When you make a Receipt Template payment for goods or services, you will get a receipt from the provider of the goods or services. This receipt is useful as proof of payment for the buyer and documentation for calculating financial benefits for the business owner. Unlike invoices, receipts are issued when payment is made. Meanwhile, the invoice is given to the buyer before he pays the payment. The following are examples of receipt templates:

  • Sample Store Receipt

Store receipts, as the name suggests, are used to record transactions carried out at the store. You can find some of these in a sample store receipt: your store address, recipient information, commodity items sold, payment methods, signatures.

  • Simple Receipt Template Sample

For all types of transactions, you can download and modify our simple receipt templates on this site. Some examples of simple receipt templates that we have are sample rent receipts, property rental receipts, store receipts, printable goods and service receipts, and simple delivery receipt templates.

  • Printable School Receipt Template

Printable school receipt template contains a statement of proof of payment for a student’s school. Usually, this document is included in the school registration form. Some receipts related to schools include donation receipts, daycare receipts, student enrolment and instruction agreements, tuition and fees receipt forms.

  • Service Receipt Template Printable

If you are a service provider, you must provide evidence to customers if they have used and paid for your services. This document is essential for the sustainability of your business because it is one of the proofs for calculating your finances and giving trust to your clients. Some examples of printable service receipt templates that we provide on this site are computer service company receipt templates, tow truck service receipt templates, and medical treatment receipt templates.

  • Sample Watercraft Bill Of Sale

When you buy a watercraft, you will also certainly get a receipt. The content is aimed to transfer ownership of a watercraft from the seller to the buyer. This bill of sale document should only be filled-in and signed by both parties and not else. The document should have been delivered after the buyer has paid the intended cash. Here are some samples of watercraft bill of sale.

  • Sample Vehicle Bill Of Sale

As well as the watercraft bill of sale, you will also get a vehicle bill of sale when you buy any road vehicles. The form usually consists of terms and agreements, vehicle information, seller information, buyer information, and signatures. Get your vehicle bill of sale sample templates here.

  • Sample Trailer Bill Of Sale

Any bill of sale document will contain similar information. In trailer bill of sale, you can find general information like seller information, buyer information, trailer classification, sale price, payment plan, and payment method. Get your sample trailer bill of sale here.

  • Sample Taxi Receipt Template

Receipt of travel by taxi is usually given when you have booked the taxi in advance. A sample taxi receipt template contains travel dates, taxi numbers, taxi drivers, departure locations, travel destinations, subtotal costs to be paid, tips for drivers, and addresses and taxi provider numbers that can be contacted.

  • Sample Service Receipt

Find various sample service receipts on this site. All templates you can download for free. Open the downloaded file in a word processing program or spreadsheet. Then, edit the sections that have been marked with your information. Finally, print receipts on good quality paper and give them to your clients / customers / consumers.

  • Sample Restaurant Receipt

When you pay for a meal at a restaurant, you get your receipt. The usefulness of this receipt is certainly a proof that you can use as a document to calculate your expenses. A restaurant receipt sample usually contains the name of the restaurant, restaurant address, restaurant contact, billing number, name of the type of food purchased, the amount of food, the price per menu, and total payment (after adding food tax and deducting discounts.)

  • Sample Rental Receipt Template

We provide a sample rental receipt for you so that you can easily manage your payment. On the property rental receipt template that we provide, you can include the information you need as a payment receipt. The information includes Property Manager Information (Name, Address, Phone Number), Rental Information, Amount Paid Total Property Rental Amount, Amount Paid, Date of Payment, Method of Payment, Tenant Names, Tenant Signatures, Property Manager Signatures, etc.

  • Sample Plumbing Receipt

Receipt is a document that explains that the buyer has paid for the purchase of the product or service to the seller. In the case of plumbing work, the receipt will contain details of services and spare parts used to repair the pipeline. The receipt also mentions the quantity, description, price, and total cost paid by the customer.

  • Sample Money Receipt

Money receipt is a written document that records monetary transactions between two parties, namely the dealer and client. In a cash receipt deposit, you will find the date, description, fund, org, account, activity, cash / check form, amount, and total fields. See our example of money receipt here.

  • Sample Medical Receipt

Medical receipts are given to patients who have undergone tests, check-ups, treatments, therapies, or diagnoses at a clinic, hospital, health centre, or private doctor. The receipt is usually also given when they buy drugs as prescribed. The following are examples of medical receipts: medical receipt template, medical bill receipt template, medical invoice template, general receipt template, sample receipt template, receipt template format, medical supply receipt, printable medical receipt template, medical service receipt template, medical invoice download template, medical business invoice receipt template, professional medical receipt template, editable medical receipt template, colorful medical receipt template printable format, printable medical receipt template, medical cash receipt, etc.

  • Sample Hotel Receipt

Receipts for hotel accommodation payments are given to guests when they leave the hotel. This receipt is proof that the guest has paid for hotel accommodation including services. Here are examples of hotel receipts that you can download for free on this site: Hotel Service Receipt Templates, Hotel Acknowledgement Receipt Templates, Hotel Bill Receipt Templates, Hotel Invoice Templates, Sample Receipt of Hotel Templates, Sample Blank Hotel Receipt Templates, etc.

  • Sample Horse Bill of Sale

Horse bill of sale is proof of the horse sales receipt given by the horse seller to the buyer. On the horse / equine bill of sale, you will find information about equine’s name, breed of equines, equine’s date of birth, equine’s colour, sex of equine (mare, stallion, gelding), registration number, marks and other distinctive physical characteristics (including all marks, scars, brands, etc.), sire name, dam name, etc. And in the Bill of sale (purchase agreement), you can find buyer and seller information, agreement clause, consideration, payment terms, warranties, and buy back options.

  • Sample Electronic Receipt Template

Electronic receipts are receipts that you will receive if you make a transaction online. Meanwhile, if you are an online merchant, you must also prepare a special online receipt template as follows: In the online hotel receipt template that we provide, you will find a place to write your hotel name and address, the name and address of the person staying at your hotel , as well as other important personal information (phone number, toll free number, fax number, email address, and web site), sales representative name, date, COD, due date, room, name, check-in time, check-out time , price / nite, total line, subtotal, taxes, total, paid, total due, notes, etc.

  • Sample Gun Bill of Sale

Gun Bill of Sale is a receipt given to gun buyers at a gun shop. This document is important and legally binding because possession of weapons is important to be strictly regulated. Therefore, in addition to information about sellers and buyers, the gun bill of sale contains specifications for the weapons purchased, terms of agreements, and signatures. The agreement clause also contains the buyer’s statement that he understands his responsibility as a gun owner. “I understand that firearm is sold as-is and no warranty has been implied or given. Firearm should be inspected a competent gunsmith prior to using. Seller is not responsible for any damages incurred or caused by the use of this firearm. Buyer certifies that s / he is not restricted or forbidden by law to own a firearm and buyer state that s / he: has never been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year, is not a fugitive from justice, is not an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance.

  • Sample General Bill of Sale

General Bill of Sale is a receipt that will be obtained by a buyer when buying goods or services from a seller. Receipt is evidence that the buyer has paid the payment. Like receipts in general, the general bill of sale contains the date of purchase, the name and information of the buyer, the name and information of the seller, description of the item being sold, serial number, etc.

  • Sample Fire Arm Bill of Sale

In the sample firearm bill of sale, you will find a special statement regarding the sale of weapons signed by the seller and buyer. The transferor statement contains a statement that the party is late “transferring” the firearm and stating that the information written below is true.

  • Sample Donation Receipt

Sample Donation Receipt is a written document that recognizes a gift or grant that has been given to an individual / organization is valid. In the case of gifts or grants to the organization, the organization must have legal / official status. There is also a template for official donation receipts for income tax purposes. In the template mentioned charity name, charity address, charity registration number, date donation received, donator’s name, donator’s address, eligible amount of gift for tax purposes, date receipt issued, location issued, authorized signature, etc.

  • Sample Delivery Receipt Template

We provide a place for the needs of your shipping receipt. Our hand delivery mail receipt template contains a template that can be filled with the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, the delivery confirmation, and the shipping clause. (If our dealership has agreed to provide any goods and / or services with respect to the vehicle that has not been received at the time of delivery of the vehicle, those items should be listed below: (choose one) I have received all of the products and services promised to me in connection with this transaction at the time of delivery As from the time of delivery, I have yet to receive the following products and or services promised to me in connection with this transaction.

  • Sample Dog Bill of Sale

Dog or puppy bill of sale is a receipt issued by a pet store and given to dog buyers. The receipt explains briefly but completely dog’s name, dog’s breed, dog’s date of birth, dog’s colour, sex of dog, registration number if applicable, sire name, dam name, and other registration numbers.

  • Sample Deposit Receipt

We provide a sample deposit receipt as a written documentation tool. This receipt is used if there is a purchase that requires a deposit before full payment. Other templates that we provide include car deposit receipt, cash receipt deposit, holding deposit receipt, trip deposit receipt, receipt for non-refundable deposit, rental deposit receipt, security deposit receipt, security deposit settlement refund and release form, tenancy deposit receipt, etc.

  • Sample Daycare Receipt

You will receive a daycare receipt every time you have paid for your daycare service. Basically, daycare service receipts are not much different from daycare invoices. There is a detailed date of receipt of receipt, name of the child, and name of the caregiver. The difference is, the amount of money listed on the receipt has been paid by the child’s parents or guardians. In addition to the receipt of daycare services, parents or guardians may also receive receipts from the canteen (Cafeteria plan dependent daycare receipt).

  • Sample Dental Receipt Template

We provide a dental clinic receipt template that you can use to provide receipts to patients. Some popular dental clinic services are teeth whitening, teeth prophylaxis, and teeth extraction. In a dentist receipt template, you will find the name of the hospital, hospital logo, full address of the hospital, receipt number, date of receipt of receipt, patient name, patient address, contact number, age, gender, type / method of payment, number serial, service description, quantity, amount, subtotal, medical claim, total bill, terms and conditions, signature, and inquiry explanation.

  • Sample Contractor Receipt

A contractor is a person who has a job providing services to customers based on projects that they have agreed to. In carrying out their duties, a freelance contractor also needs to provide important financial documents such as invoices and receipts. This time, we will help you by providing a receipt template. Receipt is defined as a written statement that a product or service has been received by the buyer and has been paid in full. The following templates we provide: Contractor Receipt Template, Sample Contractor Receipt Template, General Blank Contractor Receipt Template, Construction Receipt Template, Sample Tax Receipt, Blank Receipt Template, Simple Receipt Template, Printable Office Receipt Template, Example Contractor Invoice Receipt Free Download, Painting Contract Example Receipt Free Download, Construction Contract Sample Receipt Download, Independent Contract Receipt Format Download, Roofing Contract Example Receipt Excel Free Download, Plumbing Contractor Receipt Format Download, Contractor Payment Receipt Format Download, Electrical Contractor Sample Receipt Download, etc.

  • Sample Construction Receipt

The construction industry will always be in demand when there is demand for infrastructure and buildings. After working on the project, the constructor needs to collect payment from the client. After the client pays, they will be given a receipt as proof of payment. We provide several construction receipts templates such as Sample Construction Receipt Templates, Construction Work Receipt Templates, Construction Plan Receipt, Construction Service Receipt, Construction Permit Receipt, Construction Company Receipt, Blank Construction Receipt, etc.

  • Sample Cat Bill of Sale

The contents of the receipt for the purchase of cats are almost the same as the contents of the purchase receipt of the dog. The contents include description of kitten or cat, breed, color, sex, date of birth, date of sale, purchase amount, personal information, buyer’s name, buyer’s address, buyer’s phone number, buyer’s email, seller’s name, seller’s address, seller’s phone , seller’s email.

  • Sample Business Receipt

Business receipt template is a proof of receipt of payment for a product or service provided by a company. Unlike invoices, receipts will only be given when payment has been received and is not a payment request. Receipts have several advantages, namely as documentation of payment evidence, documents to help return or refund a purchase, and as supporting evidence when being taxed.

  • Sample Business Bill of Sale

Business bill of sale aims to execute sales and business transfers. Meanwhile the purchase / sale agreement aims to negotiate sales or purchases in the future. This is the information you must write in a Business Bill of Sale: witness names, witness signatures, Seller’s name and address, business name and details, purchase price, date of money transfer, signatures and dates from both buyer and seller, Date of Sale, Buyer’s name and address, and certificates of acknowledgement from a public notary.

  • Sample Boat Bill of Sale

Boat Bill of Sale is a receipt of payment for ship purchases. The contents of the receipt include the date of purchase, the seller’s name, the seller’s address, the buyer’s name, the buyer’s address, the ship’s manufacturer, the hull identification number, the registration number, the state issued the registration number, the year built, the purchase price, the sales tax paid, the seller’s signature, vessel description, etc.

  • Printable Sales Receipt Template

Printable Sales Receipt Template is intended to help someone manage one of their financial documents, receipts. There are several types of examples of sales receipt templates that we provide, namely caduceus yearbook business ad-receipt of sales, bill of sale for a motor vehicle, food market sales receipt, liquor store sales receipt template, motor vehicle bill of sale, private car sales contract, RIT property sale agreement and receipt, sales receipt / notice of cancellation form, avian sales agreement and deposit receipt, sales invoice / maintenance receipt, sales receipt, standard sales tax receipt, county tax sale redemption receipt, etc.

  • Restaurant Receipt Template Printable

Restaurant Receipt Template The format we provide to meet the needs of providing proof of payment to restaurant guests. Evidence of restaurant receipts should be kept simple so that buyers quickly see what they are eating, the price per menu, and the total cost they have paid. Examine our printable receipt templates to find your best template.

  • Salary Receipt Template Samples

Salary Receipt is written proof of employee salary received during the payment period. This receipt is very important for both employers and employees because it is part of the employee’s rights written in the employment contract. This receipt is also very useful for documentation purposes. We provide several sample templates such as employee salary slip, cash advance receipt, salary receipt declaration, salary receipt form, tax-deferred annuity retirement plan salary reduction election, deferral election, etc.

  • Sample Repair Receipt Template

Repair receipt template is given to customers who have ordered vehicle repair services. Besides receipt template, we also provide a customer repair request form. The form provides a template for writing contact names, dates, addresses, product descriptions, postal codes, telephone, e-mail, and parts that need to be checked / repaired (lock / clasp, trim, stud / rivet, zip, inking / seal, button / popper stitching / lining / leather / material / strap / handles / chain / padlock / leather, FOB, strap / handle attachments, others.

  • Rental Receipt Template Printable

Rental receipt template is a receipt that explains that the tenant has paid a certain amount of rent to the landowner at a certain time (usually monthly). This receipt must be given to the lessee only after he can provide proof of payment to the landlord. Download the rental receipt template on this site and open it with a program of your choice (Adobe PDF, Open Text Document, or Microsoft Word). After that, write down the receipt date, receipt number, tenant’s name, and the amount of money paid to the landlord. In the next section, you can provide information about the address of the house being rented, the method of payment, the person receiving the payment, the telephone number that can be contacted, and the signature of the landlord. Give copy of receipt to the tenant for their archive purposes.

  • Printable Receipt Book Template

A receipt book is a collection of payment receipts of a buying and selling event. A simple and easy to understand example from a receipt book is a template that contains only one table. Just like a regular receipt sheet, the receipt book also contains the date of issue, the name of the person paying, the name of the recipient, the amount of money, and the signature of the recipient.

  • Purchase Receipt Template Sample

Purchase receipt template is a receipt of payment for the purchase of an item. This is usually found in markets, businesses, companies and corporations. We provide free templates with many options such as equipment purchase receipt template, purchasing card receipt form template, simple sale purchase recipt template, purchase and sale agreement receipt template, deposit receipt template, elementary school stationary purchase receipt tempalte, purchase receipt or sales invoice template, vendor purchase receipt, etc.

  • Sample Professional Receipt

The professional receipt template samples that we provide are in accordance with industry and corporate needs to provide product purchase receipts to consumers. The following are examples of professional receipt templates that we provide: professional cash receipt templates, confirmation of receipt of goods and services form templates, payment / reimbursement cover form templates, credit card purchase requests / prior approval / receipt routing form templates, credit card receipts end- of-day balancing form templates, professional sales receipt templates, etc.

  • Printable Rent Receipt Templates

Printable rent receipt templates are templates that you can use to design receipts for any rental payments that you are renting, whether it is home property, equipment, money, and so on. The receipt serves as a financial document that records that the renter has paid / paid off his lease obligations.

  • Printable Receipt Templates

We provide printable receipt templates for use in many types of business and non-profit transactions. This receipt is proof of a valid transaction that has occurred. Some examples of receipt templates that we provide are Sample of Church Contribution Receipt (cash only), Receipt of House Rent Template, In-Kind Donation Receipt Template, National Games Donation Receipt Template, Official Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purpose Template, Purchase Receipt Template , Sales Invoice Template, Receipt for Uniform and Property Templates, etc.

  • Printable Cash Receipts

Printable cash receipt templates that we provide is very useful for business people who are starting their businesses. We thank you for the professional design and can be used in various ways / opportunities. Some examples of templates that we provide are used car receipts of sale templates, cash receipts with seller’s photo templates, business sales receipt templates, reverse good and service receipt templates, good and service receipt templates, business sales receipt templates, confirmation of receipt of goods and or services form templates, house rent receipt templates, sample receipts for fees templates, rent receipts for income tax purposes templates, bills of sale templates, etc.

  • Printable Plumbing Receipt Template

We provide Plumbing Receipt Templates for documentation of receipts. You can give this receipt to your clients if they have paid the plumbing service fees that you charge. The details in the Plumbing Receipt are details of vender and vendee, date of transaction, product details, amount of details, signature of agents, etc.

  • Photography Receipt Template Sample

We provide Photography Receipt Templates for you to download for free on this site. One of the templates includes Commercial Film and Still Photography Rules and Regulations. Some receipts that you can give to your clients after they pay their photography fees are as follows: Event Photography Form template, Wedding photography receipt template, event photography receipt template, commercial photography receipt template, etc.

  • Sample Petty Cash Receipt

Petty Cash is defined as the amount of money that is reserved for a company with the aim of paying a small amount of expenditure. As for the small expenses referred to for example money to buy food, drinks, snacks, stationery, etc. Its characteristic is to have a limited amount that has been determined by the company’s management, and is used to fund transactions with small amounts and routinely occur every day. Petty Cash receipt is a receipt that will be given to people who receive a small amount of money for routine daily goods purchases.

  • Payment Receipt Samples

Payment receipt is a receipt given to the payment recipient that he has paid a sum of money to the party giving him the product or service. With this document, existing transactions are lawful. There are several types of payment receipt templates that you can download on our site including advanced payment receipts, electronic acknowledgement receipts, mortgage payment receipts, receipts for payment of funds, rent payment receipts, etc.

  • Printable Paid Receipt Template

Printable Paid Receipt Templates are receipt templates that you will give to your customers after they pay off debt for the goods or services they buy. Give a unique receipt number for each receipt you provide so you can easily document it.

  • Order Receipt Template Samples

Order Receipt is a receipt given to a business entity that buys goods or services from another store or company. A good order receipt template must have a form to write the date, company name, details of products or services that have been paid, the amount of money paid, the method of payment, the method of delivery, terms and conditions, and the signature.

  • Sample Official Receipt

When you are asked to manage the finances of a store, business entity, or institution, you need a consistent template when giving receipts to those who buy the store / business entity / institution’s products / services. This will suggest that the shop / business entity / institution that you manage doesn’t mess with financial problems, has organized finance, and looks professional. We provide an official receipt sample template here.

  • Money Receipt Template Sample

Money Receipt is a receipt given to people who have paid a sum of money for the purpose of paying off a sale or purchase transaction of goods or services. The function of this receipt is as evidence that has paid payment, documentation, taxation needs, and to protect the seller and buyer. See our money receipt template samples here.

  • Sample Money Cash Receipt Template

As with other types of receipts, money cash receipts also describe that certain parties have received an amount of money intended to pay for the purchase of goods or services. It contains details of what goods / services were purchased along with the total payment. Examples of money cash receipts such as house rent receipts, donation receipts, cash receipt tickets, cash receipts vouchers, etc.

  • Medical Receipt Template Printable

Medical receipt is a receipt given to patients who have paid hospital service payments or drug redemption at a hospital, pharmacy, or drug store. These medical receipts are usually enclosed in a package with an invoice because the two statements are complementary. We provide medical supply receipt and inventory form templates, invoice for medical records templates, and simple medical receipts templates that you can download for free.

  • Printable Medical Bill Receipt Template

Medical bill receipt template is a template that you can use to input payment data for hospital fees, drug redemption, doctor’s consultation, etc. related to medical matters. Examples of templates that we present include Hospital Bill Templates, Medical Bill Templates, Medical Invoice Templates, Medical Goods Receipt Templates, and Medical Services Receipt Templates.

  • Lorry Receipt Format Sample

Lorry receipt is a receipt issued / given by a transportation and shipping company by land to the recipient. The contents of the receipt are information about the sender’s name, sender’s address, name of the consignor (seller or sender of goods), date of shipment of goods, name of the consignee, name of destination, origin of goods, description of goods, number of packages, total weight, and freight costs.

  • Sample Loan Receipt Template

Loan receipt template is a form that must be filled in by someone who has already paid off a debt of a sum of money to moneylenders, loan companies, or insurance. We provide many loan receipt templates including forms of receipts of loans from motorcycle companies, athletic book loan receipt templates, home loan receipt toolkit templates, central libraries loan receipt templates, etc.

  • Lease Receipt Template Sample

Lease receipt template is a template that must be filled with information about leasing settlement. Some popular templates about leasing can be downloaded for free on this site such as residential lease receipt template, rental agreement and deposit receipt template, housing / lease agreement summary template, receipt of payment for housing template, lease termination agreement template, etc.

  • Printable Landlord Rent Receipt

As a landlord, you need to provide a receipt receipt sheet for a building, house, land or property. This receipt sheet will be filled with information about the date of payment, the amount of money paid, and details of the property lent. Then, you give this receipt to your tenant as proof that he has paid the amount of money in question. Example templates include house rent receipt, property rental receipt, simple rent receipt, basic rent receipt, rent receipt for income tax purposes, etc.

  • Itemised Receipt Template Sample

Itemised receipt is a receipt of receipt of money or goods as a payment for the sale and purchase transaction of products / services or rental of equipment / property / house / building / room / etc. But usually, itemised receipts can be found at sales, hospitals, shops, and places that sell services. The templates that we provide relating to itemised receipts are missing itemised receipt templates, itemised receipt form templates, etc.

  • Sample Invoice Receipt Template

Invoice receipt is a receipt for paying the invoice given to the person who has paid it. Templates on invoice receipts can easily be found on the internet. Our templates have the following advantages: easy to use, 100% free, compatible with many computer applications, professional-style, and flexible. Our free collection includes car sale invoice receipt template, clean invoice receipt template, basic invoice receipt template, etc.

  • Hotel Receipt Template Sample

The hotel receipt template is a receipt given to guests. Here are the templates that we provide: Hotel Acknowledgment Receipt, Rental Receipt Template Printable, Purchase Receipt Sample, Hospital Receipt Sample, Sample Acknowledgment Receipt Template, Business Receipt Template Sample, etc.

  • Hospital Receipt Templates Sample

Hospital billing receipts will be received after you pay your hospital bills. Here are some examples of templates: Hospital Billing FAQ Template, Hospital Type of Service Receipt Template, Doctor Bill Receipt Template, etc.

  • Horse Bill of Sale Sample

Horses are animals that can be traded. Because of its large value, horse sales are usually accompanied by official documents called the Horse Bill of Sale. Here are some horse bill of sale templates that we provide: Equine bill of sale, Bill of sale: horse purchase agreement, Transfer of horse ownership, mobile home bill of sale, etc.

  • Sample Gun Bill of Sale

Gun bill of sale is an official document that explains the sale and purchase of firearms. As is known, the sale of firearms needs to be closely monitored. Therefore, each transaction must be officially recorded. You will also find many terms and conditions on a receipt for the sale of weapons. Check out what the terms are in the following sample templates: Firearm bill of sale, Missouri gun Bill of sale, Bill of sale for gun, etc.

  • Goods and Services Receipt Printable

Goods and Service Receipt is a receipt given to customers of goods / services buyers. Take a look at our free templates below: Confirmation of receipt of goods and / or service forms, Receipt Processes Form, etc.

  • Printable Gift Receipt Templates

Gift Receipt is a receipt given to someone who receives a gift. We provide templates for this such as Receipt / Reconciliation Form Cash / Gift Card Templates, In Kind Gift Receipt Templates, Public Library Gift Receipt Templates, etc.

  • General Bill of Sale Sample

A general bill of sale template is suitable for every receipt. This template contains a form where you can write the name of the buyer, the name of the supplier of goods / services, and terms and conditions. Download here.

  • Sample Fundraiser Receipt Template

Fundraiser receipts are receipts given to fundraisers by the person / agency that holds the fundraiser. The template for the receipt fundraiser itself usually contains the name, address, and personal / agency contact information that organises the donation event, the theme of the donation, and donor information (including name, address, telephone, email address, donation amount, and date of donation). Because today we can donate funds through online transactions, often these receipts are also received online through email, instant messages, or messages on donor accounts.

  • Free Cash Receipt Templates Printable

Cash receipts are receipts given to people who have paid a sum of funds to purchase products or services. We have free templates as follows: Petty Cash Receipt Form, Free Cash Receipt Template, Cash Received Form Template, Donations Paid Receipt Template, Cash / Check Receipt Form Template, Cash Receipts Journal Template, etc.

  • Printable Free Business Receipt Templates

Free business receipt template collection is a collection of receipt templates that are used for business transactions. Always make sure you update the latest template regarding business receipts. The template could have these elements that you can edit: Date, Card, Budget, Department, Vendor, Amount, Transaction Explanation, Employee, Approval of Department Supervisor, Dean, or Vice President.

  • Free Bill of Landing Template Sample

Bill of landing is a letter issued by a shipping company. The contents of the bill of landing are a statement that the recipient has received the goods from the sender to be transported to the port of destination and submitted by the recipient. There are various types of bills of landing, all of which have provided templates on this site, namely to be shipped bills of landing, shipped bills of landing, straight bills of landing, to order bills of landing, clean bills of landing, foul bills of landing, and negotiable bill of landing.

  • Fire Arm Bill of Sale Sample

Fire arm bill of sale is a receipt received by the purchaser of firearms and is made by the seller of firearms. Because firearms are dangerous goods if they fall into the hands of people who cannot be held responsible for their actions, receipts of this type of bill of sale contain many clauses of the conditions. You can see an example of fire arm bill of sale here.

  • Expense Receipt Template Printable

Expense receipts are receipts addressed to buyers who have paid for the payment of products or services from a particular business entity or service provider. We have the following sample templates: Expense Receipt Template, Reimbursement Expense Receipt Template, Daycare Expenses Receipt Template, Electronic Expense Receipt Template, Medical Expense Receipt Template, etc.

  • Printable Equipment Bill of Sale

Bill of sale is a receipt that is made and given to the buyer when he has paid some money to the seller while equipment bill of sale is the receipt when you buy certain equipment. Here are some templates that you can download for reference: Heavy Equipment Bill of Sale, Equipment Bill of Sale Form, Equipment Description Bill of Sale Template, Printable Bill of Sale Template, etc.

  • Electronic Receipt Template Sample

Electronic Receipt Template is a reference template for electronic receipt of purchases. The person who receives this receipt means that he has paid a sum of money to redeem the purchase of his electronic goods. Electronic Acknowledgement Receipt is another name for this receipt.

  • Donation Receipt Template Sample

Donation Receipt is a receipt given to donors as proof that he has sent a sum of money to donate to the institution. This receipt contains information about the value of the donation, where you contributed, who received the donation, and what was received by the donor in return. The templates we provide include: Donation Receipt Sample Templates, Official Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purposes Templates, Tax Reducible Donation Receipt Templates, Vehicle Donation Receipt Templates, and many more!

  • Dog Bill of Sale Printable

Dog Bill of Sale is a receipt given by a pet shop to dog buyers. Unlike the receipt for the purchase of inanimate objects, the dog bill of sale and the puppy bill of sale contain a number of agreement clauses and detailed information about the dog being purchased.

  • Printable Doctor Receipt Template

Printable Doctor Receipt Template is a reference template that you can download for free. This receipt is to provide proof that you have paid a sum of money for the need to redeem doctor services or purchase a prescription.

  • Deposit Receipt Template Sample

Tenancy Deposit Receipt is a receipt given to the tenant of the property by the landlord as a sign that he has paid a number of deposits for the purpose of renting the property. Under the receipt, you will usually find a number of terms and conditions agreement clauses, then at the very bottom you will find a signature of endorsement. We provide free templates, namely Tenant Deposit Receipt Templates, Car Deposit Receipt Templates, Cash Receipt Deposit Templates, Deposit Receipt Form Templates, Holding Deposit Receipt Templates, Rental Deposit Receipt Templates, Security Deposit Receipt Templates, etc.

  • Sample Dental Receipt Template

Dental receipt is a receipt given to you when you have paid dental service payments. The information on the sheet is the details of the dental service you have received. You might also get information about what you need to do next, for example having to control again within a certain time.

  • Delivery Receipt Template Printable

A delivery receipt template is a free template that you can download to create a delivery receipt. This is usually very much needed by shipping services and stores that ship their goods to end users. In the receipt, you have the opportunity to provide information such as confirmation. Some of the templates we provide include Delivery Confirmation Templates, Delivery Receipt Templates, IBIA Standard Bunker Delivery Note Templates, IBIA Standard Bunker Delivery Receipt Templates, Printable Delivery Receipt Templates, Food Delivery Receipt Templates, Hand Delivery Mail Receipt Templates, etc.

  • Printable Daycare Receipt Template

Download the daycare receipt template here for free. As you know, daycare receipt is a receipt given to parents or guardians of children who are entrusted that they have paid a sum of money in lieu of childcare services. We provide Licensed Child Care Receipt Templates, Child Care Receipt Templates, Daycare Expenses Receipt, Daycare Receipt Templates, Simple Daycare Receipt Templates, Cafeteria Plan Dependent Day Care Receipt Templates, Child Care Payment Receipt Templates, etc.

  • Credit Card Receipts Sample

Credit cards are a feature of banks that allow you to borrow money to buy goods. This money lending is instant. A credit card service generally charges a fee instead of borrowing money, such as interest and fees. On the other hand, credit cards can also provide benefits in the form of rewards and credit building opportunities. There are several advantages and disadvantages to using a credit card. The advantage is that you don’t need to carry cash so it is safer, more convenient and more practical; You can build credits that will be important to use in the future; You can trade large amounts instantly and pay the instalments within a specified time period later; and rewards from credit cards essentially give you 1% or more of the money you have spent. Even so, there are also many disadvantages of credit card ownership. First, you can easily fall into a debt valley and cannot pay it off if you are not careful about your expenses; You can also become a wasteful person because it’s easy to use a credit card; credit card forest burden will be higher if you forget to pay or use your card to near the limit; and interest can create a little debt becomes a lot over time.

  • Sample Contractor Receipt Template

A contractor is someone who is hired to build something, usually a building. Because they work at a construction site, they can be easily identified by their work clothes that use safety vests and hard hats. However, in a career dictionary, a contractor also means a person who carries out specific work that has been agreed in accordance with the contractual agreement that has been signed. After you have finished your work, you will receive the following receipt: Independent Contractor Payment Authorisation Request and Agreement Template, Contractor Receipt Template, Independent Contractor Invoice Template, Fix-master Builders Invoice Template, etc.

  • Child Care Receipt Templates Sample

Download your child care receipt templates here. We provide Child Care Service Statements which contain several important points regarding child care services. There are a few tips for choosing a good day care place: observing the daycare in advance, choosing a place that has been proven to have reliable experience, looking at the reputation of the daycare centre, and choosing a place with a budgeted service according to what you have.

  • Construction Receipt Template Printable

We have provided various types of templates related to construction work. You can find information about the name of the contractor, address of the contractor, total fees, etc. in those templates that you can download for free.

  • Printable Company Receipt Template

Printable Company Receipt Templates that we provide include files in various formats. The following are examples: Company Property Acknowledgement of Receipt Templates, Auto Title Loan Company Receipt Templates, Auto Payday Loan Company Receipt Templates, Company Property Acknowledgement of Receipt Templates, Acknowledgement of Receipt of Company Property Templates, Receipt of Special Instructions Sales Drivers’ Book Templates, Safety Acknowledgement of Receipt Templates, etc.

  • Sample Catering Receipt Template

The catering receipt sample gives a receipt to the catering customer. We provide receipts in addenda form, simple catering invoice template, banquet receipt template, catering order receipt template, GUSD food service receipt template, etc.

  • Cash Receipt Templates Printable

Cash receipt is a receipt given to consumers of buyers of goods, We provide templates such as printable cash receipt templates, printable cash advance receipt templates, monthly summary of cash receipt templates, daily sales receipt templates, daily summary of cash receipts templates, cash donation receipt templates , petty cash receipt template, etc.

  • Printable Car Sale Receipt Template

You will get a car sale receipt when you are done transacting buying a car at a dealer or selling a new / used car. On the receipt, in addition to the dealer name, dealer address, buyer’s name, buyer’s address, you will find information on the car being sold (registration number, VIN, colour, what year it was made, model, mileage on sale, etc.).

  • Sample Business Bill of Sale

Business Bill of Sale is a receipt given to consumers who buy business goods or services. This receipt is very important in business transactions because it can be documentation that there has been a buying and selling process. Buyers are no longer burdened with the obligation to pay off debt because they have paid in accordance with the agreed nominal value. The business receipt templates that we provide for free on this site include: Business Bill of Sale Sample, Cash Receipt Template, Invoice Receipt Certification Template, Business Bill of Sal Form Template, etc.

  • Business Receipt Template Sample

Business Receipt is a receipt that you will get when you pay off payment obligations in a business. This is one of the mandatory documents. Therefore, even the design of the template cannot be underestimated. Here’s a collection of our receipt templates that you can download for free: Business Receipt Sample Templates, Home Business Tax Receipt Application and Affidavit Templates, Business Receipt Template Points, etc.

  • Blank Receipt Sample

Sometimes a good template is a template that only provides simple targets such as the following blank receipt sample. We provide super-customizable templates such as Invoice for Service Rendered templates, restaurant receipt templates, receipt of sale templates, receipt with insert logo templates, printable simple receipt templates, etc.

  • Printable Blank Bill of Lading Templates

Bill of Lading (B / L) is a document of transportation of goods issued and authorized by the shipping party. This document is very important in the purpose of export and import. The contents of the document are complete information about the name of the sender, the name of the ship, the data of the load, the port of loading, the port of loading, the details of the freight, the way of payment of the freight, the name of the consignee, the number of original B / L issued, the signature of endorsement, and the date of endorsement. . The function of the bill of lading is 1.) notifying that the goods have been loaded on the ship, 2.) informing the owner of the goods so that the goods can be taken by the owner at the port of unloading, and 3.) becoming an official document that explains the transportation contract.

  • Bill Receipt Template Sample

The difference between invoices, bills, and receipts is as follows: Bill is a commercial document sent by a vendor or supplier with the intention of requesting payment for goods and / or services that you have purchased. Meanwhile, the receipt is a commercial document that gives acknowledgment that you have paid a sum of money to the vendor or supplier as agreed upon when the sale and purchase agreement occurs. More of bill receipt template samples here.

  • Sample Bill Of Sale Form

Bill of sale is a commercial document that contains details of buyer and seller transactions. The information in the receipt document is usually about the financial terms of the agreement, the signature of the seller, monetary funds, and goods / services list that had been purchased. Download the following free bills of sale forms: Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Template, Aircraft Bill of Sale Form, All-Terrain Vehicle Bill of Sale, Bicycle Bill of Sale, Boat Bill of Sale Form, Business Bill of Sale, Purchase Agreement Template, Cat Bill of Sale Form, Dog Bill of Sale Form, Firearm Bill of Sale, Gun Bill of Sale, Generic (personal property) bill of Sale form, Horse Bill of Sale Form, Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form, Livestock Bill of Sale Form , Moped Bill of Sale Form, Scooter Bill of Sale Form, Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form, Notarized Bill of Sale Form, Recreational Vehicle Bill of Sale Form, Tractor Bill of Sale Form, and Trailer Bill of Sale Form.

  • Best Printable Receipt

When you need a receipt to print, you might want to download one of the following templates from the best printable receipt templates. It is essential for you who have a small-scale business to know how to make invoices, bills, and receipts.

  • Printable Automobile Bill of Sale

Automobile bill of sale is a receipt that you will get if you have paid the car you have paid for. The receipt contains seller information (including name, address, telephone, personal identification number), vehicle information sold (year of manufacture, serial number, style, serial number / vehicle identification number, car paint color, and odometer reading), buyer information ( includes name, address, telephone number, personal identification number), car price / amount of money paid, and general information (date of receipt of receipt, buyer’s signature, recipient’s signature, witness’s signature, and the value of goods sold).

  • Auto Bill of Sale Sample

Our collection of auto bill of sale includes Bill of Sale Samples, Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Templates, Bill of Sale of a Movable Template, State Bill of Sale Templates, Type of Bill of Sale Templates, etc.

  • Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Template

Acknowledgment receipt is defined as confirmation that a letter, product, or payment has been received. This can be issued by a business entity in a transaction. Templates that we have include: Acknowledgment Receipt of the Instrument of Proxy Template, Acknowledgment of Receipt of Foreign Checks Templates, and Acknowledgment of Receipt of a Wine Delivery Template, Receipt and Acknowledgment of Orders for the Deposit of Money into Blocked Account Templates, Payment Acknowledgment Templates, Acknowledging Receipt of Resume Templates, etc.