The lease must at least expire on a deal that has been signed at the time of the initial agreement. However, some conditions force the property owner to terminate the previously agreed contract. Of course, it is the landlord’s right to terminate the lease due to urgent and reasonable conditions. If you own a property and want to close an existing contract, use the notice of lease termination letter from landlord to a tenant to facilitate completion and notification of the contract’s termination.

154. Use Our Notice of Lease Termination Letter from Landlord to Tenant for Facilitate Termination of Contract

How can a landlord end a tenancy?

A contract will be completed following the contractual agreement at the beginning of the deal. However, some reasonable conditions make property owners terminate rents unilaterally. Of course, property owners must notify advance notice before deciding on a contract unilaterally. Using a notice of lease termination letter from landlord to tenant is best to inform the tenant at the beginning of time.

There are several fundamental points to make a notice of lease termination letter from landlord to tenant correctly and adequately, such as:

  1. At the very least, the letter must contain the effective date of termination of the lease
  2. Request for a final inspection
  3. Write letters in official tones and formal language

Our simple examples

Below is a simple example of making a termination notice easily and practically. You can modify it according to your current needs and conditions.

Dear Mr. Bob

Through this letter, I, as the owner of a commercial property located on Angel Boulevard, is set to end on February 1, 2021, under an existing condition. The contract is a follow-up to the SmartBack Corp. agreement, where the company decides not to proceed and signs the current contract. On that date, we set to terminate the contract from SmartBack Corp. and terminate the agreement under that party’s auspices.

Of course, looking at the development of businesses and property in this area, growth continues to increase, coupled with the presence of shopping centers that have been completed by the end of this year. But with a heavy heart, we will break the contract with SmartBack Corp. because of some existing conditions.

Looking at your contract payment history, we see some transaction history of payments paid on time. It signifies a seriousness in adhering to existing contract rules. We strongly object to removing you as our best tenant, but some conditions led us to make this difficult decision.

I am sorry for this uncomfortable that occurred. If you have any urgent questions to ask, please contact me as the property owner via the company email you already have. Thank

Best Regards

Adam Steve

That’s a brief explanation on how to make a notice of lease termination letter from landlord to tenant very quickly. You can change and modify it according to existing conditions.




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