For those who decide to reduce their working hours due to several reasons, writing a resignation letter from full-time to part time is the most appropriate and professional thing to do. This legal and formal document should be delivered right after you have talked to the employer or supervisor about your decision. Read further to find out more about the resignation letter from full-time to part time.

132 Why do you need to write a resignation letter from fulltime to part time

What to do to ask for a resignation from full time to part time?

To ask for a resignation from full time to part time, there are several important things you need to consider.

  1. Think about the reason behind your request from full time to part time. It is an important key to whether the company would consider your reason to reduce your working hours. Carefully and briefly explain the reason in the letter and stick to the facts only.
  2. If you have made your final decision, consider the time of working. How many hours would you be available to work as a part-timer? If the company has its own rules about the part-time employee, then adjust yourself and follow the procedures given by the company.
  3. Arrange a schedule with the employer or supervisor to talk about your resignation from full-time to part time.
  4. After talking to the employer or supervisor, ensure to follow each procedure given to you including to submit a resignation letter from full time to part time. If there are any other things to do, finish the tasks.

The useful tips to create a convincing resignation letter from full time to part time

  • Follow the formal lettering format and use proper and polite language while writing for the resignation letter from full time to part time.
  • Talk and submit the letter to the supervisor or the employer around two weeks or a month before your schedules change.
  • Consider reviewing the letter before sending it to the employer/supervisor. The letter must be free from mistakes and spelling and grammatical errors. If you want the application to be accepted, ensure to double-check the letter to prevent you from any unwanted matters.

The best sample of full time to part time resignation letter template

Dear (name of the employer/supervisor),

I am writing this letter to confirm that I will be requesting for reduced working hours from full time to part time. In the means of continuing my study program to Master Degree, the schedules leave me only to work in the part-time hours from full time (the duration of your previous working hours) to (the duration of your reduced working hours). The schedules will start from (the date of the beginning of the part-time hours) and so I will end the full-time schedules on (the last date of full time working hours).

(expand your reason in the second paragraph and convince the company why you need to reduce your working hours

I am very grateful for all of the opportunities given to me. Thank you for your consideration and please don’t hesitate to reach out on (your contact information).



(your name)

(your signature)


(company’s name)

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