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The party is a gathering event for the invitees invited by a host. The main purpose of a party is for socializing, conversation, recreation, or as part of a festival, commemoration, to special occasion. In a party, there will usually be a meal and drink together. Events can be filled with musical performances, dancing, and other forms of entertainment (such as standup comedy). In fact, according to Western tradition, a party is incomplete if it is not accompanied by drinking; beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

party invitation in psd design

A party is incomplete without being attended by the closest people. For this reason, in addition to preparing the venue, performers, food catering, to decorating the party venue, you also have to prepare a good invitation card. Even though the invitation card is only a means of inviting your family, friends, acquaintances, to your co-workers and boss, you shouldn’t design it carelessly. The invitation card must match the theme of the event so that the invitees can prepare a dress code to a gift if it is a birthday, wedding or baby shower invitation.


Free Party Invitation Templates

We provide templates for creating invitations that you can download, modify, and print for free. As you know, there are many different types of parties, and we have a wide variety of templates to accommodate the party you are hosting, including:

Balls, Banquets, Birthday party, Surprise party, Dinner party, House party, Garden party, Cocktail party, Tea party, Cuddle party, Game party, LAN party, Political house party, Sleepover party (Pajama party or Slumber party), Reception, Soirees, Dances and balls (Dance party). Block party, Costume / fancy dress party, Christmas caroling party, Pool Party, Singles dance party, Mixer, Fundraising party, Graduation party, Toga party, Bridal shower, Bachelor party, Wedding reception, Divorce party, Baby shower, Gender reveal party, Housewarming party, Welcome party, Cast party, Pre-party, After-party, Parties associated with religious events, and Special days party.


What SHOULD be in a party invitation card template

1. Clear theme

Since there are many different types of parties, you should be clear about the type of party you are going to have. This can be conveyed through the description on the invitation or in the aesthetics of the invitation design. A “baby shower party invitation” can be decorated with illustrations of babies or baby supplies. An invitation to an “Independence Day party” can be decorated with an illustration of the United States flag.

party invitation psd templates

2. Nice and appropriate typography

Typography includes the type of font, font size, font color, and the placement of the writing must be considered so that in addition to the information conveyed it is also pleasing to the eye.


What SHOULD NOT be in a party invitation card templates

1. The text is difficult to read

Pay attention to the type and size of the font so that the information inside the party invitation card is easy to read.

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2. Does not provide an RSVP card

You need an estimate of the exact number of invitations to design an event. By including an RSVP card in each invitation, you can more accurately estimate the invitees that will be present.

party invitation templates psd

3. Misspelled names and titles

Make sure your invitation is not written incorrectly, especially to mention the name of the person to be invited along with the title (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., Prof. etc.)

party invitation psd

party invitation psd templates

Party Invitation Design Ideas

party invitation customizable psd design templates

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Party Invitation Ideas

party invitation in photoshop

party invitation in photoshop

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