Project Closure Report Template Guidelines with Samples

A project closure report must be prepared after you complete a project. It must be created as soon as possible after your team completes the project. However, creating this kind of report is not easy. If you have never made it before, you can see the following project closure report template.

Sample Project Report Template 1

Guidelines for Creating a Project Closure Report

The following guidelines will help you create a project closure report. First of all, you have to make a title page. On this first page, you do not only write the title of the report but also the name, address & contact information of your company.

Sample Project Closure and Post Implementation Report Template

Besides that, you also need to provide the project’s summary & background. In this section, you have to give a clear description of your project. You are required to state its objectives with the activity timeline. Make sure that you present these as clearly and completely as possible.

Then, a project closure report form should also contain the tasks to be carried out. You can present these tasks in a list to make it easier to understand. In fact, there are many tasks to be carried out for your project completion. Alternatively, you can present these using a table with the required details.

Next, what you have to do is to include the details of the budget evaluation. If there is any additional expense, you have to mention it including the amount. You can use a table that consists of costs, amount of budget, the actual amount and budget variance.

Lastly, you have to provide the improvement areas in the project closure report document. Therefore, you will be able to implement them in future projects. Make sure that you include all of these details. Do not forget to review it before the document is printed.

How to Write a Project Closure Report

Here is an example of how to write this kind of report. You should begin with the general project info. For example, it includes the project’s name, description, manager, sponsor, and general comments. You may also need to state the start date, finish date, hours, days, and budget.

Sample Project Closure Report Template for Large Project

After that, you should continue with management effectiveness. The next section of the project closure report sample is for the lesson learned. You have to summarize them. For the next step, you have to summarize the administrative closure activities related to the project.

You are also required to summarize the contract closure activities of the project. For the final part, this kind of report should summarize information distribution and archive. Make sure that you provide all of the details above clearly with simple sentences. However, the details must be complete.

Printable Project Closure Report Templates

If you are looking for free project closure report templates, you are on the right site. You can find and pick your desired template that meets your needs. If you want to edit the template, just feel free to do it. You can also directly print out the chosen project closure report template.   Sample Project Closure Report Template in Word

Sample Sample Project Closure Report Template

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