities.

Different states may have different rules about the format of donation receipt form. So, the format depends on the state where you live. The rules may also change. Therefore, it is best if you directly go to the government’s official website to check out about this case.

Tips to Make a Donation Receipt

There are some tips that you need to follow. First, you must have some copies of the donation receipt and store them. Besides that, you also have to make sure that you use unique serial number / donation ID. Then, it is very important to keep formatting consistent.

Sample non profit donation receipt Templates

Related to a donation receipt, we recommend you to send a Thank You letter. You can also include this into your donation receipt. If there is tax deductible, you have to state it clearly in the template of donation receipt. Anyway, everything must be described as clear as possible.

There are 2 options when you should issue a nonprofit donation receipt. The first is to issue a donation receipt right away. On the other hand, you can also consider issuing a donation receipt at the late of the year. It depends on your desire or other factors like situations and conditions.

This sample donation receipt will make you easier to understand how to write your own donation receipt. You can write it down manually on a paper or make it using a computer program. Hopefully this becomes a useful reference that helps you understand how to make a proper donation receipt.


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