How to Make a Sample Delivery Receipt Template

Delivery receipt can be defined as a document used to validate the receiving end of a sales process. It functions as a proof that the purchased items have been delivered successfully to the right destination. If you want to write it by your own, you can see this sample delivery receipt template.

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How to Write a Sample Delivery Receipt Template

There are many functions of a delivery receipt. One of them is to let the seller knows the status of the items or products sent to the buyer. Besides, it also ensures that the products have been received by the right person. For the detailed format, let’s see this delivery receipt template sample.

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The key in writing a delivery receipt is to include all the needed information completely. In fact, there are some basic and main details that you cannot forget to include to the delivery receipt. There are at least 6 elements that you have to provide. Let’s discuss them all one by one.

First of all, what you have to do is to include the name of the company. Make sure that it is the official company’s name. A company certainly has a logo. So, you also need to include that logo into the template of delivery receipt.

After providing the company’s name & logo, what you need to include should be the products being sold. You have to state the name of product. If there is more than one product, you should list them down. If needed, you can also describe each product shortly.

Make sure that you do not miss out to include the products being sold. Then, you need to input the price or cost of each product. In fact, different products may have different prices. That is why the price must be stated per item or product.

Sometimes, there is a tax or discount related to the products that are sold. If there is any tax or discount, you must include it, too. From the prices, tax and discount, you can calculate the bill so that you will get the total amount of bill.

A delivery receipt template will not be valid if there is no signature of the recipient. So, you have to dedicate a space in the delivery receipt for the recipient’s signature. It is better if the recipient is the same person with the buyer. However, sometimes it can be different in certain cases.

A delivery receipt is often used in various sales. For example, it is used in electronic sales, heavy machinery sales, drugs sales, health tools sales, gym equipment sales, pet sales, education equipment sales, and there are still many other examples of sales requiring a delivery receipt.

The format of a delivery receipt can be different from one to another. However, you have to make sure that you include the basic elements we have mentioned above. By paying attention to this sample delivery receipt template, now you should practice writing your own delivery receipt.


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