Quote Template Sample

Quote, in a business context, is defined as a document of agreement between a vendor and a consumer. It consists of products and / or services lists at a predetermined price. Documents that are legally binding are usually offered in nature. After the goods or services are received by the consumer, the quote is converted into an invoice by the vendor. We provide dozens of sample quote templates that you can use to complete your company documents. Choose the quote that best represents your business.

  • Rental Quotation Sample

A rental company can offer their services through a quote. In the quote, the company has included complete information related to what they rent, including the price. They may also attach information related to the contract. In writing a rental quotation, you must pay attention to five things, 1.) Make sure that the goods / services that you offer are really what is needed by prospective clients, 2.) Ask for details of goods / services they want to rent, 3.) Make information as a basis for making a quotation, 4.) Choose the appropriate rental quotation sample templates so that the documents to be provided to clients are neat, 5.) Print the rental quote on good quality paper and put your signature before sending it to the client.

  • Sample Security Service Quotation

Security services are business opportunities that have a market segment of the upper middle class. When offering this service to clients, you are advised to make a quotation paper. This will make your prospective clients understand well what you have to offer and show that your company is truly professional. A security service quotation template may contain a confident business questionnaire, security personnel deployment details, and a checklist for bidders or applicants.

  • Service Quotation Sample

A service quotation is considered sufficient to present the services you want to offer to clients. This is because the agreed service and price details are written in it. To make a comprehensive service quotation, consider the following service quotation samples.

  • Sample Medical Quotation

Medical quotation notice usually contains details of drugs and medical equipment. The document contains quotation numbers, medical supply / equipment names, quantity, criteria, and due dates. It also contains some private information such as general information, insurance information, revenue recognition, and renewal. You can download our free medical quotation samples here.

  • Website Quotation Sample

If you are a website developer, you may often work off-time, one project at a time. When you are dealing with prospective new clients, you need to provide details of the services you provide and their rates. Use our website quotation samples as a guidance to create a quotation that is easy for potential clients to understand. In a web quotation, you can include development details description (for example, home page designing, form to database system, form interfaces, newsletters, any flash files to a page, etc.), complete with quantity and rate per detail.

  • Sample Job Quotation

Job Quotation is used as proof of what offers can be done by someone to the client. In the document, you mention your qualifications, followed by a description of the work you will do, and the rate for each job. Check sample job quotation templates here.

  • Car Rental Quotation Sample

Car rental business is a business that is full of initial agreements. Before dealing with a customer, you are advised to make a quote document to register the services you offer and their rates. In this document, you can include terms and conditions, rental conditions, and payment terms. Show this document to prospective clients. See the car rental quotation samples as a guide to making good documents.

  • Training Quotation Sample Template

To improve employee skills, you can apply for training. You can write the training details and costs first in the form of a training quote. In the document, you must include the training objectives, type of training, trainees, number of trainers, cost per person, and total overall costs. At the end of the document, you need to specify the total price according to the proposal. Download the training quotation sample templates for free here.

  • Bid Quotation Sample

Bid quotation is a document that is not only professional and accurate but also  contains all terms and conditions that must be known to potential customers. This document will later be sent by the sales team to the customer. Make sure your bid quotation stands out from the rest. To achieve this goal, use the bid quotation samples that we have provided on this site.

  • Sample Quotation Letter

Quotation letters are defined as letters containing specific sales offers to prospective buyers. This letter is sent after a request from a certain person or entity. It contains details of specific product and service prices, payment terms, and delivery conditions. See our quotation letter sample templates here.

  • Building Quote Sample

Building quote is a document containing a list of building services and their costs (rates). This document is submitted to the client to assure them that you intend to work with them seriously, professionally and actively. If this offer proposal is accepted, at the end of the project, you can convert it to an invoice if there are no significant changes. Here are some guidelines for building quote samples.

  • Sample Construction Quote

The proposal for a construction service offer can also be referred to as a construction quote. The contents of this proposal letter are usually the bidders’ contact information, quotation notice, quotation letter number, name of materials / services, price / unit, quantity, and total amount. Download free sample construction quotes here.

  • Clothing Quotation Sample

In order to successfully stand out compared to other competitors in the clothing sales business, you can take advantage of the clothing quotation. Documents shaped like this proposal contain the products you offer along with the price. A brief description of each product is also recommended to be attached so that prospective clients can easily find the items they want. Our clothing quotation samples include formal clothing quotation templates, basic clothing quotations, printable quotations for clothing, professional quotations for clothing, and RFQ for branded clothing.

  • Sample Photography Quotation

If you are a photography service provider, aka photographer, you may need the help of a special document to register details of the price of your service with clients for work at certain events. A sample photography quotation document contains an introduction to the photographer, a detailed project description (usually illustrated in tabular form), valid photographic service ownership data, estimated tariffs to be charged to the client, and conclusions.

  • Travel Agency Quote Sample

The document contains a formal statement that a travel agent provides certain tours to customers, with certain prices and certain times, can be referred to as a travel agency quote. In the document, you can enter the terms and conditions of the contract as well as the details of project completion payments. Learn more about travel agency sample quote templates here.

  • Sample Insurance Quote Template

Insurance is a service that is important for human life. However, because of the many insurance services that promote each other’s services, people are hesitant to choose which insurance is their investment. You as an insurance officer must offer something that can make the name of the insurance where you work excel and stand out when compared to its competitors. Therefore, be smart to make a document that writes in detail insurance services and insurance prices. See references here: sample insurance quote templates.

  • Roofing Quotation Sample Template

Just like other construction businesses, the roof business also requires documents that are confident in offering goods and their prices in detail. Check out our collection of roofing quotation sample templates to get the best editor.

  • Sample Painting Quote Template

Painting works is closely related to the world of carpentry. Therefore, the quotation document is not far from the work. A sample painting quote template does not contain, for example, the area to be painted (description of the name and area), labour costs (usually per day / afternoon), and grand total.

  • Renovation Quotation Sample Template

When a house needs to be renovated, the host will call the builders he trusts or rely on to renovate your house. These craftsmen may submit a proposal, called a renovation quote, for your approval before working on renovations. Renovation quotation sample templates here.

  • Sample Transport Quotation

With the development of internet technology and online marketing, several other aspects of life are also developing rapidly. One of the business opportunities that benefit from the rapid online marketplace is the goods and document transportation services company. Nowadays, delivery services are fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. The cheapness of delivery services makes there are no barriers between rich and poor people. Delivery service companies are also increasingly numerous. If you are the manager of the service, you must find ways to attract more loyal clients than competitors. Use the following sample transport quotation templates as guidance to make your own quote.

  • Plumbing Quote Sample

Plumbing service work is very tangible to consumers. To get orders and keep repeat orders, you must offer your services as attractive as possible. Take a look at the plumbing quote sample documents that we have collected as your guide.

  • Sample Request Quote Form

Request for Quotation (RFQ) is a letter asking for a quote document to the party to whom the letter is intended. RFQ can be in the form of statements in a table, and complete information on the requesting party or offering. Check out the full example here: sample request quote form templates.