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Permission slip is used as a formal document letter to inform parents, guardians, or respective in organization or company to sends students or employees to do certain event under the name of the representative of the sender.

Permission Slip 14.

Generally, this letter form is used for trip or events. It is used to obtain the consent of the students and the people to ask for permission. It can be used for school, company, or any activity that needs a formal letter. To be able to create this slip letter, there are easy ready to follow templates for you.

Permission Slip Letter Templates

This kind of document is protected by the law. Even more, it’s seen as requirement by the law that any organization or school needs to provide this document letter for every legal events or trip that is made. This letter has a function to be a legal form that protects the students or employees.

Permission Slip 16

It protects them from any minor injury or anything that may happen during the event. To create a good letter, you will obviously need to prepare the list of information. The basic data includes the name of the recipient.

If it is used for school event purpose, then the name of the students need to be written. The location of the upcoming event also needs to be mentioned along with the emergency contact information. This type information for permission slip templates can also be used for company to employees.

Things to Write in the Permission Slip Letter

Just like what has been mentioned before, this type of letter can be used for company purpose or school. Each of it has different design. The letter that is used for school is arranged in a simple way. It consists of introduction paragraphs, detail of event information, and the ending or closing.

Permission Slip 17

The letter can greet the parents or guardian of the students with polite and warm message. Explain about the reason of the events and why the students need to join. Then, mention about the field trip information such as objective, date, place, purpose, cost, payment, and route.

The list in the slip also needs to mention about the detail of time when the students will leave the location and the time they will arrive. Then, put the accommodation related info under it. As closing, mark that the letter is used to ask for permission in a legal formal way.

Permission slip sample that is used for company is almost the same. However, there is slightly difference in the form design. The form will likely have template that the company has set for. The form can be full with details with table or it can be made just as simple.

Just the important thing is making sure that you put the important information there such as the date of the event that is going to be held. The location of the place also needs to be mentioned clearly and precisely. The amount of the time that will take place also needs to be mentioned.

It is also important to put the instruction in the letter. Putting the instruction will help the recipient to know what to bring and make preparation for the trip. This permission slip is a requirement that needs to be written in a formal way.



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