Being a pastor is a noble work, but there is a time when you have to resign because of some factors, such as your health, moving out of town or country, and any other reason that, unfortunately, make you have to say goodbye to your congregation. So, before you leave your position as a pastor, you should write a formal resignation letter.

Artikel 124. Pastor Resignation Letter and Its Sample

What is Pastor Resignation Letter?

A pastor resignation letter is a document that informs the leader of a church or religious organization about your leaving your current position as a pastor due to some reasons. A pastor resignation letter should be written formally, and it should state a specific reason for your departure.

What Should be Included in Pastor Resignation Letter?

To write a proper pastor resignation letter, there are some things that you should input or state in the letter. So, the point in the letter will be clearly understood by the recipient. Here are the main points:

  • Include the intention of the letter, which to inform about your resignation
  • Explain the reason for your departure, whether due to health, moving out, or any other reason
  • Write your contact information, so the church organization leader or other members can contact you or ask you further questions
  • Offer for help during your transition before you leave your position as a pastor

How is The Example of A Proper Pastor Resignation Letter?

If you are looking for some references to write a proper and formal pastor resignation letter, you can take a look at this example that we provide to help you write it.

This is the sample.

Dear Mr. William,

I am writing this letter to notify you that unfortunately, I will be stepping down from my position as a pastor of Birmingham Catholic Church, effective three weeks from today (January 14, 2020). This was such an unexpected and unpleasant decision that I should leave this great religious organization due to my health condition.

My health is getting worse day by day. My doctor diagnosed me with chronic GERD, which urged me to do surgery as soon as possible. So, by that condition, I regretfully should resign from my position and no longer served as the leader of the church and will focus on my recovery that requires so much time.

The valuable experiences and lessons during serving the church and meeting a lot of great congregation and other church members are priceless. It was the best moment in my life that will be impossible to be forgotten. I am thankful and appreciate our time in Birmingham Catholic Church, which I hope I can come back again later to continue teaching and meet my congregation after my recovery. If you have further questions related to resignation and the transition before my departure, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at 343-4444-7777 or mail me at Thank you so much for your understanding and kindness in this matter.


Forever in Christ,



Richard Green


That is all about the pastor’s resignation letter that hopefully may help you in writing the letter formally. The most important thing that should be written in the letter is about your intention and the reason for your departure. So, the main point of the letter will be clearly understood by the recipient.




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