Sales manager retail resume sample job description is to monitor the performance of their staff and make sure they give great service to the customers. Sales manager retail is also there to check on the performance of the store. Since one has authority over the staff, he/she needs to have good leadership and management skills. After all, he’ll be responsible for many things, including training, appraising, etc.

Karen Rosewald

1734 McVanney Road, Ashville, NC, 23423, Phone: +1 (828) 741-5547


                                                Ashville, NC

                                                07/2016 – present

  • Lead marketing team for successful execution of ongoing event strategy
  • Make policies for services of unique kind, like on loan transactions
  • Establish cash reconciliation process in daily and weekly basis
  • Get personal stylist shift scheduled and manage the timeline
  • Develop lead industry with the best standards of sales and services
  • Lead and manage a personal stylist team
  • Demonstrate courage for the benefit of the company


Rocky Mount, NC

02/2013 – 01/2016

  • Recruit and train personal stylist with exceptional skills and client base
  • Keep the shop ready for the customers at all times
  • Report and approve the commission calculation in monthly basis
  • Leverage the market as well as the demographic data
  • Lead in creative and pro-active style
  • Prove track of the record of exceeding sales and service
  • Lead the interface of the POS system


Greensboro, NC

07/2009 – 01/2013

  • Make appraise of the vehicles for sale
  • Manage vehicle inventory of new and used kinds
  • Ensure customers’ understanding of purchase options and pricing
  • Provide information of company products and services to retail customers
  • Increase company sales by making customers know about any new product development of the company
  • Analyze the company’s business for the purpose to improve its performance
  • Determine business’ shortfalls and take action plans for it
  • Keep relationship excellent with organizations and influencers of relevant business


                                                Management Bachelor’s Degree


  • Knowledge about process management, including methods and tools for improvement
  • Excellent knowledge of operations processes about retail and sales of the business
  • Great understanding as well as knowledge of both licensed owner and franchise law
  • Outstanding skills in relationship management and coaching to achieve company goals
  • Good verbal and written communication skills to get customers and maintain them
  • Ability to organize thoughts to make clear communication with all of the customers
  • Strong ability to make judgments and demonstrated knowledge of finance and management
  • Knowledge about marketing, merchandising, sales, and delivery distribution
  • Agility and ability to turn directions and priorities on short notice in easy manner
  • Ability to build very inspiring culture with vision, empowerment, and development
  • Analytical and problem solving skills to make insight and then turn it into actions
  • Consistency in meeting the firm business deadlines with management and organization skills


Sales Manager Retail Resume Sample

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