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Proforma Invoice is basically an initial sales bill. This invoice is also known as an estimate or offer. The content of the Proforma Invoice is the description of the seller’s intention to provide the product or service to the customer, at a certain price. Please note that Proforma Invoice is not an actual invoice because the price offered has not been agreed upon by both parties.

The sales process can be streamlined by utilizing the Proforma Invoice. The customer can approve the price on the Proforma Invoice then you as the supplier of goods can immediately send the item. With Proforma Invoice, the bargaining process does not go back and forth because everything has been agreed in advance.

Other advantages of the Proforma Invoice are as follows:

  • Ideal for use if you don’t have all the details for a commercial invoice, for example, before the goods are sent.
  • Proforma invoices are usually sent to state the value of goods for customs so that the shipping process runs smoothly.
  • Proforma invoice is not demand or request. This is a “good faith” agreement so customers can know what to expect.
  • Some businesses ask for a professional invoice for their internal purchase process.

In general, professional invoices are part of the sales and marketing invoice template. For business to run smoothly, a proforma invoice template is required. Invoice templates are an efficient tool for processing invoices in the future.

Look at the following sample proforma invoice template:

  • Proforma Invoice Template
  • Simple Proforma Invoice
  • Basic Proforma Invoice Template
  • Simple Proforma Invoice Template
  • Business Proforma Invoice Sample
  • Sample of DHL Proforma Invoice Download
  • Free Proforma Invoice Template
  • Sample Proforma Invoice Template
  • Printable Free Proforma Invoice Template
  • Proforma Invoice Template Free Download
  • And many more!

All templates are provided in various file formats such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, MS Word (Doc. and Docx.), Apple Numbers, Apple Pages, and PDF. Each template is particularly designed to meet the needs of the sample proforma invoice template. If you want to download the template, simply click the download button on each template. Download proforma invoice template here.


Sample Templates Blank Proforma Invoice
Sample Templates business proforma invoice
Sample Templates Commercial Proforma Invoice
Sample Templates proforma invoice

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