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Organizational Chart is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and people occupying positions or positions in it hierarchically. Another name for organizational chart is organigram or organogram. The term organizational chart is also used to refer to similar diagrams; for example, diagrams are used to show different elements of a field of knowledge or group of languages.

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There are three types of organization charts, namely hierarchical, matrix, and flat. Flat organizational charts are also known as horizontal organizational charts.

This type of diagram was first made by a Scottish-American engineer named Daniel McCallum in around 1854. The first organizational chart he made was an American business. However, the term “organizational chart” only really became popular around the beginning of the twentieth century.

Because making organizational charts is quite difficult and can take a long time, you can use organizational chart templates that we have curated properly on this site. All templates you can use for free.


What SHOULD be in an organizational chart template

1. The template matches the data type

As mentioned earlier, there is more than one type of organizational chart. All of these types have their respective purposes. You can choose a template that suits your needs, for example Hierarchical Organogram Templates, Geographical Location Organogram Templates, Number of Employees Organogram Templates, and so on.

2. Has high readability type face and shapes

Organizational charts consist of charts separated by lines and shapes (usually boxes that contain data). Because this data will be presented, the diagram should also be easy to read. Then choose a template with font types and diagram shapes that are not complicated.

3. Can act as a roadmap

Sometimes, organizational charts act as a roadmap to find out the profile of a company including the names of employees, superiors, and officials in it. So, the template that you choose must be able to visualize it well.

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What SHOULD NOT be in an organizational chart template

1. Too complex

Organizational charts are not used to show complex inter-office information. Instead of making organizational charts that are too comprehensive, you better stick to making organizational charts that are as simple as just listing the departments or managers who work in that section.

2. Portrait format

A good organizational chart must be in landscape format. This format will provide enough space to write information while making the chart easy to read.

3. Can fit in a single page

Make sure the organizational chart that you create can fit on a single page. However, do not compromise these conditions by reducing the font size. Unreadable tables are useless.

4. Has an inconsistent design

Make sure the template you choose is consistent with the overall design of your company’s documents. The size of tables and boxes containing data must be the same size, except if there is too much data entered.

Keep in mind, organizational charts do not contain information relating to daily operations complexities, informal communication channels, and budgeting. This type of diagram is also ineffective if too much data is entered, for example if the company has too many contracted or temporary workers. This can cause managing organizational charts to be too troublesome. If so, you better use the employee list template.

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Organizational Chart Design Ideas

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