Being on clockwork on your job might cause you pressing stress. It will even weight your shoulder if you have another matter to attend to, such as attending school or family business.  The tight schedule will force your hand to maximize your job and other errands which will miserably ruin your time management. You may need to consider downsizing your working hours to part-time to get a better work-life balance. Writing a resignation from full time to part-time letter should be a proper solution for you.

141.Resignation from Full Time to Part Time

What is Resignation from Full Time to Part-Time?

A resignation from full time to part-time letter is a form of enactment of the authority from an employee to the employer stating their intention to change their position from full time to part-time. The changing of hours of the employee might be caused by several factors but not limited to on behalf of the employer itself.  This letter should be one of the resorts for the employee to manage their time management if it gets ugly.

Is it Possible for The Employer to Reject Your Request?

There is a good chance such resignation from full time to part-time request will get rejected due to some circumstances. If the company’s business gets unfavorably affected, the employer will come to a conclusion that such a request is a no-go. Make sure to thoroughly research your company’s policies and prepare the statutory request to be accepted by the company.

Tips on Writing a Compelling Resignation from Full Time to Part-time Letter

Being stumped by the complexity in writing a resignation from full time to part-time letter is not good for your well-being. As this is for a formal necessity, you need to make it with full professional courtesy.  Follow the tips below to get a better idea.

  • Set out your case
  • Research with details on the company’s policies
  • Brief reason for your changing hours
  • Open to any negotiation

The Sample of a Resignation from Full Time to Part-time Letter

Be sure to have a look at a sample before deciding to write your first resignation letter. By looking at the sample, you will get what you need to be properly cautious at when writing the letter.

Dear Mr. Fox

In aftermath of this letter, I formally resign from my position as a product marketing manager at CBC company effective immediately on July, 23th 2020. This sudden request occurs as I will start my Master’s degree at Oxford University starting from September, 15th 2020. I would appreciate it if this request can be within your consideration.

I am terribly sorry for any inconvenience this letter might cause you and the company. Please rest assured that I will still do my utmost work until the final day of my full-time work. It has been a tremendous adventure to be doing this work full time and without a doubt, I can still contribute as same as I did before.

If there are ever any questions or any clarification you need for this letter, you can reach out to me at 2039484040 for further discussion of this resignation.

Thank you for your consideration

Best regards,


Mr. Tombstone Rex


That is all the necessary input regarding all tips and peeks at the resignation letter.

Should you find yourself in a situation such as this one, a resignation from full time to part-time letter will serve you as a good solution.


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