Employers are sometimes faced with the task of releasing employees who have not committed serious violations of company policy. This can happen when an employee tries to do a job well but does not live up to company expectations. Instead of firing an employee outright, the company can choose to allow the employee to leave. This type of letter protects employees’ employment records and helps protect the organization from wrongful termination suits.

Artikel 195. Resignation in Lieu of Termination Letter

Content and Format of the Resignation in Lieu of Termination Letter

Present your offer clearly and concisely so that there is no room for misunderstanding. Inform the employee of the specific date the decision is expected and the consequences of not responding on time or at all. Include information related to the employee’s final salary, and other information the employee may need before or after termination in content and format.

How to Make a Resignation as a Substitute for a Termination Letter

Dear Jolly,

Two months ago, you attended a meeting at my office for your annual employee review. During this meeting, I told you that your performance was not up to company standards. I tell you about a company continuing education program that pays tuition for employees who wish to upgrade their skills or to learn new skills in areas that benefit the company. You assured me at that moment that you would do everything possible to improve. You refuse to accept me in a continuing education offer.

Unfortunately, your performance has not improved. Because of that, I have no choice but to end my job at the company. At the same time, I appreciate how hard you have worked, your team spirit, and how well you get along with other people. Because of these qualities, I would like to allow you to resign from the company. By resigning, you will not have a record of layoffs.

If you choose to resign, please send me a resignation letter in writing with a resignation date of 29 May 2020. If I do not receive this letter within 2 working days, I will continue the process of termination of employment. If this is the case, your last day of work will remain on May 29, 2020. Our company employment policy is at will, which means you don’t have to give a reason to leave the organization. In your resignation letter, you can easily state that you are resigning and the effective date of resignation.

Whichever path you choose, you will receive your final salary on the last date of your employment. This salary will cover payments for your accrued and unused PTO days. You will receive a package by post regarding your eligibility in the company. Please return all company property you owned on or before your last day of employment. An HR representative will contact you to discuss your possible benefits and options regarding your company retirement plan.

I hope to hear from you soon. I hope you accept my resignation offer. So from that, I hope for the best for the future to come.

Best regards,


Mr. Harry Brams, CEO

Stars Enterprises


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