A Complete Guide of Writing a Renovation Quotation Template

Renovation can be very costly. That is why a property owner must find the best option for renovation suppliers & service providers. If you offer services, materials & equipment for renovation, make sure that you present renovation quotation accurately. This will be very useful and helpful for your business.

Printable Renovation Quotation


How to Write a Renovation Quotation Step by Step

Renovation quotation template is a document you may utilize to appeal to your clients. It is easy and simple to write this quotation. However, you have to know the rules and format properly. Therefore, in this article we will explain it all clearly.

First, you need to download a template for this kind of quotation. In fact, there are so many free quotation templates you can find on internet. It will be useful to develop your quotation. You can select your desired template and simply use it based on your purpose.

Using this template may let you to make a format your quotation document used for a transaction of renovation with the best manner. In fact, there are many templates of this kind of quotation but basically they come with the similar formats. Therefore, you should be careful to choose the template.

Second, you have to develop a brief & detailed header as well as client specification. Starts from the header, it contains the details of your business. Commonly, it includes the business logo, the business name, and also business contact information such as address, phone number, email, website, etc.

For the client specification, you should dedicate a space for your client’s name. Besides that, you also need to provide other details of client. For example, you can provide the complete address, phone number, and email address of your client. If there is any other needed detail, you can also add it.

Third, it is where you have to make the body of a renovation quotation form. It is a very essential part of the document. In this part, you should present the descriptions of the item needed by the clients. The descriptions should be as clear as possible so that your clients will not question about it.

Here, you must include the number of item needed for renovation first. Besides that, you also have to include the price of each unit needed for renovation. In addition, you are also required to include the total amount of this renovation quotation.

Next, what you should do is to provide terms & conditions of transaction. It belongs to the footer. This part includes the additional information outside the request from the client. It talks about terms, conditions & limitations of renovation or transaction. It may also specify the validity of quotation.


Professional Renovation Quotation

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Last, you have to sign off this renovation quotation at the bottom part. Before that, make sure that you have reviewed it and there is no mistake. Once it is signed off, you can directly send it to your client whether it is via email or in a printed document.

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