Respiratory Therapy job description is known as the assessment in the medical field or the person that gives treatments for patients for choric dysfunction or the acute respiratory condition, and the cardiopulmonary system. The person works the responsibilities in patients care frame and is served as the vital members in the medical and healthcare team.

Respiratory Therapy Resume Example

Lacey Quinn

1660 L’Fayette Road, Des Moines, IA, 50047, Phone: +1 (515) 556-8401




Des Moines, IA

08/2017 – present

  • Understand about the medical respiratory field and know how to give required treatment that is related to the field with excellent skills as seen in respiratory therapy resume sample
  • Capable to work with chronic and special medic case such as sleep disorder centers
  • Have great nursing skills and own long period performance of the medical treatments
  • Can examine, performs exams, and analyze patients and the diagnosis
  • Understand about hospital machines and devices, and know how to operate it safely under the safety regulations
  • Work as senior professional administer and know how to give best treatments for patients
  • Have responsibility to manage the life support mechanical ventilations of the system
  • Take the responsibility to monitor the equipment that is related to the cardiopulmonary therapy
  • Can perform and form consultation with other professional physicians and other members in the medical healthcare



Missoula, MT

09/2012 – 07/2017

  • Capable to handle various patients from different ages and have great tracked record of giving best treatment for them
  • Have handled specific or special patients’ condition such as premature infants with underdeveloped lungs
  • Capable to work with senior therapist, physicians, and other citizens
  • Have advanced skills in taking care of the COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Run the rehabilitation clinics and know how to do and operate the framework
  • Can give excellent counseling time for patients and know how to assist and arrange the counseling
  • Capable to work with different medical offices such a physician office



Ann Arbor, MI

04/2007 – 07/2012

  • Capable to give treatment and treating disease related to medical field
  • Understand about infections, viruses, and other problems that happen in the cardiopulmonary system and know how to handle it
  • Know to handle and take care of chronic disease such as lung cancer, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema
  • Have capability to give life-saving care for patients
  • Can work in the acute-care hospital and know how to do the framework excellently
  • Know how to operate and run the emergency room
  • Work with different team and know how to build good teamwork especially in the intensive care unit
  • Have worked in the pediatric intensive care unit
  • Capable to work and know how to operate the tools in the pulmonary diagnostic laboratory




Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy



  • Have great interpersonal skills and works with passionate and empathy
  • Works with dedication and professionalism
  • Understand about pathophysiology in the cardiopulmonary system and have broad knowledge about it and anything related to respiratory medic
  • Have great capability to follow complex procedures
  • Capable to give proper diagnose for patients and know how to treat them perfectly
  • Have long 5 years’ experience in the medical team
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Have wide experience in different and various medical places from small to large hospital and healthcare
  • Provide best contribution in the team


Respiratory Therapy Resume Sample

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