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The packing list is defined as a shipping document that is sent together with the packages. The contents are details about the contents of the package sent. The purpose of the packing list is to notify government authorities, shipping services, and recipients about the contents in the package being sent. The details in the packing list really help those who distribute the packages to handle the packages according to the applicable procedures.

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The content of a packing list usually consists of the name of the package content, the quantity of each item, a description of each item, and the weight of each item. There is no or rarely a packing list that informs the price of each item that is packaged.

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The packing list is the seller’s obligation to make it. Then, this packing list is sent to the place where the goods are located so that the officer receiving it has an accurate list of the quantity of the goods sent. After the goods are counted and packed, the packing list is included in the shipment to be sent to the destination location.

The packing list is very important in the success of your business because it can help you clearly record the items to be sent, make it easier for consumers to check the items sent to them, can be used as proof that the items that have been ordered have arrived at the recipient.


Packing List Templates

Below, we provide several templates that you can use and modify for free:

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  • Free Kids Packing List Template
  • Free Ultimate Disney Vacation Packing List Template
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  • And many more!

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The packing list is also sometimes referred to as a packing slip. There are three types of packing slip; packing slips with form, packing slip with order and ship quantity, and landscape packing slip. However, there is a fundamental difference between packing slips and invoices. Both of them do have the same function and purpose. Packing slips are usually sent to the person in charge of receiving the goods being shipped and ensuring that the goods are correct. Not the case with invoices. The invoice is sent to the person who has the obligation to pay for the goods being shipped. So, often the person who receives the packing list / packing slip is not the person who also receives the invoice. An invoice has the purpose of asking for payment for goods or services received from the person receiving the invoice.

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Packing List Ideas

packing list psd templates

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Packing List Design Ideas

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Packing List Example

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