Tips and Sample Dog Bill of Sale Template

In a sale of dog, there is a document needed. It is called as a dog bill of sale. Both seller and buyer should be familiar with this. If you need to create it but you have never done it before, you should pay attention to the following sample dog bill of sale below.

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Tips to Make a Sample Dog Bill of Sale

There are some guidelines that you have to pay attention in writing a dog bill of sale template. Here, you need to follow the instructions in terms of the bill of sale. To write the proper template, make sure that you follow the step by step processes below.

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First of all, you have to include the price of purchase. You need to write it in the first blank. Make sure that you include the full price including previous down payments made on the dog. Write the price in numbers.

After that, you should provide the names of both seller and buyer. You can identify both parties one by one first. It must be clear who becomes a seller and who becomes a buyer. Then it should be followed with the agreement date.

Then, the dog bill of sale must provide the description of the dog in detailed. Here, you have to be specific. For example, you can begin with the dog’s type, sex, color, weight, size, etc. What information you have about the dog should be included completely.

There are some sections of the dog bill of sale form. Section 1 is Transfer of Ownership. It means the seller is the previous owner and the buyer is the new owner. Section 2 is Short-Term Good Health Warranty. It describes that the dog is in a good health condition.

Section 3 is Month Good Health Warranty. It allows the buyer to exchange the dog if an immediate illness happens after the sale. Section 4 is Spaying & Neutering. It is an agreement that the purchaser will neuter or spay the dog.

Section 5 is Limitation of Transfer. It gives the dog seller the right to claim / find alternative home for the dog if the purchaser wants to give it away. Section 6 is No Representations of Future Abilities as an acknowledgement that there is no promise the dog can do particular acts in the future.

Section 7 is Additional Provisions that lets both parties include representations, warranties, & other provisions. Section 8 is Governing Law that lets both parties to choose the laws of the state which will be used to interpret agreement.

Once you completely fulfill the form, you have to let both parties to sign it off. You can start with the seller’s signature and his or her contact information. Then, let the buyer sign off the document followed with his or her contact information.

It is better if both parties ask a third party witness to see this bill of sale. Anyway, it can protect both parties from claims of invalidity or even lack of agency. Hopefully this sample dog bill of sale will be a useful reference.


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