There are many reasons someone asks for a resignation. One of them is due to a schedule conflict. It could be because of the current life condition, school schedule, family matters, and many more. If you think that you can no longer continue working with a similar schedule and prefer to leave the company, then ensure to write a formal resignation letter due to schedule conflict to maintain professionalism in the job.

189 Why should you create a resignation letter due to schedule conflict

What to say in a resignation letter due to schedule conflict?

If it is your first time creating a resignation letter due to schedule conflict, you may need to follow some simple guidelines below to help you create the proper resignation letter.

  1. Start the letter by mentioning the main purpose of the letter. In other words, inform the employer or supervisor that you are writing for requesting a job termination. Also, don’t forget to attach the last date of work in the first paragraph.
  2. Continue to the following paragraph, you may need to explain the reason for leaving. Since it is related to the daily schedule, you need to describe briefly the situation that makes you unable to attend the job with the old schedule. In other words, you have made a priority to the other schedule over your current working schedule.
  3. Since you are resigning, it means the company has to take care of the transition process which would be easier and faster to involve your participation. Thus, offer yourself to help with any transition matters.
  4. Express your gratitude and thank the company or employer for their consideration. Close the letter with a formal closing lettering format.

The best template of resignation letter due to schedule conflict

(Resigned Employee’s Name)

(Resigned Employee’s Job Title)

(Resigned Employee’s Address)




(Employer’s Name)

(Employer’s Job Title)

(Name of company)

(The address of the company)


Dear (employer’s name),

I am writing this letter to request for a formal resignation as a (job title) in (job company). I decided to resign from the job due to the schedule conflict. (mention the matters that cause the schedule conflict).

(The second paragraph describes further the reason for the resignation. Ensure to provide logical and acceptable reasons and maintain using nice and polite words without mentioning any harsh words or criticism.)

Thank you for your consideration. For any transition matters, I will be available to contact you at (your phone’s number or email address as contact information).

Best regards,

(Resigned employee’s signature)

(Resigned employee’s name)

Tips to write a proper and professional resignation letter due to a schedule conflict

  1. Follow the formal lettering format and template and use only formal and polite words. No need to brag a lot about the reason for resignation. Keep it short and clear enough to understand.
  2. Review the words after finish writing the letter. To prevent any mistakes and errors, reread and recheck the letter would help you to notice any errors before sending it to the employer.
  3. Send the resignation letter due to schedule conflict within two weeks or a month before the resignation date.
  4. Discuss with the employer before sending the letter.
  5. Send an only physical letter to the employer.
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