DIY Sample Deposit Receipt Template

Deposit receipt is a written document used in a situation where there is a purchase made which requires a deposit of the earnest money to make full payment. It is very important to know how to write the template. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the following sample deposit receipt.

Sample Car Deposit Receipt 1 Templates


How to Write a Sample Deposit Receipt

If you want to write a deposit receipt template by your own, you have to know the proper format. Besides that, there are also some rules that you need to follow. In this article, we will discuss it in detailed step by step. So, check it out!

Sample Cash Deposit Receipt 1 Templates

First of all, you have to provide the detailed information of the seller. You can start with the seller’s name. After that, you should provide the seller’s address. Then, you can include additional details related to the seller such as email address and phone number.

You should continue with the detailed information of the buyer or purchaser. The needed information is same with what you describe for the seller. At least, you have to provide the buyer’s full name, complete address, email address, and also phone number.

Then, a deposit receipt should include the items purchased by the buyer. In this section, you should identify the details of items clearly. For example, if the item is a car, you can write the 1987 Red Ford Mustang followed with its Vehicle Identification Number.

The next content to be included is Deposit. Here, you can write “The buyer has paid & the seller confirmed a receipt of (amount) dollars as payment for the items being sold”. The amount should be written in words and numbers.

Next, a deposit receipt form should include the payment owed. In this section, you can simply write “The remaining amount that is owed toward the full payment of the items which are sold is (amount) dollars.”

The deposit receipt should also include the Next Payment. For example, you can write “The next payment that should be made for the purchase of items is (amount) dollars & due on / before (date).”

If there is any other information, you cannot forget to include it in the deposit receipt. Sometimes, there is a basic description to identify the items. For example, there is damage to the item or it does not function properly, you have modified the item, or anything else.

Once you have fulfilled out the template of a deposit receipt, you have to let both parties to sign off the form. You can start with the seller’s signature followed by date. Then, let the buyer sign it off followed by date, too. It means that both parties have agreed about this deposit receipt.

You have to know that not every deposit receipt requires the assent of both seller & buyer. However, in this sample deposit receipt we think that it is better to include it. Hopefully this sample can be a useful reference for you who want to write a deposit receipt with the right format.


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