Being a preschool teacher is a challenging challenge, where teachers have to apply the knowledge gained and balance ego and mind to the students they are taught. Not all teachers can teach in preschool; only a few teachers have diplomas and related teaching certificates, and some recommendations from senior teachers. You, as an old preschool teacher, would like to make recommendations to your subordinates? Don’t worry, use the preschool teacher recommendation letter to give your best guidance!

40. Create A Great Preschool Teacher Recommendation Letter

What are the qualities of a perfect preschool teacher?

Indeed, there are some indicators regarding the quality of good preschool teachers. The preschool teacher has her challenges, so there are several criteria that she must have and understand. By having these criteria, you can be sure that the quality of the teacher is indeed good, and you can also recommend to preschoolers who need to use a preschool teacher recommendation letter. Here are some quality indicators that can be applied:

  1. Open-minded
  2. Realistic and talk a lot
  3. High sense of humor
  4. Loving
  5. Passion

What do you write in a preschool teacher recommendation letter?

Making recommendations means the same as agreeing to promote the person you recommend to another person. Surely you should be proud of the person for his achievements and abilities. You can write down some of your strengths, experiences, achievements, and so on.

Samples you can follow.

To make it easier for you to create a preschool teacher recommendation letter, you can listen to and modify the sample letter. A preschool director wrote an example of the letter below to a student doing an internship at his or her school.

Dear preschool director

Meet the ABC’s preschool director, Aaron Wey, as a preschool teacher in the school you lead. He is a graduate of AAA University who has good teaching ability as evidenced by the teaching performance in the school that I have. He has a myriad of achievements that you can rely on, certainly with a variety of abilities and great intelligence.

Aaron was a patient person in parenting, accompanying students late into the night, and working selflessly. He is the best figure you can join with your best school. She also always thinks of creative ways of formulating great learning, and children do not get bored with it.

Not only that, Aaron has various certificates relevant to his work. He also has a child rescue certification in distress so that pupils will be safer under Aaron’s teaching. Although Aaron’s age is still relatively young, he already has an adequate level of maturity. He can divide his free time, focus time, and playtime with students very precisely.

If you have any questions about Aaron, please feel free to contact me at (000)-000-0000 or via official school email. It’s my great hope to accept Aaron to join and grow along with your preschool.


Best Regards

Wayne John


That’s some brief explanation on how to make a preschool teacher recommendation letter. Adjust to your conditions and needs, which certainly have differences in each sentence.

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