Simple Paid Receipt Template Samples

Everyone certainly has ever purchased something. A writing form or document given to the customers after accepting services or goods is called a paid receipt. Most businesses usually need this form. So, in this article we will help you understand how to make a paid receipt template.

Sample Cash Paid Receipt Templates


How to Write a Paid Receipt Template

If you want to write a paid receipt form, you have to know the right format. In fact, there are some elements that must be included in the template. The included elements are different between a receipt for goods or products and services. So, let’s see the more detailed guidelines below.

Sample Fee Paid Receipt Templates

To make a receipt template for goods or products, firstly you have to include the name of business. It aims to identify the business that supplies the goods or products. It can be the name of a company or a store depending on the suppliers.

After providing the name of business, the second element that needs to be included in the template is date of supply. It is the date when a product or item is bought. It should be indicated if a refund or return is needed. The date can be a basis for qualification of refund.

Then, you also have to include the details of the goods or products. To describe the product’s details, you can start from the product’s weight or size, number of product or items purchased, the item’s price, etc. In this section, you also need to provide the total price as well as tax of purchase.

The inclusions of a paid receipt will be different if it is for services. In this case, you have to provide the price itemization first. As we know, a service may consist of some activities based on the needs. So, the price should be presented in detailed for each step or activity.

Besides that, you also need to include the number of labor hours & hourly rate. In fact, some services take a few days & they are usually paid per project. But most of them are paid hourly. Therefore, it should be shown specifically in the receipt template.

You should also list down the materials that are used as well as the corresponding charges. As we know, some services need materials & tools that the supplier need acquire or rent from others. Usually, it will be quite expensive. So, this must be stipulated if the clients question the high price.

There are many reasons why you need a receipt form. You have to know that it keeps a track of the sales transactions. Besides that, it also keeps a track of buying or purchase. Then, it is also needed in case of refund, return or replacement. One more, this is useful for the future purchase.

Paid receipt template is used in various businesses. For example, there are sales service receipt, tax receipt, deposit receipt, salary receipt, check receipt, donation receipt, school fee receipt, payment receipt, car sale receipt, hotel receipt, rent paid receipt, etc.


Sample Paid In Full Receipt Templates

Sample Paid Receipt Templates
Sample Services Paid Receipt Templates

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