Sample Boat Bill of Sale Template

Boat bill of sale is documentation where a seller of a boat uses to document the boat selling to a buyer. This may be used for new boats, free boats or used boats. This document functions as a proof of boat selling payment. Therefore, you should pay attention to the sample boat bill of sale below.

Sample boat and trailer bill of sale Templates


How to Write a Sample Boat Bill of Sale

Boat bill of sale sample explains pre-existing warranties of the boat. It differs from sales agreement since sales agreement includes more specific terms & warranties. For your information, this bill of sale protects both seller & buyer from future possible issues. It is also used for registration purpose.

Sample boat bill of sale form Templates

There are many components that must be included in this bill of sale. The first component is the information of the buyer. At least, you need to provide the buyer’s legal name & address. However, you can also include other details related to the buyer if you want such as phone number.

After that, you can continue with the information of the seller. Same with the buyer’s information, you cannot miss providing his or her legal name & address. If you want to add other details of information, it is also allowed.

Then, this bill of sale should include the sale date. You have to write down the exact date when the boat was sold. It is the date when the buyer gave money and the seller received it. In a simple work, we can call it the date of transaction.

You also need to include the price in the boat bill of sale template. If the sale involves more than one boat, you should state the price of each boat. If there is any discount or tax, you also must state it. Then, you can sum up to get the total price of sale.

Next, the detailed information of the boat must be included, too. You can start with the make, model, & year of the boat. Then, you can continue with Hull identification number. If available, you also should include the previous reg. number & title number.

If the boat includes an outboard motor, you must inform the ID serial number, the make, and also the horsepower. If it includes a trailer, you cannot forget providing the information of the make, the model, the year, & the trailer serial number.

Some other details of information may also need to be included. For example, you can add the main color of the boat, the secondary color of the boat, and the lien release if it is a sale of a used boat. Anyway, include information as complete and detailed as possible.

Last, you need to make a title of the certificate. At the end, you can consider a signature from a notary public. Then, you cannot forget to provide the typed names of both parties. Then, let the seller to sign off the sample boat bill of sale to make it valid.


  Sample Boat Bill of Sale Tempalte TemplatesSample boat bill of sale TemplatesSample Printable Boat Bill of Sale Templates

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