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Quote Sample Template Description
In a business context, a quote is a document which states an agreement between a vendor and a customer to deliver products and / or to provide services at a predetermined price. This document is legally binding. The full term for referring to the agreement document is Price Quote, Service Quote, or Sales Quote. The offer is usually converted to an invoice when received by the customer.

A company or a busy shop certainly needs a quote template so that the process of sending citations is smoother. We provide a price quote template for you to download and modify. Here are easy tips for writing price quotes:

Choose and download the sales quote template that best suits your business.
Open the sales quote template file using a computer program according to the file type. For example, if you download a .docx file, you can open it in a Microsoft Word processing program.
Modify the sales quote template according to the information you have and your purpose. After that, save with a unique name that is easy to trace later.
Print or send the file that you have modified to your client.

A quote and invoice are almost the same except for a few minor changes. First, the title of the document is different, labeled “quote” or “invoice”. The invoice will also contain all the details of costs that customers must pay, such as discounts and VAT. Meanwhile, quotations only include the price offered by an item or service. Most companies or stores use similar templates for quotes and invoices to be consistent. Invoices also sometimes include terms and conditions and other records related to payment.

The quote is also different from the estimation. Indeed, there are only very few differences seen from the contents of both documents. Even so, it has a crucial difference. The quote contains information about the agreed price before work begins while the estimate is an initial document that contains the job description and estimated cost.

Here are some citation templates that we provide and will continue to update as often as possible:

Free Download Price Quote Template

Price Quote The following template is actually an Invoice Template that has been slightly changed to accommodate the purpose of the Quote Template.

Free Download Web Design Quotation Template

Use this template if you want to offer web design services to customers.

Free Download Sales Quote Template

This template is quite popular among small and medium business people because it can be used to specify the price of the products they sell.

Free Download Security Services Quotation Template

Take advantage of this template to make price details of the security services that you provide to clients.

Free Download Simple Advertising Quotation Template

If you are a worker in the field of advertising, use this template to offer your advertising services.

To manage your bidding documents, use a computer program that you have mastered. Simple Excel spreadsheets are actually enough to make your document neat and easy to find if needed. Keep an eye out for more template updates in the!