How to Create a Painting Quote Template in 5 Steps

Panting quote is often used in a business that relates to carpentry, whitewashing and painting works. If you also have a business that is relevant to this field, you will have to be able to make a painting quote. However, it does not mean that it is difficult to write the proper template. We will guide you clearly.

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How to Write a Painting Quote

There are some steps that you need to follow in writing a painting quote template. First of all, what you should do is to make a document which lets you input the needed details for the purpose of quotation. In this step, you need to add a title or heading of the quotation type you want to write.

For the second step, what you have to provide is about the details of the contractor & the client. You can start by entering the company information. It may relate to your company’s legal name, complete address, home phone number, mobile phone number, or any other contact information.

Now, you can continue with the details of your client. You can begin with the full name of your client. Then, it can be followed with the address and phone number of your client. Some other details can also be added such as website, email address, and any other contact information.

For the next step, it relates to the scope & specification of the work. This section lists the items that will be painted. In fact, painting work can be performed in different areas. For example, the painting work will be for doors, windows, ceiling, walls, or any other part of the property.

In relation to the specification, it may involve the needed preparation materials like indentations, filling of holes, and also sanding. Besides, it may also relate to the needed gloss level, required color, type of paint, coats applied, etc. This should be included as clear and detailed as possible.

Writing a painting quote form also requires you to include pricing clearly. There are many types of pricing. For example, it relates to the price of each item. Besides, it also includes the cost of services, taxes, VAT, GST, or any other possible pricing. You must provide them separately.

Still in this section, you also cannot forget to include the payment method. You can describe the acceptable methods of payment such as cash, credit /debit card, PayPal, etc. Besides that, it must also be clear about the deposit that should be made. The due date of the payment must be explained, too.

Last, you should provide the terms & conditions of this quote. In this final step, you have to address the materials used and also safety precautions. If there is any note, you can also add it. Both parties must agree with the terms & conditions mentioned on this quote.


Quotation for Re Painting

Quotation for Repairing and Painting Simple Painting Quotation Cleaning and Painting Quotation Painting and Maintenance Service Quote

Once this painting quote is written completely, you can directly send it to your client. If you want to give it by meeting them, you can print it out first. Sometimes, this kind of quote requires to be signed off but some others do not.

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