When people have an intention to resign due to personal reasons, it will be hard to inform the employer at first. In some cases, it is also a difficult thing to do: how much information to share. On one side it needs to keep the private living area but also it needs to explain to the company through the employer.


Immediate Resignation Letter For Personal Reasons

You probably may not be feeling good to share the details of your resignation due to personal reasons but it needs to explain formally to give clear information. After all, if you feeling that it is hard to share the reasons especially when it is not related to your job at all please simply tell that this is a resignation due to personal reasons.

How Do I Resign Due to Family Reasons

Inside your resignation due to personal reasons that relate to your family stuff please include bot of these point in your letter.

  • Make your information of the reason brief and to the point
  • Mention your last day of work.

Best resignation letter due to family problem

Although it is an immediate decision that relates to any family problem please make sure to at least inform your resignation due to personal reasons about two weeks before your last day of work. Here is the list of information better exist in your letter as the best resignation letter :

  • Offering any help, especially about the transition.
  • Ask questions to your employer for things that unclear yet.

 Resignation letter due to pandemic

When your reason for leaving your job is related to your safety along with the pandemic still do not forget to mention in your letter about when will you work for last. Inform the specific time you will leave your job. Make sure it is not the date you give your resignation due to personal reasons to your employer.

Sample Resignation Letter with Reason for Leaving

Here a sample resignation letter with the reason for leaving to help you ask your employer about the resignation.

Dear John,

Here I am to inform you that for personal reasons I will be resigning, effective December 27, 2020.

I appreciate the guidance and support you have given me this whole time as long as I work here in ABC company. The time I am working with ABC company has been my career valuable memorable part, and I am so grateful for everything especially the opportunities you provided to me during my tenure.

I have done all my job but about the transition please feel free to ask my help if you need one. 

Best regards,






Resignation due to personal reasons need to mention the reason why you having as a personal reason but you do not need to share the detail of your reason since it is your private stuff. Always keep our letter brief and to the point. Last, If you have a flexible leaving date, give an offer to work long I case it’s helpful to your employer.





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