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One of the tasks of real estate agents is to charge clients for residential sales commissions. For this reason, these agents need real estate invoicing. In addition to invoicing clients, invoices are also used to complete many legal transactions including amounts collected for successful commercial transactions. Invoices are very important for accounting purposes and to ensure that transactions are carried out fairly between the two parties involved in the transaction.

Sample Templates Brokerage Invoice

There are several steps you must master to create a real estate invoice. Here’s the order:

  1. Make a new document. You can make it in any software you like. The following example uses the Google Docs feature.

First, visit Select Google Docs. Name your new file, such as “Invoice”. Align the title to the middle so it’s easy to read. Then, write down the invoice details. Save documents with names that are easy to find later. As a tip, use the document number.

  1. The next step, write the details of the parties involved in the transaction. Use tables to be neat. However, after writing the details make the border separator transparent. At this stage, write down the names of parties, their address, and contact details (especially the contact number and active email).
  2. Next, and is the most important step, write down the transaction details. Same as before, use the table to make it neat. Write down the type of property, commission rate, and price.
  3. After writing the transaction details, it’s time to write down the terms and conditions. This may include a maturity period. Write sanctions if there is a late payment. Also write down the available payment methods. Include bank account details if you want payments to be made via bank transfer.
  4. The final step is authorization. Provide a place to sign. What usually needs to be signed is the customer, the company’s representative, and the owner or agent of the owner.

For your convenience, we provide examples of real estate invoice templates that you can download and edit yourself.

  • Real Estate Invoice Template
  • Commercial Real Estate Invoice Template
  • Real Estate Agent Invoice Template
  • Order Invoice for Real Estate
  • Real Estate Insurance Invoice Template
  • Real Estate Attendee Registration Invoice Template
  • and many more!

We are proud to have one of the largest collections of templates available on the internet. We spent hours organizing the collections and our experts made sure that the collections can be used for every possible situation. The templates quality have passed quality assurance test. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a real estate invoice template, browse our vast collections here.

All templates are provided in various file formats such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, MS Word (Doc. and Docx.), Apple Numbers, Apple Pages, and PDF. Each template is particularly designed to meet the needs of the real estate invoice template. If you want to download the template, simply click the download button on each template. Download real estate invoice template here.


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