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Personal financial statement is a document usually you need for business loan proposal. It shows personal assets & liabilities and also net worth. Therefore, in this article we will share the guidelines how to make a personal financial statement template.

How to Write a Personal Financial Statement Template

There are some sections to be included in the personal financial statement form. Before you start writing your personal info, you need to write the title first. Show that it is a personal financial statement. Besides that, do not forget to include the statement date.

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Now, you can begin writing your personal information. Here, there are many kinds of information you have to provide. They include name, address, city, state zip, home telephone, SSN, birthdate, dependent, and business telephone. If you have any other important info, you should include it here.

Then, continue with the section 1. In the first section, you have to include some info. Start mentioning your assets completely. It does not only relate to your current assets but total assets. You also need to state the estimated value of your assets. So, the total assets can be known.

Besides assets, you also need to mention your annual income. You have to include all sources of income in the whole year. For example, it includes salary, bonuses, commissions, dividends, interest, rental & lease income, and other sources of income you have.

Still related to personal information, also must provide general info. General information may relate to some questions such as “Are some assets pledged?”, “ Are you a defendant in any legal action?”, and “Have you ever been declared bankrupt in the last 5 years?”, etc.

The first section in the personal finance statement form also includes liabilities. The examples of liabilities are such as accounts & bill payable, unpaid income taxes, loans on life insurance, cash rent owed, real estate mortgage payable, etc. Then, mention the total liabilities and net worth rightly.

Estimate of annual expenses should also be included in the personal information. It relates to income taxes, other taxes, rent payable, mortgage payment, insurance premium and also other expenses. Then, mention the total clearly.

The last information in the first section is related to contingent liabilities. It may include Legal Claims, On Leases or Contracts, Federal – State Income Taxes, As Endorser, Co-maker or Guarantor, and others. That is all the personal information.

In the section 2, you need to include cash in banks and notes due to banks. Besides that, life insurance should also be included. Then, you also must mention the securities owned. All those kinds of information should be provided as clear and detailed as possible in form of table.

If you owned real estate, you also have to include it. You may also include the notes & accounts receivable. Mortgages & contract owned and personal property also need to be included. Last, provide some notes like other banks, insurance company loans, etc.

Then, finish it with signatures. You have to sign the personal financial statement template to make it valid. Do not forget to provide the date when you sign it. Now, you can propose a lend using this document.



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