Pilot job description is a position of work that take control and responsibility of operating the aircraft with regulations. The person needs to check and make sure all of the safety including aircraft equipment safety system, passenger safety, staff and many others. The person will take the full control of flying the aircraft with full of consideration, knowledge, and great interpersonal personality composition.

Melanie Wingston

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                                                Minneapolis, MN

                                                07/2015 – present

  • Always work with dedication and professionalism with expanded experiences as seen in Pilot resume sample
  • Have integrated course completed with intensive and full-time course
  • Create the tasks and course for pilot training and flight training
  • Understand and capable to create modular training
  • Have wide experiences in operating different aircraft such as Boeing 707, 757, 720, and more
  • Expertise in the cockpit and understand about how to operate the equipment and device
  • Have great leadership and create a great teamwork
  • Work with details and with deep perception
  • Capable to solve problems in a critical situations
  • Take the responsibility to check the flight schedules, weather conditions, fuel levels, and other aspects before the flight



Miami, FL

06/2011 – 05/2015

  • Take the responsibility to work based on the detail information including the route, passenger, plane safety system, and passengers
  • Capable to create the fight plan with details and altitude for flights
  • Always brief the cabin crew ad maintain to keep the contact regularly during flight
  • Can carry out the pre-flight checks and check-up the navigation
  • Always check up the operating systems and make sure that it works well
  • Always make sure to keep up the communication to the air traffic control during the flight, landing, and take off
  • Can interpret the data, data controls, and data instruments
  • Can create and manage the data flights, aircraft logbook, and others
  • Always create the report of the flight for every flight and capable to handle the situation and prevent form incidents
  • Capable to work in short-haul of airline
  • Capable to flight for long period



Tulsa, OK

05/2006 – 04/2011

  • Understand about the route and the flying map of
  • Make sure that the equipment are operating
  • Make sure that all of the information is correct including checking weather situation, aircraft condition, and even passenger condition
  • Checking about the safety of the fuel levels balance and supervise the aircraft fuelling
  • Checking that all of the safety system is working properly
  • Can carry out the pre-flights and navigate the plane and system
  • Can operate the system and make sure it works based on regulations
  • Can perform analysis accordance of the AECOM UAS
  • Can communicate with the air traffic control
  • Make sure that the take-off and landing of the flights are running well
  • Can react quickly when there is environmental changes and can do effective decisions to handle emergencies



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Pilot



  • Have great interpersonal skills
  • Have excellent understanding about math and physics
  • have great ability to understand about technical information especially those that related to aerodynamic skills and information
  • Have excellent coordination and teamwork
  • Can build excellent awareness
  • Can build great communication and relations with head pilot, assistant, team, and others
  • Have fantastic team working skills
  • Have strong knowledge and understanding about FAA and the operating rules as well as the regulations
  • Ave ability to set decision in the critical situation
  • Quick learning
  • Follows the protocols and regulations
  • Work with details and professional
  • Understand about route, weather, passenger and other basic information about the subject
  • Can communicate and carry out sudden situation in the place



Pilot Resume Sample

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