Being in the position of deciding the fate of your employee could be bewildering to oversee. These employees could be one of your trustworthy, exceptional, and top-tier employees of all time. Nevertheless, it will be bad-mannered for you not to hand in feedback to these employees requesting a resignation. You should write your response to resignation letter with any appreciation you may want to include.

163.Response to Resignation Letter

What is a Response to Resignation Letter?

A response to resignation letter is a response or feedback inscribed by the employer to an employee seeking a resignation. It is worth noted that this letter does not necessarily mean that the employer will accept the resignation request. Should the employee be worthy of their continuation, the employer might fight to keep the employee at the company.

How should You Deliver Your Response in the Letter?

In the middle of writing your response to resignation letter, be clear whether you want to accept the request or not. Should you accept it, congratulate them for making it this far, wish them the best in the future endeavors, and make sure to keep a good contact in the aftermath. Should you refuse it, give the employee a justifiable reason to keep them working for you by either providing them a promising career or even a bump-up in the salary.

Tips in Writing a Genuine Response to Resignation Letter

If you feel the exigency to write a bona fide response to resignation letter, you can have a peek at the sample below so that you can have a full picture of how to get started.

  • State the employee’s name and position clearly
  • Include the date of their last day should you accept it
  • The Salutation of their work
  • Best wish for them in the future work
  • Reasons for keeping them at work should you not accept it
  • Mention several incredible traits of them worthy of their continuation

The Sample of a Response to Resignation Letter

At this point, you must feel a little bit off to either accept the request and lose your top-tier employee or simply come up with a robust solution to keep them from leaving. At any rate, you should try looking for a clear example to support you in the writing.

Dear Mr. Hax,

The letter for your resignation has been handed into our tables on 15th of March 2019. By this letter, we bring you a great tiding that we have formally accepted your request to resign from XYZ company as a UX designer. Unfortunately, this loss will certainly pose a big impact on the company in lots of ways. Nevertheless, we wish you good luck endeavor your career. We are making sure that you will achieve your latest paycheck and personal belongings.

Should you require additional information or confirmation regarding this acceptance, you could try to contact my secretary for clear direction and any help you need at 1030449505. Should you need me for any professional references, I would gladly do so if that is of any assistance.

It has been a memorial for us to employ you as a family at the company. We could only hope you will achieve the greatness of your career in the future and that we can still be in a professional association to keep a goodwill in our relationship.

Thank you for your time and effort

Best Regards,


Mr. Morgan


That will be the end of the heads-up concerning the letter that you may find obligatory should you are in that shenanigan.

As for a response to resignation letter, it will surely pose a supportive media to express your acceptance or refusal to your employee request for resignation.

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