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Raffle is a form of gambling where people buy numbered tickets. Each ticket has an opportunity to win prizes in the form of money or goods. After these people buy tickets, within the allotted time, a random lottery will be held from a container that contains a collection of all ticket numbers. Tickets taken from the container are then checked by number and matched with prizes obtained. The person who holds the ticket with the same number wins the prize. This type of raffle ticket gambling is popular in many countries. In fact, gambling competitions are often held to raise funds for certain charity programs or certain events. Raffle tickets can be used to attract public attention to the newly opened business.

raffle ticket psd templates

We provide raffle ticket templates that look professional and are suitable for all types of events. All you have to do is choose the layout that suits what you need and customize it by adding details such as the name of the event, description of the event, date of ticket validity, and serial number. Write down also the type of prize that will be drawn.

raffle ticket customizable psd design templates

Raffle tickets are usually sold in supermarkets, social events, drug stores, convenience stores, car dealerships, etc. However, if you want to sell raffle tickets at a social event, you must get permission from the organization that organized it.


What SHOULD be in a raffle ticket template

1. Good graphic

A good illustration really helps others to recognize that what they are holding is a raffle ticket.

2. Contains details that can be easily customized

A raffle ticket must have a place to write the participant’s name, participant’s email, and participant’s telephone number. If necessary, also leave room to write the participant’s address.

raffle ticket templates psd

3. Typeface is easy to read and is sized according to ticket size

Use templates with fonts that are easy to read. Often, the people who buy raffle tickets are elders who don’t have good eyesight. A clear picture and writing will really help them to identify the serial number and prize from the ticket raffle.


What SHOULD NOT be in a raffle ticket template

1. Do not have a place to write down the details of the participants

Raffle tickets must contain ticket holder details so that after the drawn ticket is valid.

raffle ticket psd

2. Contains things that break the law

Pay close attention to the applicable laws in your area before designing raffle tickets. Do not let the raffle ticket that you design violates the laws in force in your place. Like for example, raffles involving “50/50” illegal draws in California. In the UK, only entities with certain licenses can hold raffles with alcoholic drinks.

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Here are some types of raffle ticket templates that we provide: Raffle Movie Ticket Templates, BBQ Raffle Ticket Templates, Raffle Ticket Voucher Templates, Christmas Raffle Ticket Templates, Free Sports Raffle Ticket Templates, Free Printable Raffle Ticket Templates, and Sample Raffle Ticket Templates. Use the blank raffle ticket template if you want to prepare the raffle ticket immediately from scratch.

raffle ticket in psd design

Raffle Ticket Ideas

raffle ticket psd templates  raffle ticket example psd design

Raffle Ticket Example

raffle ticket in photoshopraffle ticket in photoshop

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