Resignation Letter from Fulltime to PRN

PRN stands for pro re nata status which means that you demand working with fewer hours than usual. To do so, there are several procedures you have to follow. One of them is to prepare a resignation letter requesting a full-time PRN. Here is other important information you should know about a resignation letter from full-time to PRN.

10 Resignation Letter from Fulltime to PRN

How do you tell your boss you want to work fewer hours?

Being a full-time employee requires you to be able to work according to certain schedules. However, if some personal issues occur, for instance when it deals with the family members’ situation or environmental changes, you may need to tell your boss to work fewer hours. Ensure to book a personal time to discuss with your boss about your request. Also, prepare a resignation letter that will be further explained in the following paragraphs below.

The resignation letter from full-time to PRN doesn’t state that you want to resign from the job. Instead, you are requesting for shifting the work hours from full-time to part-time. After consulting with the supervisor about your plan, you have to prepare a formal document of resignation letter from your full-time job to a part-time job. Pay attention to the key elements to include in the letter.

  1. Start by addressing the employer
  2. Consider dividing your letter into several paragraphs indicating different ideas in each. For instance, you may separate it into four paragraphs which could be written with the important points as written below.
  • The first paragraph or the opening of the letter states the main purpose of the letter. Besides, inform the employer about the details of your job position, the division, and job title. Then, ensure to provide the exact date of the new schedule of part-time working hours.
  • In the following paragraphs, clearly explain your reasons requesting for a full-time job at PRN. Use polite and professional writing and keep it brief and clear.
  • Go to the third paragraph, provide any reachable contact information to the employer, such as phone number and email address. It is to ease them in reaching out for any concerns or further questions dealing with your new request.
  • Show your appreciation and gratitude for the chance to work in the company. Inform the employer that you are looking for a response
  • of the request. Don’t forget to close the letter with a thank you statement.
  1. Include your full name, signature, and job title along with the company name.

Tips to write a proper resignation letter from fulltime to PRN

  1. Ensure to write not more than three paragraphs in the resignation letter form full-time to PRN. Also, consider maintaining your professionalism by using polite dictions based on the correct grammatical rules.
  2. It is suggested to consult first with the employer or the supervisor before submitting the resignation letter from full-time to PRN. Afterward, you may submit the letter as a legal document of your new working shifting hours.
  3. Provide a logical reason for your new working hours demand and explain them briefly in the letter.


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