Realtor job description is a position of job that works in the real estate field. The position that the candidate will work is the sales agents of the real estate. Thus, the person needs to be skillful in renting, buying, or selling property that is offered for clients. The skill that is needed is being capable to review the prospective property and clients.

Elisa Lawrence

4005 Howard Spring, Lansing, MI, 48003, Phone: +1 (517) 888-5009



                                                Lansing, MI

                                                07/2016 – present

  • Realtor resume sample
  • Can manage the team effectively and establish a weekly schedules
  • Give full feedback with team meetings and sales management
  • Can monitor the effectiveness in the sales progress
  • Develop and manage the plans for further property sales progress
  • Can provide data and manage the reports of the sales that happen
  • Have capability to be the middle of the team that connect the communication between the agent, clients, and customers
  • Handle the portfolio of the property and its brands
  • Give implementation programs that assist the agents to achieve the set goals
  • Ensure that the business runs under policies and procedures
  • Provide best quality performance in expanding the projects



Appleton, WI

07/2011 – 06/2016

  • Can execute the property strategy
  • Sign and build plans and tactics markets that assigned in the stores
  • Can achieve the best performance and give satisfying result
  • Capable to provide the track record of the property and collect the documentations data
  • Can establish the exceeding sales goals
  • Attend to meeting, involve in the sales plans and work with team training
  • Involve in training session program for team
  • Being responsible for the overall sales targets and result
  • Ensuring the property market plans to work under policies and based on procedures
  • Can disclosure the problems that happen in the real field
  • Always record and track the sales data to give improvement in the progress market management
  • Engage with all business partners in property market



Eau Claire, WI

05/2007 – 04/2011

  • Make sales strategy and plans that is successful
  • Can execute the plan and assign the prospective property on the next plan
  • Have great network links and have great ability to build it
  • Can maintain the links that helps to developments of the property in the area
  • Involve in team that assigned to develop property plans
  • Give aspirations in team and can lead the team to perform best performance, and reach the goals
  • Work with targets and run the business with plans
  • Following the latest issue and being a quick thinker to give the best decision for the property projects
  • Being competitive and can determine the clients with best prospective
  • Capable to find out the right area, local or interlocal that will good for property



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Business Management



  • Have amazing interpersonal skills
  • Have great communication skills, advance in writing and verbal communication skills
  • Understand about business and have great personal view
  • Can do interview and review the prospective property or clients
  • Understand about sales and how to operate business tools
  • Have great integration and compassionate
  • Capable to work with team and build teamwork
  • Have great knowledge about purchasing process, and can estimate the value
  • Can predict the chance or the value of the property, and capable to promote it
  • Have excellent negotiation skills
  • Work with responsive, details, and with integrity
  • Sociable and can build communication with clients quickly
  • Advance in technology
  • Work on time and can adapt well in a new environment


Realtor resume sample

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