Printable Note Template Sample

When you need to leave an important message for someone, such as a colleague, you can write a small note and put the note on his desk to read later. You only need a piece of paper and a pen to write notes, which are usually non-formal style, here. Some other types of notes are not written that easily. When the record is related to an agency, you need a note that leaves a professional impression. Don’t worry, we have collected examples of notes that you can make references to. All templates that had been uploaded here are free of charge.

  • Treatment Note Templates Sample

A doctor, nurse, or medical professional can leave a patient’s care record as one of the medical record attachments. As a health practitioner, your treatment record is one of the most valuable resources. Download your treatment note template samples here. You will have options to copy the template or previous note to make a new treatment note.

  • Sample Transfer Note Templates

The waste transfer note, also called transfer note, is a record detailing the transfer of waste from one person to another. For example, you receive a waste load. You must make a note of the details of the waste you will give to others. It is to make sure that there is a record (for auditing purposes) from waste produced until it is disposed of. These transfer records must be kept copies for at least two years. If requested by local council or environmental regulator, you must be prepared to reproduce these transfer notes. See sample transfer note templates here.

  • Therapy Note Sample Template

Therapy note template is a note made by the relevant health practitioner who handles patients. Some essential information that must be present in a therapeutic record is demographic information (name, gender, age, etc.), what the patient is complaining about, symptoms that appear, and treatment that has been done / is being undertaken, and the development of current therapy. Download and edit our free therapy note template samples from this site.

  • Sample Thank You Note to Boss

Thank you note is a semi-formal writing that contains thanks from one person to another. This time, we provide examples of thank-you notes from employees addressed to their bosses (sample thank you note to boss). A personal thank you letter is preferably handwritten to show that you are sincerely grateful to the boss. Even so, you might consider just using a computer if the boss prefers something practical. Some reasons you want / need to thank the boss are when you are leaving for another job, when the boss gives you gifts, when you got promoted, and when the boss gives you supports either financially or emotionally.

  • Thank You Notes for Teacher Sample

A thank you note can also be given to our teachers for contributing to educating us during school. These notes can also be made by parents to their children’s teachers. Make sure that you have written down the identity of you / your child and your class because the teacher has many students so that it can be understood if he forgets who you are. If you give a thank-you note when you have graduated (especially if you have graduated a long time), maybe you can consider including photos when you go to school and your most recent photos. Please take a look at our thank you notes for teachers samples collection here.

  • Sample Thank You Notes for Donation

Donations are gifts of money / goods for humanitarian purposes. In addition to money or goods, donations can also be in the form of services. As a token of thanks for someone’s donation, you can write a thank-you letter and send it to them. If you represent an institution, send a thank you note in a polite, friendly and respectful language. Tell them that your agency is very grateful to them for the donations they made. Promise to make a donation to the party who really needs it. Here’s our sample thank you note for donations that you can download for free.

  • Thank You Note Sample

The composition of the words on the thank you card must be clear, polite, and respectful. A note or thank you letter can be thank you for the donation’s letter, thank you for the hospitality, thank you for a kind act, thank you for the gifts, thank you for the money or cash gift, thank for volunteering a cause, etc. See the thank you note samples here.

  • Sample Thank You Note for Money

Money is not everything but it is very important in the life of a human being. You are certainly very grateful if there are people who are willing to help you by giving money. Therefore, you should at least return their favor by saying thank you. If you intend to thank relatives, friends, employers, etc. for the prize money you received, you can use thank you notes. These are our examples of thank you notes for the money gift.

  • Thank You Note for Gift Sample

Just as when writing a thank you note for the prize money received, you must also give the impression of respect to the giver after receiving any gift. You can use phrases like “We appreciate your thoughtfulness” which indicates that you are very grateful for the gift you received. See our example of thank you note for the gift here.

  • Sample Thank You Note for Dinner

At some point, you might be invited by a colleague or boss to have dinner together at home or in a restaurant. You need to say thank you for the banquet they provide. Use expressions that show your pleasure over the meal, for example “I enjoyed the dinner at your house last Friday.” etc. find examples of thank you note for dinner here.

  • Thank You Note after Phone Interview Sample

Sometimes, you are asked to do a telephone interview for the purposes of a job interview. After the interview, you can send a thank you note to the interviewer via thank you note. You can start the thank you by saying “thank you for taking the time to talk to me this (morning / afternoon / evening).” Check out the examples of these notes here.

  • Sample Thank You Note after Interview

It doesn’t have to be a job interview by telephone that requires thanks. You can also say thank you after an immediate job interview. Words like “I would like to thank you for taking the time (today / yesterday / etc.) To interview me for (___) position. Close with” I look forward to hearing from you soon “so that you have said clearly that you expect follow-up from the interview.

  • Sympathy Thank You Note Sample

The letter expressing condolences and sympathy is one of the most difficult letters to write. You must consider the words that you will convey in writing so as not to hurt the feelings of those who receive them. Even so, a letter like this is very important for the continuation of friendships or business relationships. Convey your sympathy when someone you know is grieving. See an example of a letter of sympathy here.

  • Study Notes Sample Templates

When studying at school, you need to take notes to note important things taught by your teacher. Did you know that there is an efficient way to make study notes? First, structure notes according to the syllabus for each subject. Second, write down the topic of each chapter followed by headings and subheadings. Fill in the important information under each headings and subheadings. You can also include case examples, evidence, etc. Please see the following study notes sample templates.

  • Student Loan Promissory Note Sample

Student loan promissory note is a document used to inform that there is an agreement between the two parties related to borrowing college funds. A student needs to include promissory notes which he fills with a federal student loan. Here is an example of student loan promissory note sample document.

  • Sample Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures are rules that are used in a company or organization that contain steps for routine operating instructions. The following are guidelines for making Sample Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Soap Note Sample Templates

SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Planning) note is a note that puts forward these four characteristics to inform the details of a patient’s condition. This note will be used by doctors to help patients develop better conditions. Sample SOAP note templates can be downloaded here.

  • Sample Small Business Promissory Note

Small business promissory notes are legal documents created to inform the terms and conditions of borrowing, interest rates, and payments. This note is full of regulations, agreements, and important information.

  • Sample Secured Promissory Note

Secured promissory notes are legal documents containing a list of items being borrowed. Information about the list of items being borrowed and when to pay the rental fee. Free secured promissory note can be downloaded here.

  • School Note Sample Template

Sometimes, a student does not go to school because there is an urgent need or the conditions are not possible to participate in learning activities. As an introduction to permits, schools can create special forms for student permission. Student absence notes can contain letters from parents explaining that their children cannot attend school due to illness, appointments, holidays, or family needs. Under the letter, there must be a signature from the parent or guardian. Meanwhile, other forms actually provide broader reasons, namely reasons for being late, reasons for having to go home early, reasons for doctors, etc. See the guide to making student school notes here.

  • School Excuse Notes Sample

Sometimes, a student needs to leave school because of certain things such as illness, family needs, or taking part in a competition. Schools that are disciplined need to familiarise their students with leaving a permit to not enter if they do not attend school as they should. Administrative officers can provide school excuse notes form as follows.

  • Sample School Cornell Note

Dr. Walter Pauk from Cornell University created a school record formula. These notes are very effective for recording lecture material. This note format can also be used to review school material without much difficulty. Cornell Notes contain topics / objectives discussed, essential questions, questions, notes, summaries, key points, and details. Check out the sample school Cornell note here.

  • Sales Note Sample Template

Sales notes are very useful to inform the types of goods they sell. In fact, sales notes can be accompanied by invoice notes given specifically to customers. Look at our sample sales notes so you can get a clear picture of how to create engaging sales notes.

  • Release Note Templates Sample

Delivery release note is a note accompanying the release of a product that contains complete information about the product. In a delivery release note, you can find the following details: release ID, product name, release date, descriptive name, quality checks, remarks, etc. Our template will guide you in writing release notes templates that are easy to understand.

  • Promissory Note Sample Template

Promissory Notes are notes written to state that a person has promised to pay a certain amount of debt at a certain time. See an example of this official document here: Promissory Note Sample Template

  • Promissory Note Form Sample

And if you want a promissory notes filling template, you can download it for free on this page. The template contains information from the borrower, in the form of a name, full address, date of note making, date of birth, telephone, identity (driver’s license number or social security number). In addition, you can also find loan terms and conditions.

  • Sample Progress Note

Progress Note is a note made by a health worker that contains detailed conditions of a patient. A Progress Note form at a therapy clinic contains at least the date of taking notes, the name of the patient, therapist / doctor, payment method, session number, session length, session type, intake, psychotherapy, assessment, red flag issues, and detailed notes. Download the progress note format here.

  • Procedure Note Sample Template

Procedure notes, like progress notes, are usually made by health workers that contain patient information. The difference is that the procedure note lists the steps that the patient / family must take to pay the hospital fees. See procedure notes examples here.

  • Sample Patient Note Template

Patient notes are not much different from the progress notes, which are made by the doctor / health officer responsible for the patient’s condition. However, patient notes usually only contain the general conditions of the patient. The contents of the notes are about the patient’s detailed information that is full name, date of birth, telephone number, home address, and the treating doctor. Then, there is a column of patient records that is filled with the patient’s general condition. If there is a serious condition that requires more attention, the doctor can also write it in that column. Under the notes column, there is a statement stating that the information may / may not be disseminated. There is a note-taker signature at the bottom, along with a date. Sample patient note template can be downloaded for free here.

  • Nursing Note Sample Templates

Nursing notes are notes made by nurses about a patient for which they are responsible. The contents of his notes are detailed information on the patient’s condition and the symptoms he is showing. The nursing progress note, in particular, reports on what the patient did and the symptoms that arose during the nurse’s supervision. This type of record is likely to be made more frequently by nurses who supervise patients with mental disorders.

  • Sample Note Templates for School

In school, it is normal for a student to arrive late sometimes. When the student arrives at school late, the school clerk will provide a form that he must fill in the reason of his delay. The form can request information about the student’s name, home class / year, date, reason for delay (illness, appointment, etc.), name of parent / guardian, and signature. Sample note templates for school can be downloaded here.

  • Note Template for Personal Loan Sample

Note template for personal loans is a note that contains the amount of the loan, how to pay off debt, debt repayment schedule, and terms and conditions of debt. “Personal loan application” is a comprehensive form that you can use to specify debt. Some of the columns in this form include the amount to be borrowed, the purpose of the loan (debt consolidation, refinance, motorcycle / scooter payment, domestic furniture / appliance, renovations, travel, new car purchase, boat / caravan / trailer, used car purchase , investment, and others.

  • Sample Negotiable Promissory Note

Negotiable Promissory Note is a written document signed by the document maker that contains a promise to pay a debt to the borrower on a certain date. Some types of negotiable instruments include draft (time draft, sight draft, trade acceptance), promissory note, certificate of deposit. Free download the Promissory Note examples here.

  • Musical Note Sample

The Musical Note that we provide here contains a basic explanation of musical symbols. Download it free here.

  • Sample Mortgage Promissory Note

A mortgage promissory note usually contains the date the note was made, the amount borrowed, loan conditions, collateral, and agent information. Download the free sample here.

  • Sample Meeting Note

Meeting notes are notes made by minutes at a meeting. For example, at a meeting with a client, the company note-taker writes down the key points of the meeting. Look at the sample meeting notes templates here.

  • Medical Progress Note Sample Template

Medical progress note is a note made by a health worker (doctor, therapist, or nurse) that details the patient’s condition. There are several examples of medical progress notes, mental health progress notes, health progress notes, pain clinic progress notes, nurse progress notes, etc. To make a good medical progress note, there are a few tips, namely be concise, include adequate details, be careful, and respect patient’s privacy.

  • Sample Medical Doctor Note

Medical doctor note is a note made by the doctor regarding the patient’s condition. This doctor’s note can be in the form of an excuse note, medical consultation note, appointment note, and so on. Download the template for making medical notes here.

  • Master Promissory Note Sample

The master promissory note sample is an important document that contains notes on borrowing money. You might be able to find borrowing instructions in advance. Some examples of promissory notes that are commonly found are direct loan master promissory notes, FAFSA master promissory notes, Federal Perkins loan promissory notes, etc.

  • Sample Loan Promissory Note

Download promissory note templates for free here if you need a simple example of this type of note. Loan promissory notes are document notes containing agreement agreements between lenders and borrowers in the money lending business. This document is legally binding because it is a written agreement involving money. You can see examples of promissory notes templates on this site including chase loan promissory notes, perkins loan promissory notes, student loan lost promissory notes, car loan promissory notes, vehicle loan promissory notes, and others. Get the printable format to fill out here.

  • Lesson Note Printable

Lesson notes are made by the teacher or school administration staff as an outline for teaching students. To make a lesson note, a teacher must know the purpose he made the note, whether the note is intended for preschoolers, elementary schools, high schools, or high schools. Then, after knowing the purpose, the teacher can write an outline for each subject. The teacher will write an outline of the ideas in class. After that, the teacher writes what schedules should be taught in class. Write down the conditions when teaching. Every student is unique. This means the teacher must adapt to provide the best teaching method for each student.

  • Printable Keynote Templates

Keynote in terms of public speaking means a topic of conversation that forms the basis of a theme in meetings, talks, or conferences. In a conference, someone will be given responsibility as a keynote speaker, the person who gives a speech about the core message or the most important review of the event. For this reason, a keynote speaker is recommended to make a keynotes. Download the following printable blank keynote templates for free.

  • Keynote Poster Printable

Keynote poster is a poster created to inform the speaker of a conference. A keynote poster is usually designed simply. There is a photo and identity of the speaker, event name, event theme, and when and where the event took place.

  • Printable Jeopardy Keynote

Jeopardy in the context of schools and quizzes means quizzes in the form of questions that must be answered. Jeopardy keynote is considered to be able to help students learn before taking a test. Check out how to make jeopardy keynote here.

  • Interview thank you note sample

To create a good impression after taking the interview test, you can give thanks to the person who interviewed you. Send a note of thanks in a semi-formal style to your interviewer. If necessary, the notes can be in the form of letters. See the samples of interview thank you note here.

  • Sample International Promissory Note

International Promissory Note is an international agreement related to the loan of a number of funds to other parties. The document contains the terms and conditions of the loan, the identity of both parties, the amount borrowed, a description of the method of payment, details of interest, and sanctions that will be imposed if there is late payment.

  • Guided Note Templates Printable

Guided Notes are notes created as companion instructions. Before making these notes, you must prepare content such as a summary. Then, use the formatting cues that you like to mark important points. These formatting cues such as bullets, arrows, and asterisks. Download the guided notes example here.

  • Printable Graduation Thank You Note

Graduation thank you notes are notes that you can give to people who give you graduation gifts. A good thank-you note begins with a greeting, then expresses gratitude, tells a special detail as you will continue to keep this gift, and ends with a return of gratitude. Put your signature at the end of the thank you note. Print your graduation thank you note in a good-quality paper.

  • Funny Thank You Note Sample

Sometimes, a memorable thank you has a funny remark. Even if you want to give a playful thank you to your friend, you should still consider the following things; say the name correctly, say thank you by choosing witty but still polite words, write down some unforgettable moments that you will always remember about the help / gift from that friend, close it again with a thank you once again and your signature.

  • Sample Funeral Thank You Note

Funeral thank you note is a thank you given to the family of the deceased to those who were present at the funeral, and those who helped during the funeral process. See the example of funeral thank you note here.

  • Excuse Note for Work and School Printable

Sometimes, you cannot go to school or work because of illness or have to attend an important event. Schools and companies that may require you to complete an “Early Leaving Excuse Letter” or “Premission for Absence” before you decide to be absent or after absence. See an example template here.

  • Printable Doctors Note for School Templates

When you see a doctor, you can ask the doctor to make a doctor’s letter as proof that you must rest at home to the school. The doctor’s letter may contain the doctor’s statement recommending that you, the patient, not attend school for (x) days, from (a) to (b) for medical reasons. Download the sample Printable Doctors Note for School here.

  • Doctor Note Template Sample

Doctor Note is a note given by a doctor to a patient that he can use as a permit not to enter school / office. Download it free here.

  • Sample Doctor Note for Work

Get the latest updates on the sample doctor’s letter for permission to work on this page. This doctor’s letter can be given to the personnel in your company to redeem permission without salary deduction.

  • Dental Note Templates Printable

Dental notes are comprehensive notes made by dentists about their patients. In addition to dental notes for patients, there is also a form of dental notes intended for writing logs of dental hygiene learning outcomes. The dental hygiene continuing education log contains the date of note taking, signature, name, license number, sponsor name, course title / subject, course date held, and how long the course was held.

  • Printable Demand Note

Demand notes are notes created specifically to collect debts. This note reminds those who borrowed money to immediately pay it off. In the note, the promissory note due date has been attached. The letter also reminded the sanctions that will be received by the borrower if they do not immediately pay the debt.

  • Debit Note Templates Sample

Debit notes, or also known as debit memorandums, are evidence of transaction returns on purchases and decreases in the price of goods. Debit notes are usually made because the goods purchased are damaged or the items do not match the order. The buyer makes a debit memorandum which he then sends to the seller as a sign that he must pay the payment amount in a smaller amount. See the sample debit note here.

  • Sample Death Note

Death records are medical documents that are legal regarding a person’s death. This record was made after the patient died and contained the following items: the patient’s identity and time of death, date of death record was made, description of events that caused the patient died, results of physical examination, family responsible for taking care of death documents, documentation of whether autopsy was requested by medical staf or not, funeral plans, and signature of the record taker. Download sample death note here.

  • Daily Note Printable Template

Shift / Daily Progress Note is a note that aims to report the progress of a patient’s treatment. In writing the patient’s progress, the doctor or health officer in charge can apply the SOAP method. SOAP refers to the abbreviation Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Procedure (Plan). For more, see the following page.

  • Printable Credit Note Template

Credit note is a commercial document, made by the seller and given to the buyer, as proof of reduction / decrease in price on the invoice because there are items that are damaged or not in accordance with the order. In general, the credit note contains the product information column, the amount, and the price returned (agreed by both parties), a unique order number for easy tracking, date, invoice invoice, and shipping address, and clear payment terms. Credit notes are indeed made to correct and correct mistakes that occur from the sales process. The aim is to make business accounting records clear of errors and more reliable financial statements.

  • Counselling Note Sample Templates

Counselling notes are notes made by the therapist about his patient. Counselling itself is a process of helping people explore themselves, tell all the problems of life, and express what’s on their minds. The method of taking counselling notes can also use the SOAP method. At the beginning of the note, the therapist gives a detailed description of the client. These details can include physical appearance, manner of dress, energy level, type of disabilities, illnesses, and general self-presentation. Then, the notes are continued by observing the subjective, objective, assessment, and plan. You can see more here.

  • Sample Concept Note Template

Concept notes are made to provide an overview of a topic and what will be done / discussed in the event. In the conference concept note for example, you will find a brief description of the conference that will take place (topic, purpose, place, time, etc.). Please see sample concept note templates here.

  • Christmas Thank You Note Printable

Christmas holidays are one of the most eagerly awaited Christian holidays. One habit that emerges at Christmas is gift giving or gift exchange. You are expected to send a thank you to the people who gave you gifts. The words should be simple and put forward the gratitude for being given a gift. You can see a complete example here.

  • Printable Business Thank You Note

The thank you notes given to business partners are intended to build good relations between one company and another. Similar notes are often addressed to employees, given by the boss. Look at the example business thank you notes here.

  • Briefing Note Sample Templates

A briefing note is made to tell someone what to do during a job, project, or event. In a business briefing note, for example, you will find notes on business highlights, business contacts, business backgrounds, and so on. Find answers to your questions about business briefing notes here.

  • Blank Promissory Note Template Sample

Promissory note is a written agreement regarding a promise to pay a debt. This agreement is based on law. We provide blank promissory note template sample that can help you take notes neatly.

  • Printable Blank Cornell Note

Cornell note is a method of note taking that was popularised by Walter Pauk, a professor of education at Cornell University in the 1940s. Cornell notes are also known as Cornell method, Cornell note-taking system, and Cornell way. In general, the Cornell method introduces a systematic format for managing records in a concise manner. Students need to divide their paper into two columns, the note-taking column, usually on the right, double the left column, and the question or keyword column. Students leave five to seven lines at the bottom of the paper. They are also encouraged to use abbreviations and symbols instead of long sentences. Download the Cornell notes template here for free.

  • Birthday Thank You Note Sample Template

Birthdays are special days for someone. On that day, people might give you gifts and congratulations. Give thanks to them in the form of notes. Download birthday thank you note sample templates here.

  • Baby Shower Thank You Note Sample

Baby shower is a party celebrating the birth of a child. You invite your family, relatives and close friends to attend the party. The invitees are expected to bring gifts for the little one and her mother. After the party is over, you are advised to give a thank you card to those who have come and given gifts to you and the baby. You can download the thank you template here.

  • Sample Assignment of Promissory Note

The Assignment and Assumption Agreement of A Promissory Note is a note detailing the loan agreement of two parties formally and legally binding. See an example of this agreement note on the following page.

  • Application Note Template Sample

Application Note is a brief note that explains about a product both its usefulness, performance, and technology it has. The note starts with the title of the note “Application Note“, Introduction, and Feature Comparison. See an example here.

  • Sample Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote is an application from Apple for Mac, iOS, and iCloud which is used to create applications. This program is compatible with Apple Pencil. You can also collaborate with others to make a presentation with the help of collaboration and internet network features. Apple Keynote presentation files can be saved in PowerPoint to make it easier for you to work with colleagues who use Microsoft PowerPoint. You can also open and edit PowerPoint documents directly on Apple Keynote without having to convert them first. See the Apple Keynotes example here.