Printable Resume Template Sample

Resume is a document made by prospective employees for the purpose of applying for work in a particular company. This document is formal and contains a curriculum vitae, educational experience, work experience, and special skills possessed by prospective employees. A resume will be selected by recruiters to determine which prospective employees have prospects for working at the company. If they pass the selection, they will be called for interview and health tests. Basically, a resume is a “weapon” used by prospective employees to “advertise” themselves to hiring managers.

The following are examples of resumes that you can use as guidelines for making your best resume.

  • Full Stack Web Developer Resume Sample

In the full stack sample developer web resume sample that we have provided, you can see that you must include work experience that matches the position you are applying for. The work experience that can support you includes web developers, graphic designers, IT tech support, and IT tutors.

  • Experienced Recruiter Resume Sample

In every large company, there is always a recruiter position that manages prospective new employees. This position is certainly promising for those who have the expertise to adapt quickly, smart to manage people, and smart to see the potential of prospective employees. An experienced hire recruiter in the IT field must also have strong knowledge related to IT and software in order to assess the qualifications of prospective employees. Here is an example of an experienced recruiter resume sample.

  • Executive Personal Assistant Resume Sample

Personal assistants work to help superiors to do jobs such as managing appointments, providing information such as discussion reports, and scheduling business trips. Anyone can be a personal assistant but preferably those who are experienced or secretarial graduates. A personal assistant must have expertise such as thorough, fast learner, polite, friendly, and professional. Here is the example of an executive’s personal assistant resume sample.

  • Events Planner Resume Sample Template

An event organiser certainly wants to hire an experienced events planner. Some requirements for this position are being passionate about works, able to work with team, able to quickly find solutions, able to multitask, and has strong connections to various range of people. See our events planner resume sample templates here.

  • Events Coordinator Resume Sample

To be a good events coordinator, you need several qualifications. You must be able to negotiate total cost between clients and vendors, assist the event manager with contracts, direct vendors at the events, manage customers’ portfolios, and monitor the budget. See the sample of events coordinator resume here.

  • Entry Level Software Engineer Resume Sample

If you are a software developer graduate, you might be able to target work with an “entry level software engineer” position. The required qualifications include having basic knowledge of at least two programming languages, being able to analyse the chain of events and applying their knowledge to solve problems that arise, have critical thinking skills and create solutions quickly, are good at communicating, can work in a team, and have good interpersonal skill. See our entry level software engineer resume samples here.

  • Dump Truck Driver Resume Sample

Dump truck drivers are a work that is often underestimated even though it is very helpful to human daily life. To become a dump truck driver, you must have the qualifications to operate heavy equipment safely and efficiently, be skilled at doing routine checks on dump trucks; comply with instructions issued by the company, make reports to be reported to superiors. Here is an example dump truck driver resume sample.

  • Director Real Business Resume Sample Template

The real estate business is a promising land for those who are graduates of real estate, business, management, and economics. A real business director must have a high leadership spirit, be able to manage a team, have great communication skills, can work efficiently, can negotiate with partners and clients, be able to financially manage a project, be able to work under pressure, and can work with targets and deadlines. See an example of a resume to apply for the position of director of real business here.

  • Digital Social Media Manager Resume Sample

Social media has become a very influential tool in the development of a business, both businesses that are based online and offline. Therefore, work as a digital social media manager is increasingly promising in this rapid technological era. A social media manager must have the following qualifications: be able to work well with internal and external stakeholders, conduct market reviews, manage staff consistently, lead the company’s social department, create and present opportunities to take markets through influencers and online media. Download our example of digital social media manager resume here.

  • Digital Marketing Resume Sample

A digital marketing has a duty to create, manage and implement creative marketing campaigns. The campaign must be able to promote the company, its products and services. The qualifications sought are usually to have good networking, have great writing and speaking skills, know about SEO and SEM, be able to make videos that are used for campaign projects, work with an emphasis on results, and have a good personality. Download free digital marketing resume sample here.

  • Devops Resume Sample

A devops manager has the responsibility of writing security code to secure the application or system infrastructure. These candidates need to have a number of key skills and qualifications, among them are graduates majoring in technology, working professionally, have great speaking and writing skills, can work individually or in teams, understand and can write code to carry out Devops projects (Python, Vagrant , Docker, Git, Jira, Shell, Ant, and Jenkins. A person who has had long experience in the field of devops such as devops manager and devops designer service has a higher chance of being accepted as Head Devops Manager. We have provided a devops resume sample for you at no cost.

  • Dentist Resume Job Description

The work as a dentist, as the name implies, treats complaints about teeth and mouth, provides related medicines, and provides dental and oral health care to patients. Dentists can also provide aesthetic treatments to patients such as installing braces, whitening teeth, and making and installing dentures. The dentist must be a graduate of the dentistry faculty or equivalent. He must also have a warm, friendly, and caring personality. This is an example of a Dentist Resume that you can download for free.

  • Dental Resume Sample

Just like resumes to apply for a dentist position, you must also be a dentistry graduate or equivalent when applying for dental care work. In fact, if you apply to fill the position of Senior Doctor, you must already have relevant experience (can be up to 10 years of experience). You must also be familiar with and skilled in using orthodontic devices. Dental resume sample can be downloaded here.

  • Corporate Marketing Resume Sample

Corporate marketing has the responsibility to attract the attention of prospective customers. The marketing team must be good at determining the form of advertising that appeals to them. Marketing positions in companies are generally promising but full of challenges. You will also face many competitors who are aiming for the same position. Therefore, prepare your resume as best you can. Write down all your achievements that are relevant to the field of work you are going to pursue. Look at an example of a corporate marketing resume here.

  • Controller Accounting Resume Sample

The position of controller accounting is very suitable to be filled by people who have accounting education backgrounds and have had experience as accounting assist controllers for at least one year. Your job as a controller accounting requires you to accompany income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows. You also need to be able to implement the tools used to run automated financials. There are many other responsibilities as a controller accounting. You can see the controller accounting resume sample on the following page.

  • Commercial Sales Representative résumé

Commercial Sales Representative is a job that is responsible for selling commercial products by becoming a sales representative and selling the product in the desired market. There are several criteria that must be possessed by a sales representative including having a professional attitude, having a high leadership spirit, having an attractive personality, being able to carry out marketing plans on various platforms, being able to achieve targets, having a strong motivation to work and be involved in the social environment, fast understand the situation and observe solutions, can build marketing strategies well, be a good listener when evaluating company products. This is an example of the complete profile of a commercial sales representative.

  • Cloud Network Engineer Resume Sample

Cloud Network Engineer is in charge of running and overseeing the cloud network in a company or cloud computing service provider. Engineers working in this field must be skilled at operating computer hardware and in-depth understanding of computer software and hardware. He also must have access to shared resources. See an resume example for Mark Smith’s cloud network engineer on this page.

  • Child Care Resume Sample

Resume templates for babysitting or child care jobs are sought after because usually people who work in this field are less skilled at making their own resumes. They are looking for child care resume samples to use as a guide to making their own resumes. Basically, child care resumes are not much different from other resumes. Resumes begin with the full name, address, telephone number that can be contacted. After that, prospective employees can write down their experience (position, previous place of work, and years of active work in the place) under their short identities. Then, they write down the job desks they have been working on with their achievements. Finally, they include their latest education, certification, and expertise.

  • Business Process Architect Resume Sample

An architect has expertise in building planning (blueprint). He must also be able to lead a team of engineers to fund the project. An architect’s experience that is sought after by many companies is his expertise in using W3C’s web gratified Accessibility Guidelines, and is accustomed to working within OUS culture. Here is an example of a Business Process Architect Resume.

  • Assistant Bank Manager Resume Sample

Assistant Bank Manager works alongside managers when managing resources, operations, partnerships, development and proficiency, and customer relationships. He must be able to keep interactions with customers at the highest level. The skills of the Assistant Bank Manager include team players, customer care skills, quickly solving problems, multitasking, attention to detail, strong organisational skills, basic computer proficiency, and able to work under pressure.

  • Accounts Payable Representative Resume Sample Accounts

Payable Representatives have the responsibility of checking and processing invoices and payments accurately, working on queries efficiently and quickly, tracking leases at all levels internally and externally, as well as managing vendor and email data. This job requires skills such as being able to prepare archives with detailed instructions, knowing well how to operate Microsoft Office, understanding accounting concepts, having administrative expertise, having attention to details and overall, being able to understand problems and provide solutions, have good organisational skills, and open-minded to new things and new innovations.
  • Agile Scrum Master Resume Sample

The Scrum master is a facilitator from the Agile development team. People who hold positions as Scrum Masters are responsible for managing the exchange of information between team members. When a daily meeting takes place, commonly called a scrum, a scrum master asks three team members questions, namely 1.) what you did yesterday, 2.) what you will do today, and 3.) are there any obstacles you are facing . Basically, the Scrum Master guides the team to continue their development project process.
  • Account Manager Resume Sample

Some of the responsibilities of an account manager are as the primary liaison between the company and the client, developing and overseeing customer business accounts, keeping abreast of emerging markets and technology, analyzing accounts and making updates if necessary, providing the latest information updates relating to clients, making business proposals related to new opportunities, establishing good relationships with customers, providing product solutions that suit customer needs, etc. Account Managers typically have an educational background in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Communication, and Advertising.

  • University Recruiter Resume Sample

College recruiter is a person who looks for students who are potential employees. They plan recruitment events on campus and maintain relationships with key universities and student organizations.

  • Technical Recruiter Resume Sample

Technical Recruiter is a position included in the HRD specialist. They have the task of finding candidates to fill technical positions. Some of the responsibilities of technical recruiter are as follows: develop recruiting strategies, identify recruiting sources and networks, create job descriptions and specifications, interview and assess candidates, and represent companies at job fairs and campus events.

  • Technical Architect Resume Sample

Technical Architect job description is to define the system’s or program’s overall structure. This means they are responsible as project managers. They supervise subordinates who work on IT tasks in order to increase business. They also ensure that all parts of the project run smoothly. They must be able to identify organizational needs, break up large-scale projects into small parts that are easily managed, find out which IT products should be used based on cost benefit analysis and research, approve client plans that have been considered, explain to designers and what developers are needed in a project, oversee the performance of designers and developers, create documents that monitor progress, ensure that the quality of the project is as expected, and provide advice to clients regarding the management of IT needs.

  • Senior Recruiter Resume Sample

Senior recruiter is looking for talents, interviewing candidates, and helping the recruitment process in the company. They basically provide staffing services for the businesses that employ them. Their other task is to analyze business operations to determine which parts must add staff to optimize the department’s performance. Senior recruiter can work independently, recruitment firm, or directly work at the company concerned.

  • Materials Supervisor Resume Sample

Materials supervisors have the following duties and responsibilities: conduct daily operations directly at the department they are responsible for, meet the unit evaluation requirements and equipment inventory, follow best practices related to productivity and safety, engage in end-of-month reporting and inventory processes, supervise staff in routine activities such as material management, training employees and work teams to achieve goals, mentoring subordinates for personal and professional development, supporting meetings between the company and the contractor, addressing insurmountable / important issues to superiors, identifying production priorities, publishing schedules production, handling databases to control inventory.

  • IT Infrastructure Architect Resume Sample

An infrastructure architect in the IT field designs and implements an information system that supports the company’s infrastructure. This professional work requires knowledge of system administration and software development. Of course, this job requires the ability to work in team coordination and operate computers. Some other tasks are evaluating system requirements, providing alternative solutions and improvements, review of new systems, integrating new infrastructure, and assessing projects to workers.

  • IT Architect Resume Sample

IT Architect is a professional who designs IT services and solutions for companies. People in this position have strong business knowledge and IT background. They have the following skills: can work independently, think logically well, have a professional approach and strong orientation, good written and oral communication, and can analyze complex topics.

  • Investment Banking Resume Sample

Investment banking is a specific division of banking. This division deals with capital procurement for companies, governments and other entities. A good investment banker has strong knowledge and expertise in the field of computing, technical, and quantitative. They are also able to work as part of a team that requires energy and time. He also must be able to work under pressure, detail, and can do several tasks at once under a predetermined deadline.

  • Insurance Account Manager Resume Sample

The insurance account manager has a duty to build a relationship between insurance brokers and independent financial advisers. The aim is to promote insurance products from their company to the right people. They also have the responsibility of maintaining the reputation of existing insurance products that are their responsibility to manage. The skills needed to become an insurance account manager are as follows: have experience in the commercial line, can help deliver professional-level documentation, understand professional and industry standards in insurance marketing, quickly interpret new things, and be able to identify technical problems in a solid manner.

  • Functional Architect Resume Sample

Functional Architect is a job that requires you to know and do what the Business Analyst, Usability / UX Analyst, and Product Manager do. This position is very similar to product manager, but functional architect usually does not take care of all product management work such as release management and time to market management. Meanwhile, this position is different from business analysts because functional architects do not explore in detail the conceptual level of an application. Some of the skills required by a functional architect are a strong understanding of organizational processes and software methodologies, being able to provide ideas for sophisticated innovation, good verbal and written communication skills, open-mindedness, etc.

  • Experience Architect Resume Sample

Experience Architect (XA) is responsible for documenting and providing project specifications, guides and manuals such as personas, scenarios, user journeys, user stories, information architecture, user journeys, content strategies, process flow diagrams, prototypes, and functional specifications. See our experience architect resume sample here.

  • EMT Resume Sample

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) worked as the first person to handle the problem of medical emergencies. They stabilize and move patients to hospitals that have the most adequate facilities to treat these patients. An experienced EMT can quickly determine the right treatment to deal with any emergencies including neurological problems. They must have the quality of solving problems quickly and correctly and making the right decisions. Some other skills that can help an EMT include the ability to communicate fluently both in writing and orally, extensive and in-depth knowledge about general illness, understanding medical terminology and symptoms, and experience in the highlighted department.

  • Digital Architect Resume Sample

Digital architect has the task of improving customer experience, profitability, and competitive positions in a business by designing business processes. They focus on consumer experience, webscale and iot clout, analytical, business applications, artificial intelligence, and traditional science. The background of a digital architect is usually computer science. Meanwhile, the expertise normally demanded by a digital architect is verbal and written communication skills, good time management, etc.

  • Corporate Recruiter Resume Sample

Corporate recruiter is a person who is looking for candidates to fill positions in a company. This work is a legwork for HRD Departments. People with these positions have the task of reviewing resumes, conducting initial interviews, and evaluating the skills of job seekers. A corporate recruiter is expected to have strong writing and verbal communication, strong attention to detail, excellent planning skill, and string knowledge in internet researches.

  • Corporate Account Manager Resume Sample

Corporate account manager is a position in the job that has the responsibility of building relationships between the company and clients to increase revenue development and gain market share. This position requires knowledge in the field of trade tactics. Some of the duties and responsibilities of a corporate account manager are as follows: managing client portfolios, attracting new clients, strategic development guides, maintaining client relationships, and building professional networks.

  • Collection Supervisor Resume Sample

Collection supervisors are jobs whose task is to manage staff activities while overseeing activities related to customer service and customer data collection. They are tasked with handling daily phone calls relating to delinquent accounts, coordinating with customers who hold accounts that are past due but still maintain a positive relationship with them, and charge as determined. A collection supervisor usually has good written and spoken language skills, many of them master more than one language, especially if they work with international clients.

  • Creative Lead Resume Sample

Creative leads connect with new and old clients in connection with discussions and workshops to find strategic solutions to the challenges in their organizations. They use their ability to influence, encourage, and shape the perception and beliefs of others with regard to design. They participated in designing vignettes and retained the showroom experience. Other times, they identify new products and new project solutions by finding and forming relationships with new vendors and artists. Other tasks include preparing design proposals, participating in RFP responses, and posting bid project interviews.

  • Parts Manager Resume Sample

A parts manager is a professional who monitors inventory levels in a car dealer or construction site. This officer ensures that the production or activity runs smoothly. Here are some of the responsibilities of other parts managers: order parts in advance, plan promotions on “for sale” parts, sell manufactured parts to clients, monitor inventory levels, and source cheaper or better suppliers.

  • Web Assistant Resume Sample

Following are the duties and responsibilities of a web assistant: analyzing various site development tools and providing solutions to hardware and network problems, monitoring query routines and not routines for site construction, developing graphics and text formats for specific sites, designing code for websites and ensuring that the standards match the agreed standards, manage and ensure that the database is up to date, and help web technicians to maintain the site effectively.

  • Art Assistant Resume Sample

Art Assistant is a job that is often considered as an entry position in the field of creative arts. His main responsibilities are to help the art teacher carry out his teaching duties, assist the instructor by preparing prep material before each class, provide assistance to students related to art projects, help keep the class clean, and do other assignments as instructed by superiors. Art assistants usually have multitasking skills, high initiative, promote and support positive personal interactions, and have a flexible schedule.

  • Retail Sales Associate Resume Sample

Retail sales associates are jobs that are commonly found in retail companies that sell household goods, clothing, jewelry, and office equipment. This position is also often known as retail salesperson and sales floor associate. They are in charge of greeting visitors when they come. Then, they help consumers determine the items they want to buy. They answer all the questions posed by consumers and provide offers related to what they want. Furthermore, they also handle requests for return of goods, refunds, and resolve general complaints.

  • Restaurant Server Resume Sample

Restaurant server is a job that has the responsibility of taking orders, answering questions about the menu, accepting payments, letting guests sit in seats that have been available / ordered, communicating orders with kitchen staff, and helping customer service and cleaning. Here is an example of a restaurant server resume that you can study to make your best resume.

  • Project Management Manager Resume Sample

Project Management Manager is responsible for managing the company’s projects. They plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project being worked on. The manager ensures that the project runs smoothly according to schedule and can be presented to clients on time and with high quality.

  • IT Business Resume Sample

IT Business Analyst has the responsibility of analyzing the market, creating and monitoring data quality metrics, and ensuring that the project runs according to standards and objectives. IT Business Analyst’s background is mostly Computer Science. However, people with any educational background who are still related to business analysts and information technology still have great opportunities to pursue this career. The skills of an IT Business Analyst that are sought after include good networking, good written and verbal communication skills, strong knowledge in the field of project management frameworks, able to work with tight deadlines and multitasking, easily adapt quickly to new standards, processes and procedures.

  • Industrial Sales Leader Resume Sample

The position of Industrial Sales Leader requires you to carry out or assume the following responsibilities: supervise industrial sales, help solve problems around sales, recommend preventive measures to resolve the issue, and maintain professional relationships with consumers. In carrying out their duties, these sales leaders may need to analyze the market and recommend strategies to increase or maintain business profits. Anyone can be an industrial sales leader. Even so, graduates majoring in Business and marketing are the most sought-after graduates for this position.

  • Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Graphic Designer is a job that has the responsibility of designing material for visual presentations. These graphic designers must be able to work both independently and in groups because sometimes this job requires designers to coordinate with other departments. Some graphic designer tasks, for example: analyze trends, create brand designs that are in line with current trends, create brand designs based on predetermined style guidelines, bridge departments and clients with agreed designs, etc.

  • Catering Assistant Resume Sample

Catering assistant has the main task of helping the implementation of catering business both catering at home and catering company. Some of the tasks that they do include preparing food for staff and guests, working under occupational safety regulations in carrying out tasks assigned by superiors, reporting unusual events such as damaged equipment to the head of catering, helping to transport food safely and efficiently, ensure workplace hygiene during working hours, maintain important documents according to the direction of the catering manager, re-stock vending machines around the work site, notify superiors when there are changes in orders from clients, maintain high standards of food hygiene in general and personal setting.

  • Hospital Chef Resume Sample

Hospital Chef is a chef who works in a hospital. Quite different from chefs who work in restaurants or hotels, hospital chefs need to emphasize processing and providing high-quality, yet nutritious food. Hospital chefs need to check the diet of patients per individual to find out their medical and cultural needs. Everyone can work as a hospital chef. However, chefs with educational backgrounds in the field of food processing and management are preferred. In addition to being able to prepare food effectively and high quality for patients, hospital chefs must be able to write good daily reports, have good leadership skills so that they are able to motivate their colleagues, and have experience in the culinary field.

  • Food Labeling Specialist Resume Sample

Food labeling person has the responsibility of reviewing, updating, and approving labeling designs. Those who have food labeling positions are experts in the field of food process and product development. Usually, they are graduates in the field of food processing or similar majors. Their expertise includes in-depth knowledge in the field of food product development and processes, being able to communicate well in written and oral form, being able to lead groups, being able to work in multitasking, being patient, detail-oriented and purposeful, and highly motivated.

  • Call Center Analyst Resume Sample

Call center analyst is a job that has the task of ensuring that customer service representatives have interacted effectively with clients and have served the interests of the company. This analyst will be tasked with making subordinate schedules, making monthly reports related to company dynamics, delivering solutions to superiors related to productivity problems, overcoming problems among employees, and reviewing employee performance.

  • Tour Guide Resume Sample

Tour guides are jobs that have the responsibility of helping tourists visit unfamiliar areas. They also have the task of telling tourists tour schedules, documenting trips, and providing valuable information. Anyone can become a tour guide as long as they have knowledge about the tourist spots where he works, friendly, open, energetic, and highly motivated. They must also have good leadership skills, be able to manage a group of people, and be able to overcome technical problems related to work equipment.

  • Radio Frequency Engineer resume sample

Radio Frequency Engineer is in charge of operating equipment such as radios, cell phones, and other wireless equipment. He also has to make sure the equipment in the technology department uses the latest equipment. People who work as radio frequency engineers usually have an educational background in engineering and physics. They must be able and understand several analytical tools such as SageMath, Matchad, and MATLAB. They also need to be able to use and write code with Java, JavaScript, C ++, Python, Visual Studio, and FORTRAN.

  • Press Assistant Resume Sample

Press assistant is a person who works to help supervise and operate press machine tools. The press was used to print publications such as newspapers, books and magazines. Work as a press assistant is often also referred to as a press operator. In assisting the operation of the press machine, they also check paper and ink stock, and adjust settings to ensure that the printing results are good. Manufacturing technology management graduates are sought after to fill this position.

  • English Teacher Resume Sample

English teacher is a teacher who gives English lessons. Teachers can work in public schools, private schools, tutoring, or student homes (private teachers). Of course, an English teacher is preferred if he has an educational background in teaching English. However, basically, anyone can become an English teacher if they have deep knowledge of English grammar and understand how to teach students. Not only giving lessons, a teacher is also required to make a schedule, prepare lesson plans, and write report cards at the end of the school year.

  • assistant video editor resume sample

The assistant video editor has the task of taking pictures and recording television programs, motion pictures, news, music videos, documentaries, and sporting events. They also manage digital footage by using video editing software. Anyone who likes broadcasting and has the ability to edit videos can work as a video editor assistant. However, many well-known film production companies want the position filled by graduates of film and television production.

  • manager account marketing resume sample

Account marketing managers have the task of working on or overseeing the execution of daily marketing programs that generate awareness, demand, and sales through Account Based Marketing. Meanwhile, he also acts as a liaison between the corporate ecosystem (marketing, sales, vendors) with the consumer ecosystem. Requirements needed to work as an account marketing manager are at least one year experience in marketing (preferably in marketing or sales enablement fields), educational background in marketing or related fields, strong planning and development skills, strong communication and presentation skills, dynamic personality and confident, creative, innovative, and always open-minded.

  • Operating Budget Sample

Operating Budget is a financial document that helps you determine a specific agenda related to capital management. Here are some examples of operating budgets: annual operating budget, monthly operating budget, school operating budget, non-profit operating budget, small business operating budget, startup operating budget, and restaurant operating budget. Meanwhile, the structure of an operating budget can be summarized as follows: sale of turnover, variable cost, gross profit, fixed cost, and depreciation.

  • Teacher Aide Resume Sample

Teacher aide is a teacher whose job is to accompany a class teacher but actually does not have the qualifications to become a permanent teacher. They work in supporting class teachers by supporting students and doing clerical assignments. This job usually requires at least having undergone education in teaching or relating to the subjects being taught. The teachers’ aides have good communication and interpersonal skills and are patient when dealing with children.

  • Strategic Program Manager Resume Sample

Strategic project managers are jobs that require a high focus on pursuing business results. They focus on satisfying customers, beating competitors, analyzing market data, and making project management strategies that ensure success and long-term benefits. In addition, a strategic project manager is able to do the following tasks: project portfolio management, resources portfolio management, project management mentoring, and project management assessment tools.

  • Strategic Account Manager Resume

Strategic account managers have the responsibility of making the company successful through the business strategies they create and implement. This position is one of the key and strategic positions in a company. All those who have experience in business management can occupy this position. However, people with educational backgrounds in business administration, public relations, and management are preferred.

  • Service Desk Resume Sample

Service desks, sometimes also called help desks, are positions in a company tasked with providing technical assistance and support related to computer systems, software, and hardware. They respond to queries, run diagnostic programs, isolate problems, determine alternative solutions, and implement the solutions. They are also tasked with writing training manuals, training computer users, keeping computer systems running according to standards, responding to messages from consumers who need help, assisting customers to solve problems, following consumers to ensure that problems are resolved, asking for feedback from consumers, and write a report to determine the resolution of an ongoing problem.

  • Regulatory Attorney Resume Sample

Regulatory attorney accompanies clients and ensures that they follow the rules of legal force relevant to the client’s industry. You can be asked for advice on business transactions, legal and regulatory analysis, and legal counsel. In certain situations, you can represent your client in court. All lawyers have an educational background in the field of law and have passed the state attorney’s exam. You will be more interested in companies, government agencies, organizations, or casual clients if you have worked in a law firm, have analytical skills, have published publications, and have good communication skills.

  • Physical Therapy Technician Resume Sample

Physical therapist technicians provide administrative support, help assess patients, develop plans & treatment goals. They usually work in hospitals and physical therapy offices. This work is predicted to be popular and will increase over the next 10 years. Here are some of the responsibilities of physical therapist technicians: provide general patient care, assist with physical therapy treatment, manage and maintain physical therapy equipment, communicate with patients, and assist with administrative duties.

  • Full stack Developer Resume Sample

Full stack developer is an engineer who can do several tasks at the same time to complete the manufacturing of a product independently. The work they handle is managing databases, servers, system engineering, and clients. A full stack developer must master a variety of programming languages ​​(at least know JAVA, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and C #, use development frameworks and third-party librarries such as Python Django, nodeJs express, Hibernate, etc., understand front-end technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JQuery, SASS, AngularJS, LESS, or REACT, have and know how to interact with databases for example with MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, Redis, and MongoDB, have basic capabilities to design to help build basic prototype designs , UI designs, and UX designs, as well as having some personal skills such as open mindedness, good communication skills, high curiosity, creativity, and good time management.

  • Construction Electrician Resume Sample

Construction electricians have the task of reading and understanding the blueprint, installing control cables and electricity in residential and commercial, and following the prescribed regulations. On another occasion, they also taught other workers safety precautions. To work in this position, you need a license, mechanical ability, customer service ability, design ability, repair ability, problem solving ability, troubleshooting ability, mathematical ability, and construction ability.

  • Chinese Chef Resume Sample

Chinese chefs, as the name implies, have the task of preparing traditional Chinese dishes for guests or clients in an office, school restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality services. A chef can also work for a family or a person. They certainly must have cooking skills, in-depth knowledge of Chinese cuisine and culture, and ensure that food nutrition and hygiene are guaranteed. Anyone who has a talent for cooking and determination can become a chef. But, of course, chefs with culinary and cooking education backgrounds are preferred, as well as those who have in-depth socio-cultural knowledge about China and its cuisine.

  • Frank Dodd Act Summary Printable

The Dodd-Frank Act is a law relating to granting loans from banks. This comprehensive and complex law seeks to protect consumers and prevent economic recession. Find a summary of the Dodd-Frank Act on the following page.

  • Maintenance Worker Resume Sample

Maintenance workers are tasked with repairing and maintaining mechanical equipment, machinery, and buildings. People who work as maintenance workers are also often referred to as repair workers. Some of the jobs that are usually done by maintenance workers are painting houses, installing ceramic flooring, plumbing, repairing electronics and heating, and maintaining air conditioning systems.

  • Sample Land Lease Agreement

The sample Land Lease Agreement that we will provide for the following free can be used as an example to make an agreement with the land owner. There are several approval templates that we provide on this site, namely farm land lease agreement template, crop land lease agreement template, office lease agreement template, month to month lease agreement template, office lease agreement template, rental agreement template, and room rental agreement template. To be able to make a good land agreement you need detailed information related to the land to be leased, the use of property, leasing duration, and financial terms.

  • Copywriter Resume Sample

A copywriter is a person who has the responsibility of writing text / editorial promotion or marketing of products and services. Along with the development of information technology, especially the internet, the work of copywriters is increasingly in demand because it has its own charm in accordance with the development of the global economy. Nowadays, marketing products and services via the internet is very easy. Attractive written and oral descriptions are enough to get people interested in the products and services advertised through the online marketplace. Anyone can be a reliable copywriter. However, people with educational backgrounds in writing, literature, journalism, communication, and marketing are more sought after by companies that need copywriters. They should have good communication skills, attention to detail, and be able to work under pressure with limited deadlines.

  • Art Teacher Resume Sample

Art teachers teach art to students in schools, colleges, universities, and private. Art teachers in schools usually teach fine arts, music, dance, and traditional arts, and photography. They participated in student activities such as becoming a Photography Club consultant, becoming a Choir trainer, and guiding the Fine Arts Club students. Those who work as art teachers are primarily educated in art education. Even so, pure arts graduates can become art teachers after getting a teacher’s license.

  • Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse Resume Sample

The Registered Nurse Intensive Care Unit has the task of handling patients in the ICU of a hospital, puskesmas, and other health facilities. They have tasks such as evaluating the patient’s condition, providing treatment according to the condition, and providing constant support to the patient during healing. Their other responsibilities are to identify sudden or subtle changes in the patient’s medical condition, send the latest information to doctors, patients and family members, and maintain the patient’s medical record. A nurse assigned to the ICU must have a nursing or relevant educational background, experience as a nurse, and be able to work 12 hours per day and at night shifts.

  • Report/Chemistry Lab Report

Report / Chemistry Lab Reports are a report from a laboratory research project that must be well documented. This report is very useful for students, colleagues and practitioners who need data and conclusions about a particular research project. Experiment Lab Report Write-up Criteria consist of Introduction and Procedures, Data and Observation, Calculations and Results, Discussion / Conclusions and Post-Lab Questions, Error Analysis, and Bibliography.

  • Business Agreement Between Two Parties

The Partnership Agreement Between Two Limited Companies is a statement that reinforces the business relationship between the two companies. Business agreements are stronger if proven by written documents in the form of agreement letters. This agreement usually contains many promises related to business fields. In an example agreement, you can set independent contractors, duties, terms, and compensation, expenses, written reports, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and termination.

  • Roofing Estimate

Roofing estimate is a document that reveals the estimated funds and materials needed to install the roof of a building. These documents / reports are usually provided by property companies, home inspectors, and builders. We have provided free roofing estimates sample here.

  • SOP Template

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) must be written in detail so that people who read it understand well what to do while working. This will help workers manage routine, complex daily operations. SOP aims to create uniformity when working on tasks and achieve work efficiency without leaving quality.

  • Civil Engineering Resume Sample

The Civil Engineering Resume Example that we provide is a good reference example for you if you want to find work in civil engineering. As you know, to become an engineer you must go to an engineering major. In addition, you must have several qualifications such as being able to create and work on projects, understand and be able to apply engineering principles and methods, be able to manage work efficiently, etc.

  • Sample Car Rental Agreement

The car rental agreement sample that we provide on this site includes everything you need to know and includes it in the car rental agreement. In the agreement form of vehicle rental, you will find columns for writing details of the person’s name, driver license number, cell and work number, email address, residential address, work address, rental period, extended period, vehicle rental, monthly rental fee, etc.

  • Web Developer Resume Sample

Web developers are tasked with making a site both from designing, coding, filling, and modifying. They work on this website creation project according to the agreement agreed with the client. Basically, a reliable web developer always tries to create a design that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and clear to navigate. A web developer must understand how to code with various programming languages including JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, and API’s. They also have to understand UI and UX designs. Educational background suitable for working in a web developer position is computer engineering or related to computer programming.

  • Non Profit Business Plan Template

A non-profit organization is an organization that does not prioritize itself for profit. This organization usually has social goals. Even though they are not looking for profit, they must still make some kind of business plan. A good business plan is basically about managing, tracking performance, and developing over time. Although non-profit organizations do not have the goal of achieving profits, they still need to manage their fiscal finances to stay healthy. In developing a nonprofit business plan, there are a number of things you should know: consider the person who will read your business plan, present the accurate data that you have previously collected, and state your plan or program clearly and clearly.

  • Property Claims Adjuster Resume Sample

Property Claim Adjuster is a position with the responsibility of claiming, assessing, examining, and investigating insurance claims. They are the officers who decide whether the insurance company must pay the claim to the client or not, and if so, how much. These are the people who are responsible for assessing whether a claim is false or not. Property claim adjusters for entry-level usually have a high school background. As for higher positions, companies will look for people with bachelor level education or who have education in insurance related fields.

  • Laboratory Technician Resume Sample

Laboratory technicians are tasked with conducting and supporting scientific investigations and experiments; record and analyze data; making research project plans; provide technical support; maintain, calibrate, clean and test the equipment sterility; present the results to superiors or seniors; make a report, review, and summary; collecting, preparing, and / or testing samples; supervising staff; keep up-to-date on relevant scientific and technical developments; and ordering and maintaining stock and resources.

  • Sample Home Inspection Checklist

Home inspection checklist is a checklist form that is needed when someone wants to list all the parts in the house. This checklist cannot replace a home inspection report but can be one of the main document attachments for making the report. The part of the house listed is as follows: grounds, structure, exterior surfaces, windows, doors, wood trim, roof, attic, interior rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and miscellaneous.

  • Attendance Sheet Template

Attendance sheet is a form to track the attendance of students, examinees, meeting participants, conference participants, or office employees. If you work as a teacher, attendance sheets are one of the tools to monitor student attendance as well as supporting documents to give an overall grade in the report card. You can make a student’s presence one of the parameters of their study habits and how their attendance affects the quality of their learning. Download our attendance sheet template examples for free here.

  • Resume Action Words

Action words are verbs that describe direct actions. Verbs that do not describe action are called non-action words and consist of verbs that describe opinions, tastes, needs, and the state of being. In a resume, actions words are used to arouse images that you (the resume owner) actually do things like in the resume. These words must be able to evoke a clear and clear picture in the reader’s mind that you are carrying out a real action. This will affect how resume readers assess your skills and abilities. You are advised to increase the use of action words on your resume (correctly of course) when you want to apply in these fields: administrative jobs, organizational jobs, analytical jobs, financial jobs, creative jobs, communication jobs, management and leadership jobs, etc.

  • Liquor Inventory Template

Inventory is goods that are owned by a person, company, school, etc. Inventory list is needed to track the conditions and the number of items that have been previously registered. In the beverage industry or the bar & restaurant business, liquor inventory is needed to manage liquor that is produced, traded, or served to guests. With a list of liquor inventory, you will be easier to track the amount of liquor available, which items are sold out / sold / not sold, and revenue from the sale of liquor. Check out and download a free list of liquor inventory here.

  • Training Plan Template

The training plan template is a guideline for planning training in a company, office or organization. You can add details that will be held during the training and around the training itself such as when and where the training will be held, training materials, trainees, training mentors, etc. For example, in the “US Department of the Interior, Geological Survey” training plan, you will find a form to fill in any speakers in the training, training objectives, petitions, etc.

  • Sample Toddler Lesson Plan Template

The development of children at an early age is very rapid, very important, and will determine their lives later. Therefore, early childhood education is an important period of development for all children. The early years of childhood greatly influenced its development. To attract children’s attention to education, you must provide interesting and popular lessons. Take advantage of the following toddler lesson plans to help him develop early learning skills that are essential for his success.

  • Graduate Nurse Resume Sample

The following is an example of a graduate nurse’s resume: Analyzing assessment in order to determine the diagnosis from the nurse, Collaborating with the family, patients and others in order to conduct the practice of nursing, Supporting the working of managers in order to increase the educational opportunities and the specialty certification, Providing the new RN with the tools as it is needed in order to increase the working of the hospital, Completing the assigned orders of nursing as it is directed by the preceptor, including assisting the patients with the activities of the daily living and taking the vital signs, Performing other tasks when it is needed, including the service of the environment and preparing or transporting the patient for the service of diagnostics, Reporting the test results and the observation of the patients, etc. As a nurse, you are required to have several skills including: basic knowledge of computer, good verbal and written communication skills, ability to work with a team, and high attention to the detail.

  • Brand Designer Resume Sample

Brand designers have the duty to design, create and implement designs for brands. They can work independently, participate in an advertising service, or work directly with the company where the brand is. Some of the responsibilities of brand designers are as follows: designed brand visual identities, designed advertisements, maintained consistent use of graphic imagery in materials and other marketing outreach, developed and implemented complex internet applications on multiple platforms, managed art and office supply needs for the related departments, etc.

  • Simple Commercial Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is a property loan agreement letter containing the terms and conditions agreed upon by the borrower and the borrowing party. Before you contact a landlord, you need to know the difference between commercial and residential leases. You can use the Free Commercial Lease Agreement Templates to make terms and conditions for rental properties that will be used for commercial matters. Commercial Lease also has less consumer protection laws, long-term and legally binding, no standard format, negotiable and flexible.

  • Statement/Personal Financial Statement

Personal financial statement is an important document that details the financial position of an individual in a certain period of time. This document usually contains general information about the individual’s personal interest such as full name, full address, total assets, and liabilities. This statement aims to track one’s wealth and apply for credit. To get net worth, you can do subtract liabilities from assets. Positive net worth indicates that the individual has more assets than liabilities. However, this net value can fluctuate from time to time so it must be tracked regularly. Revenues and expenses can be included in this personal financial statement document. However, ideally, they are included in a separate document called the income statement.

  • Warehouse Logistics Resume Sample

Warehouse logistics specialists are responsible for the following: monitoring and optimizing warehouse operations, checking stock, inspecting goods, updating databases, finding solutions to problems that arise, observing work performance of warehouse employees, maintaining inventory, and analyzing inputs input from consumers. Anyone can become a Warehouse Specialist, but someone who has experience working in the warehousing field is preferred. They must have knowledge of expertise around supply chain management, problem solving, analytical thinking, and interpersonal skills.

  • Non-Profit Organizational Chart

The following is a template for creating a non-profit organizational chart: traditional non-profit organizational structure, detailed non-profit organizational structure, simple non-profit organizational chart, and modern non-profit organizational chart.

  • Purchase Order

Purchase orders are important bid documents sent by the seller to suppliers. In the document, it is stated in detail the items to be purchased, the number of items, and the bid price. If both parties have agreed to the terms and conditions proposed, the supplier can send the bill immediately. Here is a purchase order template that you can download for free.

  • HVAC Apprentice Resume Sample

HVAC Apprentice is a technician who works on the maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. A licensed HVAC technician already has experience diagnosing and repairing HVAC problems in housing and offices. See our HVAC apprentice resume examples here.

  • Work Order Template

Work order is a description that specifically explains what work must be completed by the person concerned. In the work order, you will find details such as pricing, taxes, payment terms, material used, and contact information. We provide many work order templates that you can download for free such as printable work order request form, maintenance work order template, service work order template, automotive work order template, stop work order template, repair work order template, IT work order template, graphic design work order template, landscaping work order template, cleaning work order template, inspection work order template, work order tracking template, change order request form, purchase order template, etc.

  • Business Budget Template

A budget is a detailed plan regarding the allocation of funds and wherever the funds will be spent within a certain time. The purpose of making a budget is to estimate the income you will receive, design where that income will be spent, and see the difference between your plans and reality. There are several things that serve as benchmarks for whether a budget is good or not. Each budget plan must include estimated revenues, fixed costs, variable costs, one-off costs, cash flow, profits, and budget calculations. Of course, this budget plan is very important for business continuity. Check out and download an example of a company’s budget plan here.

  • Creative Director Resume Sample

Creative directors are leaders in creative industries such as advertising, marketing, etc. They work with designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams, and marketers to create a vision of the products or services they want to offer. Most creative directors have an undergraduate education background in the creative field. We have provided some resume samples for you to download for free.

  • Computer Science Resume Sample

A resume is a very important tool for introducing yourself to prospective companies that will hire you. This is a golden opportunity for you to really look brilliant in front of the employer. Therefore, you must arrange your resume as well as possible. A computer scientist and software engineer, for example, is expected to have experience in the field of technical computer and education equivalent to computer science. They must also be able to work effectively, be able to give clear instructions, be able to communicate verbally and in writing well, and be able to maintain relationships between colleagues.

  • To Do List Template

To-do list is a list of tasks that need to be done by someone. Whatever the job, the to-do list really helps you set priorities and track progress. Here we provide examples of to-do list templates that you can use as a guide to compile your own to-do list: basic to do list templates, printable to do list templates, drop-downs to do list templates, checkbox to do list templates, action items to do list templates, group project task list templates, prioritized to do list templates, business trip checklist templates, etc.

  • Food Inventory Template

Food inventory list is a list of foods owned by a household, restaurant, school, office, and other entities. This food inventory plays an important role in tracking the availability of raw materials and food in restaurants. By using an inventory list, restaurants can more easily manage their supply and optimize profits.

  • Report Writing Format Template

Report Writing is a type of writing that reports an experiment or research. Reporting can be academic, business, technical, etc. depends on the object to be reported. In the academic field, report writing often overlaps with other types of writing, especially essays. In fact, the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Even so, there are significant differences between the two. Report writing is based on research while essays are based on literature review. We provide templates for writing reports on various occasions, such as Report Writing for Honors Student Templates, Writing Business Reports Templates, Business School Report Templates, Organic Chemistry Lab Report Templates, Essay Writing Competition Report Templates, Guides to Report Writing, Field Work Report Writing Guidelines , Writing Informal Report Templates, Internship Weekly Report Form Templates, Monthly Report Format Templates, Post Event Report Templates, Effective Report Writing Templates, Report Proforma Templates, etc.

  • Digital Copywriter Resume Sample

Digital copywriter is the work of writing content that is released in digital media such as online news portals, blogs, or websites. This work generally does not focus on educational background but the experience of authorship. Even so, educational background in the fields of literature, communication, public relations, and language education is preferred. Copywriter skills usually include good writing skills, quickly learn the content to be written, rich in vocabulary and choice of words, able to work under pressure and with limited deadlines.

  • Event Planner Contract

An event planner contract is a contract of agreement regarding an event carried out by two or more parties. This is usually done between the event owner and the event provider. In an event planner contract, it is necessary to explain in detail the scope of services, cancellation terms, payment schedule, indemnification cause, and termination clause. You can see an example here.

  • Employee Handbook Template

The Employee Handbook is a manual given to employees by the boss or supervisor. The content of an employee handbook usually consists of three types of content, namely: 1.) cultural content in the form of a welcome statement, company values, company’s mission, company’s purpose, etc .; 2.) general information content; 3.) case-specific content such as company policies, company rules, disciplinary and grievance procedures, etc.

  • Entry Level Civil Engineer Resume Sample

Entry-level civil engineer is a job that usually is a specialist of the following jobs: collecting raw data to be arranged so that it becomes a workable form, conducting construction inspections, writing technical reports, helping to estimate the costs needed to build a project, and verifying requests for proposals. You can see an example of the resume here.