A Guideline on Creating an Operational Level Agreement Template

Companies usually have many internal groups and they all provide support in some ways. They work under a service level agreement that describes the support goals & objectives. Usually, this agreement is connected customer impact. So, let’s see the following operational level agreement template carefully.

How to Write an Operational Level Agreement Template

Here is the guideline for you who want to write an operational level agreement form. Firstly, you have to outline its purposes in a short paragraph. Just discuss about the main objectives & goals. This section aims to give the readers a concept why all parties work together.

Secondly, you will have to indicate who are involved in this agreement. You should list specific departments and their managers. You also must list specific persons to contact under the agreement. Besides, you also need to provide their addresses, phones, as well as email addresses.

Thirdly, it requires you to describe the industry or business that applies this agreement. It must provide the readers an understanding of opportunities & challenges you face & why this agreement is needed. In addition, this section also provides a context to apply the terms & conditions of this agreement.

Fourthly, you must describe the duration of the agreement. Here, you must state the specific start & end date of the agreement. Fifthly, you will have to clearly explain how you & other parties will control info related to the services and how you will track the modification to the agreement.

Sixthly, writing an operational level agreement document requires you to describe the availability of your service. So, you will not disappoint the customers because you cannot provide the services they need. Describing the availability of the service should include the days of operation & also opening hour.

Seventhly, you will need to summarize the remaining terms & conditions of the service. It depends on who is in the agreement & what the goals of the agreement are. But they always include the services of each party provides as well as the one who has the control on every step.

Eighthly, you should break down the terms & conditions of the service into specific roles & responsibilities that assign tasks to the parties in this agreement. Here, you need to write out about how much money every party charge for the services that are rendered under this kind of agreement.

Ninthly, you have to indicate an authority that they who sign the agreement must work with this this operational level agreement. For example, you can state that the parties are authorized legal representatives or current managers for the groups that are involved in this kind of agreement.


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Lastly, writing an operational level agreement template requires you to attach appendices. For example, you will need to attach a training schedule that relates to the agreement. Besides that, you may also need to publish & distribute this agreement. Here, you may need to negotiate the final items if required.

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