Renting an apartment or a condo can be a starting point before deciding to build your own house in the future. Either it is cheap, expensive, or even affordable, it truly is up to your preference and comfort. When you are on the verge of choosing an apartment, you will need to look to the surrounding whether it contributes to your mobilization. It will be a good idea even it is near a commercial place and a sporty one such as a supermarket, gym, and jogging track. Nonetheless, you will have to fill out the rental agreement letter and to get it all together.

28.Rental Agreement

What is a Rental Agreement?

A rental agreement is a form of a statement of your agreement concerning the conditions the need to be met. You need to pay for every single detail that needs to be agreed upon. These details can include payment, terms of continuation, and other rules that follow. Breaching any one of them might cause you severe damage resulting in a possible termination of a lease. So, be very cautious of every detail provided.

Is Rental Agreement Legally Binding?

A tenancy contract legally binds a tenant and a landlord. Though it is binding, you will deserve several benefits from the use of the place that comes with some utilities and facilities provided by the landlord. All that is given as soon as the contract has been made agreeable.

How do I Write a Rental Agreement Letter?

Format of Rental Agreement is not generally complicated. It contains a delinquent detail that a landlord to get to know better about the tenant renting their property. Below is a list of several things that need to be in the agreement

  • Name of tenant
  • Premises
  • Explain the terms of the contract
  • The cost of the rent
  • Any additional rules regarding maintenance and whatnot.

Is it Okay to Move Before the Contract is Over?

It is casually okay to do so before the end of your lease. Despite that, it will be up to the landlord to rent your unit to other tenants. If they find one, you will not have to pay the rent. That being said, you are going to need to help your landlord looking for a newcomer as a result.

The Sample of Rental Agreement Letter

Getting to know the better rental agreement letter is significant to your upcoming tenant when they want to rent the place. Here is a sample for you to know better.

Dear Mr. Smith

These are the terms of your rental agreement with Ramsay leasing company. The landlord has agreed to rent the property situated in West Virginia, oak city to you starting from 1st September 2019 to 1st September 2020. A further contract regarding continuation can be held at a later time.

These are the following terms that need to adhere:

  1. You must deposit $300 at the initial payment as a security cost
  2. The rental fee is $2000 a year. There is no tolerance for a late payment
  3. No smoking is allowed
  4. Pet is off limits
  5. Do not make a disturbing noise during the night
  6. Lastly, it is not a requirement, but we recommend you to be a good neighborhood to the others.

Those are the necessary information that you will need to get started writing your very first rental agreement letter, should you find the lucky tenant.

Aside from being useful, that letter will benefit you in preventing any undue hardship between the tenant and the landlord.



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