Finding a suitable job is difficult, and will feel very happy when you get it. Yes, the work you will be doing should be following your abilities and passions, as well as other unexplained factors. Often, a person gets a work atmosphere that does not meet his expectations and decides to resign from the job he has just applied for. If you experience this, feel free to express yourself to leave, and using a resignation letter for a job you just started is the best way to do that.

95. Dont Hesitate Use Resignation Letter for a Job You Just Started For Your Resignation

What to say when quitting a job that you just started?

If you plan to resign from the job you just started, you can apologize for actions that might be detrimental to the company. Describe concerning this incident, and thank you for accepting you at the company. Indeed you can express your willingness to work again at the company. Using a resignation letter for a job you just started is the best way to describe it all.

Is it great to quit a job you just started?

There is no serious problem if you have the intention to resign from the company you just started. The company will understand your condition according to the explanation you are telling. The longer you delay resigning, the more difficult it will be for the resignation to be granted. So feel free to disclose it to the company’s board of directors.


Check out our practical example of writing a resignation letter for a job you just started. You can modify and change according to existing conditions.

Dear Mr. Boy A. William

Through this letter, I would like to inform you and the company’s board of directors that as of January 1, 2019, I intend to resign from my job as a sales agent at ABC Corp. I am aware and understand that I just started a career in the last week, and I hope this decision is not too much trouble for the company given the burden of work that has not been too much. This letter I sent as a formal notice of my resignation to the company.

I am very sorry and apologize for my resignation, which will undoubtedly be more troublesome for the company. I will be responsible for all this and will work diligently for the rest of my working day before resigning. If you and the company’s board of directors have any questions, you can contact me at (000)-000-0000 or my office email address. Thanks a lot for your help and dedication during this time and until next meet on other occasions that may exist.

Best Regard

Alicia Key

Sales Staff

There are some briefs on how to make a resignation letter for a job you just started easily and quickly. Modify existing examples according to existing conditions and facts.


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