A retirement letter to the boss indicates that an employee is close to the retirement period. The letter means as a legal document to report that you have legally resigned from the job due to retirement. As a retired employee, it is necessary to express gratitude to the employer/company and ensure to offer help for the job transition progress. To get to know more about the retirement letter to the boss, read the following paragraphs until the end.

188 What is a retirement letter to boss

How to write a retirement letter to a boss?

There are several important points and key elements you have to include in a retirement letter to the boss, here is the list of the things to include in the retirement letter to the boss.

  1. Inform about the retirement date

At the beginning of the letter, introduce yourself clearly which includes your name, job title, and company. Then, mention the main objective of the letter and don’t forget to include the date of the retirement date.

  1. Express gratitude

In the following paragraph, to maintain professionalism and positivity, express your gratitude for working in the company. It doesn’t have to be in long sentences, yet short but meaningful.

  1. Plan after retirement

Then, it could be followed by your plans after retirement. However, this is optional. But it would be nice to inform the boss about your plan after retiring. Besides, you may prefer to talk about your accomplishments and achievements.

Tips to write a proper retirement letter to boss

Follow some tips below to create a formal and proper retirement letter to the boss.

  1. Create a physical letter

Instead of emails, ensure you are writing a physical letter to the boss or employer. As a formal document, a physical letter would be needed. If you still want to send through email, then it could be in a form of a retirement notification that you have sent the letter to boss.

  1. Notify to boss two weeks or a month earlier

To notify the boss, it is better to tell them earlier about your retirement. It could be a month or two weeks before the retirement day so that the company would still have enough time to take care of the job transition.

  1. Use formal and polite language

Writing a formal document requires you to use formal language that sounds polite and based on proper grammar. As a result, before submitting the letter, ensure you have reviewed the words to prevent any mistakes and errors.

The sample template of writing a retirement letter to boss

Employee’s name

Job title

Mailing address


Employer’s name

Job title

Name of the company

The mailing address of the company



Dear (employer’s name),

[First paragraph] It talks about the objective of the letter. Inform your identities such as name and job title and state the last date of working.

[Second paragraph] Here, you may express gratitude to the company or employer and inform your accomplishments and achievement.

[Third paragraph] In this paragraph, ensure to provide help for the transition progress and you may also talk about your plan after the retirement.




(employee’s full name)

(job title)

(name of company)


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