Someone who works in an office will spend part of his time in the office with his work environment. It causes the work environment to have a substantial impact on the productivity and the psyche of workers. However, it is very unfortunate for workers who had exposure to a toxic environment that increases the chances of workers experiencing stress, depression, irritability, and depression. When this, unfortunately, thing happens, workers often file a resignation letter due to hostile work environment. The things that must have prioritized in submitting this resign are destitute and obeying the regulations.

Artikel 14 Resignation Letter Due To Hostile Work Environment

How Do I Resign From A Toxic Work Environment?

The work environment is not as beautiful as the world of Disneyland, nor is it the saddest place to be. Many reasons have often used to apply for a resignation letter due to hostile work environment, including an ill boss, unclear management, cliché, and uncooperative co-workers, poor communication, and unrealistic expectations of a work contract.

Before you submit this resignation letter, you need to do research or learn so that you have nothing to regret and can be well received without leaving an ill impression on your boss. Get to know the format and provisions of the letter that apply in the company, learn what has included, provide rational reasons that can be accepted, and learn from existing experiences. Be honest when you submit your resignation and avoid sensitive things.

How Do You Prove A Hostile Work Environment For Unemployment?

You can find out an unhealthy work environment quickly if you understand its characteristics. The following are characteristics of an unhealthy work environment, including:

  1. Unclear company management. Company management is like a company. This poor management is a sign of an unhealthy work environment.
  2. Work Without Time Off. It will have seen if the work system has implemented over the target achieved or working time. It is certainly not by the agreement stated in the work contract.
  3. Unequal Ration Distribution. Fairness and impartiality are two things that must exist in the company and the work environment.

What A Toxic Workplace Environment?

Unhealthy workplaces can have found in several companies both in their own country and abroad. An unhealthy workplace is a workplace in which there is often significant conflict or drama. These disputes are often personal and undermine work productivity.

Unhealthy workplaces are motivated by a desire for power, money, or social status by using improper, cruel, or even illegal means.

How Do You Write A Resignation Letter If You Are Not Happy At Work?

Resignation letters had often written for a variety of reasons according to what workers feel. A resignation letter for reasons of being unhappy with management generally contains elements such as the creation date, the name of the manager/recipient, a highlight of your time at the company, reasons for leaving, a brief description, and your last day of work.

What Are The 3 Types of Harassment?

Harassment that occurs in a workplace that is protected by law includes:

  1. Harassment based on race
  2. Harassment based on gender
  3. Harassment based on religion

Resignation letter due to hostile work environment has often been written by employed, because of the workload they cannot afford. The work environment is one of the factors that have a substantial influence on work productivity.



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