Step by Step in Writing Poetry Analysis Templates

If you are asked to analyze poems, you will need to know about poetry analysis templates. It does not only relate to how you analyze a poem but it is also about the right format. If you have never done it before, you may need to the following guidelines.

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How to Write a Poetry Analysis Template

There are some steps you need to follow in writing a poem analysis template. Before you start analyzing, what you have to do is to read the poem. Sometimes, you do not clearly understand after the first reading. Therefore, you need to read it at least twice.

After reading the poem, you can discuss to anyone about the first impression and the immediate response whether it is positive or negative. Besides that, you also need to discuss about the structure & rhythm of the poem. It can be about anything related to the poem.

After reading it, the second step is to think about the poem’s title & how the title relates to the content. Title often provides important clues related to what is in the poem’s content. However, sometimes a title works ironically or in opposition to the poem itself.

Here, you can find the answer whether the title change immediately how you think about it. Besides, you should ensure whether the title paint a picture which gives a specific time frame, action or setting. Then, it is also important to know whether the title implies multiple possibilities or not.

Writing a poetry analysis form also requires you to think about the speaker. There are some questions you need to consider. Firstly, you have to know who “tells” the poem. Besides that, it should be clear whether the poem gives clues about the speaker’s complete information or not.

Then, you also have to know well who the speaker addresses. One more, it also must be clear whether the speaker seems to be detached or attached from what is said. By answering those questions, your poetry analysis will really be informative. So, make sure that you include it all.

The next step is to address the mood & tone a poem attempt to convey. Sometimes, it can be grieving or brooding. Sometimes, it may have a song-like rhyme and cadence. In this step, you will need to discuss about the attitude of each speaker / character gives off in the poem.

Paraphrasing is also needed. It may seem very self-explanatory. But you have to remember that it is not about condensing or skipping lines. So, you must translate unclear phrases into simpler terms so that they can understand the poem better and more easily. And they can analysis the poem well.

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Templates for Poetry Analysis Sample 001 Templates for poetry analysis Sample 002 Templates for Poetry Analysis Worksheet 2 Sample Templates for Poetry Analysis Worksheet Sample Templates for Poem Analysis 2 Sample

Lastly, it is time to discuss about theme. In this last part of poetry analysis templates, you must identify the theme of poem. The poem’s theme relates to a universal conflict, issue and truth. Anyway, it is very important to analyze poem including the theme as clear as possible.

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